4 películas donde las gafas de sol han sido las protagonistas

4 movies where sunglasses have been the protagonists

When we are faced with the moment of choosing sunglasses we are looking for them to connect with our personality and to allow us to identify either with a certain social group or to be consistent with our style of dressHowever, there is a very curious phenomenon that occurs when choosing a model, and that is that we tend to associate certain types of sunglasses with scenes from real life, be it a celebrity, a moment we have seen on television or some music video In our article today we want to tell you about that intrinsic relationship that is created between iconic glasses models in history with certain movies.

We want to explain to you, why, when, and how, aviator sunglasses automatically make you think of 'Top Gun'. And when you want black 'Cat Eye' sunglasses you are transported to New York or even why, when you see 'Carey' sunglasses you think of a convertible crossing the Grand Canyon. It sounds confusing, but all this has an almost scientific explanation.

What the science says

The human eye has the capacity to capture countless images a day, approximately in 36 thousandths of a second, and the brain is capable of recognizing something, or giving a name to something, just by looking at an image. In fact, our brain is 80% visual, therefore, everything that is stored are images, our memory tends to associate more images than words, sounds and even smells.

Corroborating this, there are studies that have shown that the brain cannot interpret a visual reality from scratch, what it does is start to build a new scene based on previous images that have been stored over time, and that becomes then in a memory

Our brain is selective, what we tend to associate with movies or film characters are memories in themselves, small capsules in our head that have remained there because there was something that particularly caught our attention, since we can relate it directly to our reality. How, for example, a pair of sunglasses that we like because we identify with the personality emanating from the actor, or his style of dress is very similar to ours, in short, a number of reasons. For a reason they say that we remember only what interests us, as if we put a filter on our brain, making other factors go unnoticed.

Now, we show you 4 types of sunglasses with 4 types of films that marked a before and after in the fashion industry, and that are still valid today.


Neo and mini style sunglasses

Película "Matrix" con Keany Reeves luciendo gafas tipo mini. También la cantante Rihana usando gafas tipo mini blancas y Bella Hadid.

Watching Keanu Revees without thinking about the Matrix movie is hard, but have you ever wondered why? What is it that has stuck in your mind, that every time someone mentions the word "Matrix" the image of Neo comes to mind, but even more specifically in an accessory that stands out on him: His sunglasses.

If you remember the characters Neo or Morpheus wore sunglasses, do you know why? Actually, there are two explanations.

The first, it is said that it was part of the aesthetics of the film and personification of the protagonists. The second, apparently had a slightly more bizarre background, how, for example, that it was the best way for them to know that they were in a simulation, those who were not wearing sunglasses were in a state of unconsciousness, they were blind to the truth. Whatever the reason, the truth is that these glasses became a phenomenon for their time and today they are again.

Now, there is no doubt that behind every blockbuster there is a giant fashion marketing strategy to set trends. It is no coincidence that after the release of the movie The Matrix, the style of glasses 'mini': with oval lenses, ultra-thin temples, with a small frame and ultra-thin temples became a trend, both in the 2004 and that it was again in the last decade, where celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Rihanna continue to use them, exalting a retro and mysterious style, differentiating themselves from other celebrities who opt for large glasses.


New York and Cat Eye Sunglasses

Gafas de sol tipo cat eye en película Breakfast in Tiffanys protagonizada por Audrey Hepburn, junto a gafas de sol Southcal de Hanukeii

Our second leading glasses are the 'Cat Eye' style glasses, large and square that captured the public's gaze and attention in one of those Hollywood classics “Breakfast at Tiffany's”. What scene are you thinking of? Exactly, the moment when the actress Audrey Hepburn is in front of the Tiffany's jewelry store in New York and while she eats a croissant she observes the jewelry store. The actress' wardrobe in this film is stunning and the way the wide-brimmed hat is in complete harmony with her glasses and pearl necklace makes it completely harmonious to look at. But, what message was sought to convey through the glasses of 'Holly'? The answer is simple: Style and social class.

In fact, this model caused so much fascination in the 60s that the upper class of the United States could not miss this model, and which curiously received the name of Manhattan, becoming a hybrid between the 'cat eye' and the ' wayfarer'. After the success of this film, various brands fought to use the actress as an ambassador for their designs in big screen productions. And this trend has remained throughout the years where, for example, Olivia Palermo, an actress and designer who is part of the socialité of New York, usually wears this style of glasses, which have become a fashion icon, demarcating status and personality.


A convertible and the tortoiseshell-rimmed sunglasses

Fotos sobre la película Thelma and Louise, usando gafas tipo cat eye junto a gafas de sol de Hanukeii - Colección Pacific

Have you heard about the first 'selfie' in the history of cinema? Did you know that some tortoiseshell-rimmed sunglasses were the stars? Yes, we are talking about that classic chick flick that you usually see on those rainy Sunday afternoons: "Thelma and Louis".

If we do the exercise of thinking about the scene and remembering the main object in this case it is a Polaroid, a 1966 Ford Thunderbird and above all: the glasses worn by Susan Sarandon who was in charge of driving the car in which they were transporting and somewhat cover up their identity before the police identified them. The plot of the film that revolves around the escape of two friends after committing a crime, turns into an adventure across the United States where thanks to the props of the film, the glasses turn a story full of drama in a crime with a lot of style.

At that time these 'cat eye' with a tortoiseshell frame became a trend, they conveyed adventure, escape, and taking risks in a very sophisticated way. Celebrities like Madonna used them to empower a little that feminist spirit that was beginning to take shape for the time.

Top Gun
The classic unisex aviator style.

Imagenes sobre película Top Gun, protagonizada por Tom Cruise donde usa gafas estilo aviador.

Now, does the name 'Maverick' ring a bell? Yeah. We're talking about the 90s movie of that romance in the air: Top Gun, what accessory comes to mind? Correct, the answer is the sunglasses that Tom Cruise used and that classic aviator model that does not go out of style no matter how many years go by.

Curiously, this type of glasses was linked to the armed forces and those who used it had a certain relationship with the militia. In fact, its origin dates back to 1931 when pilots in the air had to protect their eyes from the radiation of the sun's rays that sometimes even prevented them from having complete visibility while at the top of the sky.

The lenses of these sunglasses are drop-shaped and this geometry had a purpose: to fit well into the frame of the aviation helmet.

It was when in 1986, the movie Top Gun takes over the big screen and both how Tom Cruise and his co-star Kelly McGillis break the patterns of an established style and both would wear aviator sunglasses, giving both a masculine touch . Making these glasses will begin to be part of people's daily lives. Even for that decade, designers brought out this line of glasses and sales multiplied by 40%.

These three types of sunglasses that we have shown you are a classic that will not stop being a trend, in fact, from time to time the fashion industry is in charge of launching them again on the market either through audiovisual media or mass information, creating in you that desire to identify with the person who is carrying them.


1. Why is the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' so popular?

The film 'Breakfast at Tiffanys', also known as 'Desayuno con Diamantes' in Spain, is a benchmark for female empowerment despite being one of the oldest and highest-grossing films in film history. The film depicts an independent, fun-loving, and ambitious woman from the 1960s.It was a modern film for its time where the somewhat sexualized stereotype of Marilyn Monroe was left behind, to one with more elegance and freedom like Audrey Hepburn.

2. What is Tiffany's?

Tiffanys is one of the oldest and most prestigious jewelry stores in the United States, dating back to 1837.

3. How many 'Matrix' movies are there?

The Matrix saga consists of 4 films: 'Matrix', 'Matrix Reload', 'Matrix Revolutions', 'Matrix Resurrection'. All four have starred Keanu Reeves.

4. Who is Neo in the movie 'Matrix'?

Neo is the alias of Thomas Anderson, a hacker and computer programmer, who joins a group of hackers to discover that he is the Matrix. In fact, Neo is the anagram of 'The One' that translates 'The chosen one', he is a fictional character and protagonist of the Matrix saga.

5. Where in the United States was 'Thelma and Louise' filmed?

The story of Thelma & Louise takes place between Arkansas and the Grand Canyon. The landscapes and locations take place on Route 66 between the states of Utah and California.

6. What year is the movie 'Thelma and Louise' from?

The movie Thelma and Louise was released at the beginning of the 90s, exactly 1991. It was very well received within the world of entertainment as it was one of the first films that emulated a runaway couple like Bonnie and Clyde but this time with two women, fleeing from routine.

7. What is the car that appears in 'Thelma and Louise'?

The car featured in Thelma and Louise is a 1966 Ford Thunderbird. The choice of this model was not by chance. Thunderbird translates, thunder bird in Spanish, a species that was believed to cause storms in the deserts of Arizona.

8. Who are the protagonists of 'Top Gun: Maverick'?

The second part of Top Gun has a slightly older cast, but with the same secret key that is Tom Cruise and this time, Miles Teller, Jennifer Conelly and Val Kilmer.

9. How old was Tom Cruise when 'Top Gun' was filmed?

Top Gun was the movie that brought Tom Cruise to stardom, when he was only 24 years old.

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