"Qi" is the new yoga

If you like yoga and the like and are looking for a discipline with which to calm the stress of everyday life and completely relax and strengthen yourself at the same time, you will fall in love with this new yoga practice.

It's called Qi Yoga and it's an activity that combines movements from Pilates, traditional yoga, martial arts and tai chi with meditation. In addition to being a sport with which you will learn to understand your body and brain, you will find it less addictive as you incorporate it into your day to day. It is a new modality of yoga with which you will be able to put your brain on pause and find the peace and stability you need to sleep well, have a better digestion and take care of your physical and mental health. As you already know, sport is essential to feel full and expel negative thoughts, in addition to taking care of your physical health and preventing problems in the long run. For this reason, Qi Yoga, in addition to contributing to taking care of your health, will also provide extra entertainment in your sports routine. You won't get bored practicing it!

Where does Qi Yoga come from?

Qi Yoga is a spiritual discipline from South Korea whose main objective is to increase the body's energy threshold and reset the mind. Through gentle movements, meditation, and breath control, this practice is capable of relieving stress and filling you with vitality in just three steps. Like Qi Gong, another Buddhist discipline from China, it has its origin in meditation techniques that base their principles on the movements of animals and nature, something that the Orientals tried to imitate in the beginning because it generated relaxation. and calm. Over the years, these types of sports have been changing their bases, always maintaining the same principle: to achieve peace of mind through breathing and smooth body movements.

How is Qi Yoga practiced? Discover the 3 main steps of this discipline

Qi modalidad de relajación

Despite being a quiet sport that provides calm and relaxation, it is a workout with which you will gain the energy and vitality you need to face your routine. Below we will tell you a little more about the three main steps that are carried out in a Qi Yoga session.

1. Exercise the vocal cords

    Although it sounds strange, the first step that is carried out in this discipline is the chants. It is a heating process that helps generate sound vibrations in the vocal cords that go directly to the brain to eliminate negative thoughts and bad sensations from the body. It is a way of warming up the mind through the voice in order to begin the process of body relaxation. In this way, in addition to being an entertaining way to start your workout, you will also generate the necessary endorphins to release negativity from your mind and body throughout the exercise. How fun does that sound?

    2. Smooth, slow movements

      Secondly, smooth movements are carried out similar to those practiced in yoga and/or certain martial arts. They help calm stress and connect body and mind to produce a feeling of relaxation and union with your inner self. They are movements that adapt to the flexibility and conditions of the person who practices them and are normally supervised by a guide or monitor. The exercises usually increase in intensity as the training progresses. Some of them have implicit circular movements, abdominals and arm blows. If you are looking for a discipline with these characteristics or you enjoy doing this type of movement, this is your sport!

      3. Meditation and breathing

      Qi: Modalidad de relajación

        At the end of the exercise session, the last step of this discipline is carried out: meditation. Although it is necessary to control your breathing throughout the practice, it is essential to pay special attention to this guideline at the end of the training. After having performed the relevant chants and movements correctly, the zen energy that the mind transmits is better perceived. You will find yourself relaxed, but at the same time full of energy. It is a very useful way to reflect, calm stress and feel at peace with yourself, something that we sometimes forget. Listening to the requests of the brain is very important to keep you happy, motivated and satisfied with your achievements and goals. What more could you ask for if, in addition to practicing sports and exercising your muscles, you take care of your mental health?

        What are the benefits of practicing Qi Yoga?

        In addition to combating stress and anxiety, this type of yoga also prevents back problems, respiratory complications and digestive difficulties, among others. In this sport all parts of the body are exercised, so it is a very complete and beneficial practice that keeps all your muscles and bones active.

        Qi Yoga also helps fight insomnia, since the peace and tranquility that are transmitted through the three steps of this discipline are key techniques to improve the quality of your sleep, and as you already know, it is essential to sleep well in the evenings to keep you active and motivated during the day. In addition, it will also make you feel happier and increase your work and personal productivity. Like traditional yoga and Pilates, Qi Yoga is considered one of the practices that produces the most psychological benefits in its practitioners.

        Qi is the new yoga

        So now you know, if you like to practice disciplines that are capable of improving your physical and mental health in an original and most trendy way, Qi Yoga is waiting for you. Go ahead and try it and you will see first-hand all its benefits!

        Who can practice Qi Yoga?

        The good thing about this discipline, in addition to its physical and mental benefits, is that it is suitable for all kinds of people of any age range. Thanks to the ease of adaptation of the exercises that are practiced in Qi Yoga, anyone can delve into this discipline, even without having practiced yoga or pilates before. The elasticity, strength and flexibility of each of the exercises that are carried out is adjustable depending on the physical characteristics of each person, so there will be no problem if you have not practiced any sport before. If you like meditation, Pilates and body exercises that combine strength and breathing, dare to try and experience the sensations of a most spiritual and beneficial sport such as Qi Yoga.

        It is important that you take care of yourself from the inside in order to shine on the outside. Ask at your nearest center and you will feel the need to try this discipline that everyone is talking about lately. Furthermore, if your routine does not allow you to travel to a center where this activity is taught, you can practice it didactically from your own home thanks to the YouTube tutorials that you will find on the Freedom University channel, among others.


        1. What is the main difference between traditional yoga and Qi Yoga?

        Although both share origins and movements, each discipline has its own rules and exercises. The main difference between the two modalities is that Qi Yoga includes a part of chants at the beginning of each session that aims to achieve relaxation of the body and mind through the vocal cords, something that is not usual in traditional yoga.

        1. What is Qi Yoga for?

        In addition to relieving tension, forgetting stress and relaxing the mind, Qi Yoga is able to help you recover from injuries, combat insomnia, forget anxiety and improve digestion. In addition to being an effective method to fill the mind with positive vibes, it also has great physical benefits such as those mentioned.

        1. Is it necessary to have a lot of elasticity to practice Qi Yoga?

        Elasticity, despite being a great advantage to practice this type of discipline, is not necessary to be able to delve into Qi Yoga. The exercises that are carried out in these sessions can be adapted to each body and physical conditions, and also, with time and habit, elasticity gradually arrives.