South Cal Green / Black

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Gafas de Sol para mujer Polarizadas Southcal Green / Black
Gafas de Sol para mujer Polarizadas Southcal Green / Black
Gafas de Sol para mujer Polarizadas Southcal Green / Black
Gafas de Sol para mujer Polarizadas Southcal Green / Black
Gafas de Sol para mujer Polarizadas Southcal Green / Black
Gafas de Sol para mujer Polarizadas Southcal Green / Black
South Cal Green / Black

South Cal Green / Black

SKU: HK-007-02-UN
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Sunglasses Hanukeii® are created by and for current, free and passionate women. Vanguard, harmony and freedom #BAREFOOTLIFE

  • Características Gafas Polarizadas Hanukeii

    • Fresh and current frame for avant-garde women
    • High Definition Polarized TAC Lenses
    • CAT protection.3 - UV400
    • Frame made of extremely light polycarbonate.
    • Microfiber case included with which you can store your glasses and also clean the lenses
  • Style, beauty, naturalness, aesthetics, modernity, avant-garde. The women of the 21st century are strong and confident. Being a woman is synonymous with being brave. Being a successful woman is synonymous with having fought against all odds. Being a woman is neither better nor worse than being a man, it is simply something different that is also wonderful and special. It is the perfect complement to the robustness of the universe: harmony, sensitivity, touch, detail, simplicity and complexity at the same time.

    At Hanukeii we are aligned with the needs of today's women. We create products for today's women who know what they want and how they want it and also, we give it a point of life and fun.

    We like to live calmly and above all, we like to enjoy life in peace. #barefootlife

  • These sunglasses have been manufactured with polarized lenses capable of effectively blocking direct sunlight and, in addition, the glare and reflections produced by the rebound of these on smooth surfaces such as road pavement, water from the sea ​​etc Thus achieving a much smoother and more comfortable vision as well as reproducing a more natural color and contrast.

    They have UV400 protection in category 3, making them the perfect choice for water and winter sports, as well as being perfect for daily use and are suitable for driving

    High definition TAC FULL HD lenses are made with materials that provide high contrast and great sharpness.

Gafas de Sol para mujer polarizadas modelo Southcal


Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it in Southern California:

The lights, the summer, the surf, the speed, the coast and the sea or the complete calm of the paradisiacal beaches that are the protagonists of the region are just some of the characteristics that have inspired us to design the original and striking shape of our SOUTHCAL glasses. The design and frame of our SOUTHCAL models is also the result of the impact of the great presence that fashion and art have in the region, and the power that the film industry has over us; in fact, our glasses can remind us of the typeface used in one of the most famous posters in the world, the one in which we can read: HOLLYWOOD in a big way.

But when it comes to giving color to the models in this collection, we have been carried away by the influence that the autumns in Southern California have on us, in the areas where the apple orchards grow in October, on the farms quiet and humble town of Oak Glen, where the inhabitants of the busy city of Los Angeles come to rest and live during the lazy days of the end of summer.

It feels like autumn in South California is almost upon us when the weather crackles and the leaves of the trees fall in a special way and the clouds cover the sky without allowing the sun to hide. Our glasses are also inspired by the way the leaves take on their distinctive shades of red and bottle green against the backdrop of the Stoddard Peak trail, where the best colors of autumn reign.


When there is fun, there are no worries. Hanukeii is more than just a word, it is a lifestyle, a feeling, a way of being. We are a generation of girls who understand the importance of leaving worries behind and living the moment wide awake… We understand how beneficial it is to take off your shoes, walk barefoot and forget your worries to immerse ourselves in the great adventures that life has to offer, looking beautiful and fashionable at all times.

No limits allowed when you live a #BAREFOOTLIFE.


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