Vive la esencia del verano con las gafas de Hanukeii

Live the essence of summer with Hanukeii glasses

In a world where trends seem endless, sometimes it is difficult to know which ones to follow and which ones not to follow. At Hanukeii we are continually studying which ones are going to be the best of each season and we make sure to let you know so that you can also join them. Next, we tell you which are the three models of glasses that everyone wears; and most importantly: where you can find them.

In case you still don't know what type of glasses they wear.

  • Large, striking and extravagant glasses.

The idea when creating these glasses? Hide the direction of your gaze and attract the gaze of others. Hanukeii is the answer if you want to follow this latest trend.

We live in a world in which it seems that nothing is enough, we think a lot about “everything can be improved” and those who do not do so fall squarely into the box of the “well-off”. We always want more; in personal life, work life, and of course, in fashion.

Sunglasses of discreet sizes have become, so to speak, somewhat outdated. Now we tend towards the biggest, the most fashionable, to originality in its purest form. To be more different and innovative than others.

Large glasses are here to stay (at least for a while) in our closets and in our eyes. As we know that in addition to being fashionable you want to maintain your aura, we put the Hyde Black glasses at your disposal. Large, elegant, with presence and, above all, perfectly combinable with your most ground-breaking outfit.

  • Tortoiseshell effect, caramel color and with a vintage touch.
Laguna Tortoise Black - Hanukeii

    This frame is one of those few things that never go out of style. It has been a trend since sunglasses were born as an aesthetic accessory. Hanukeii is one of the favorite brands of sunglasses connoisseurs.

    It is really curious that both hipsters and movie stars, classic women and male gaze wear these glasses, and, what's more, they all find them flattering. This type of model has a brutal adaptation capacity. The combination of orange tones with warmer ones and some dark touches is what makes these glasses suitable for all skin types.

    Stylish Tortoiseshell glasses bring a retro and vintage feel that also makes the clothing items work with virtually any item of clothing.

    The Laguna de Hanukeii model is definitely the one you are looking for. In addition to having this tortoiseshell effect that we were talking about, which clearly moves the masses, it is designed with a Cat Eye style frame, which is also one of the most cutting-edge trends of the moment. Beyond the return to classic and vintage styles, among the latest trends, “cat eye” is a basic and eternal must have that we should all have. What's better than uniting past and future in one pair of glasses?

    • To dare or not, that is the question, with square glasses
    Pacific Black - Hanukeii

      This year we have seen a clear trend on the catwalks that would obviously cross the barriers of catwalk shows and models in front of the spotlight: square glasses. This adaptable, moldable and original format gives any look a retro and futuristic touch at the same time. Square glasses combine all the trends that exist today.

      Our team of Hanukeii designers returned from Paris Fashion Week with one idea in their minds that eclipsed the others: “we have to design square glasses, and we have to do it as soon as possible.”

      In case you still don't know how to combine the glasses you wear...

      Sometimes it is not enough to have the latest products and fashion accessories of each season; you have to know how to carry them. Now that you know what they are and where you can find them, let us tell you what to accompany them with so that you can adapt our ideas to your style, or even take them literally:

      Summer has arrived (finally)

      Hyde Black-Hanukeii

      This summer you are also going to wear ethnic dresses and tropical prints. We know. It's what the trends scream. If you are going to wear a casual and striking look, we recommend giving it a chic touch with the Hyde Black glasses from Hanukeii.

      What's better than combining the classic with the modern and, what's more, it is well integrated. We are not just one thing, we do not stick to a single style, and although sometimes the saying “less is more” is true, other times it is of absolutely no use and “more is more” is much more fun.

      The stripes. They never fail, never.

      Pacific Black - Hanukeii

      Imagine the following: A navy blue striped t-shirt, tight or not, and vintage (if it's from when your mother was young, much better) or modern, with light-colored trousers or jeans and some sneakers to go to take a walk and have a coffee with your friends (or your mother) on a summer afternoon. A navy look never fails and is practically perfect, right?

      Or… is something missing? Put on the Pacific Black glasses from Hanukeii and complete a summery look, perfect for a summer day in the city.

      Classy girls always win

      Laguna Tortoise- Hanukeii

      Do you go to your workplace very well-groomed? If the answer is yes, we bring you THE glasses that you will be able to combine with elegant and sometimes somewhat sober garments.

      The Laguna Tortoise glasses by Hanukeii, half tortoiseshell style, half Cat Eye, will give your “uniform” a touch of lightness and freshness, without ever losing, for Of course elegance and class.

      Sometimes it is not so necessary to choose to change the designs so drastically in search of originality and the “never seen” sometimes, you simply have to know how to take advantage of the classic; There is a phrase that we identify with a lot when creating our products, “Classic is not stale. It's everything that can't be improved. Rancid is not classic, it is rancid.”

      We hope you have a clearer idea of ​​what's trending this year and, of course, how to wear it! Our goal is to inspire you and give you ideas that you can apply in your daily life, and to tell you what inspires us too.

      And you know, life with sunglasses looks very good!