10 lugares más 'instagrameables' de Los Ángeles, CA.

10 Most Instagrammable Places in Los Angeles, CA.

For some it is the second most populated city in the United States, where the cultural wealth it houses is owed to the thousands of migrants of all races who have settled in some corner of the Californian coast. For others, it is the city where talent materializes into fame, once you knock on the doors of one of the largest entertainment industries in the world: Hollywood.

With enormous palm trees that adorn its streets, an eternal sun that seems to say goodbye along the Pacific coast, leaving pink and violet traces in its wake in the sky. The normal thing is to find a celebrity doing the shopping, in the parking lots or walking their dog. A city that does not sleep, where the fact that daylight disappears does not mean that the fun has to end, since a large number of neon advertisements that light up along the extensive boulevards invite the stranger to continue their journey. , because here the nights are long.

The city of stars and entertainment, gastronomic wealth, exclusive parties, fashion and eccentricities, classify Los Angeles and its state California, the 5th.The world's largest economy. It is no coincidence that this entire coast of Southern California concentrates the personalities with the highest GDP in the world, for example, Bill Gates. It is also no coincidence that the South Bay of San Francisco is the home of the technological revolution such as Google, Silicon Valley, Facebook, Samsung and Apple.

There is no doubt that LA is a reference place in the world trendy, but beyond that something that characterizes the city of the hills is that it has a vibe Unique that changes as you move within its different districts. And being the home of entertainment and technology, guess in recent years whose home it has also become? Exactly, from the kings of social networks, the IG influencers, Youtubers and TikTok owners. It's incredible how many spots you can find throughout Los Angeles and its coastline for creating movie-worthy content.

That is why in our article today we have brought you a small list with 10 places, where you will have the possibility, if you follow our tips of course, to have the most original content for your social networks. Tag, share, save, like and exploit your stories with the most photogenic and 'instagrammable' places in the city of the star path. Are you ready?

1. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA


You have probably seen the comedy “No strings attached” or “No strings attached” where Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher star in a particular fight surrounded by a series of streetlights. A pretty bright place, by the way. If you remember it and if you don't, this place has become a must-see if you visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA. It brings together a large number of artistic works and sculptures from around the world, mostly Latin American art.

In 2008, the artist Chris Burden decided to make an intervention at the museum: Urban Lights, what today would be a symbol of the city, along with the Hollywood sign, the Planetarium and the Paseo de la Promenade. fame. The work is made up of 202 streetlights dating from the 1920s and 1930s located along the entire coast of Southern California. Curious fact, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation offered to replace the light bulbs with LED bulbs in order to reduce the environmental impact of the artistic work.

Putting aside the historical data, the best shot of this place, needless to say, takes place at night. Make sure there is the least amount of people in the place so that only you appear in the photograph. Otherwise, you will have to delete the people with a tool or app, and what you want is for your photo to be instantaneous. You can play with the lines of the place and make some creative and original poses.



    It is not the least important but it is the most recognized. It would be very strange to meet someone who doesn't know where the Hollywood sign is located. Before we get into the PHOTO, do you know since what year and the reason why the Hollywood sign is there?

    It officially appeared in 1923 and was originally “Hollywoodland”, it referred to a marketing campaign for a development that would be located on the hill of Mount Lee, it was made up of 4.000 light bulbs that illuminated the hill in the distance. However, as the American film industry established itself in the Hollywood area, its promoters thought it would be a good idea to leave the symbol so that it could become part of the scene. It was during the 60s, when the sign was already completely abandoned, when they decided to shorten it and leave it only in “Hollywood”.

    If you are thinking about taking a photo, we must mention something that may make you think twice: Getting there is difficult to access. Becoming the city's cultural heritage, it is a very busy place, with many parked cars and lines of people looking to do exactly the same thing as you. So you can go in the morning hours and during the week, where you may find less influx of people.



      Also known as Santa Monica Pier, this spot breaks with the daily life and routine of the city of Los Angeles. It is a traditional American fair, taken straight from the 70s and 80s, with a Ferris wheel where you have a full view of the Pacific coast, hotdog stands, games and cotton candy. Did you know that it was the first port on the Pacific coast? It dates back to 1909. Despite being a very busy place, you will undoubtedly find good material to take a selfie or a very colorful photograph. The best moment for the photo? Golden Hour or the golden hour.



      In previous articles we have talked to you about how spectacular Venice Beach is, and the love we have for it when it inspired us to create our collection of Venice Turquoise caps. Well, but beyond that, you have to accept it. Venice is the ideal place if you are an influencer or you love taking photos and having them taken.

      There is no corner that does not surprise you by its originality, by the colors or by the people who pass by. There are too many objects that fill your phone's memory in a day, we are not exaggerating. But we can recommend specific scenarios for a crazy post: First, you can't miss the Venice sign on Pacific Avenue; the Public Art “Morning Shot” on the speedway.If you want something even more original, the Mosaic Tile House Venice; a place full of mosaics, where there is color everywhere you look. Or even the end of Route 66. Better we leave you an article dedicated 100% to the must-see places in Venice Beach. Little tip, take advantage of the sunsets, it is the best time for photos.

      5. THE BROAD


      Now we return to the city, and we even go to interior spaces where light is the protagonist: The Broad, the Museum of Contemporary Art on Gran Avenue. You can find any number of artistic works there that inspire you to take the best photos, but there is one in particular that is simply spectacular: “Infinity Mirrored Room- The Souls of Millions of Light Years.” An experimental work by the artist Yayoi Kusama, inspired by hallucinations. It is located on the first floor of The Broad museum, it consists of a room with mirrors and LED lights that give the sensation of infinite lights. The beauty of the place has been such that even Katy Perry has taken a selfie.



      Record this location: 9641 sunset blvd, Beverly Hills CA 90210. It couldn't be more American. You will need it because there is a place with history, color and with which you will travel to the past. This Hotel is famous not only for its architecture and reputation, but because it was the place where Elizabeth Taylor's honeymoons took place with her 7 husbands, as well as the famous “bed-in for peace” or bed- in that Yoko Ono and John Lenon did during the Vietnam War.

      Completely pink, and with an advertisement very typical of 1950s Hollywood, taking pictures outside will make your feed quite attractive.



        From the time of James Dean, to Terminator, a waltz through the air in Lalaland, this observatory has even inspired The Simpsons. You are in front of the place with the best views at any time of the city of Los Angeles. It is a place with history in science fiction as well as in real life, after its construction in 1936 it was even used as a barracks for training astronauts for the Apollo 11 operation. Isn't it incredible?

        A photo in this place for your Instagram will surely break with the established, full of elegance and tranquility. We even give you a tip for photography: Since the place exudes an air of the 50's, a photo on the hood of your car with a Jean jacket and our Pacific Black …Just great!


          JOSHUA TREE

          Now we go to nature, because it is also necessary to connect. It is somewhat far from downtown LA, but if you rent a car it can be easier. This natural park is made up of the Colorado and Mojave deserts, its main protagonist? The Joshua tree, a type of Yucca that only grows there.

          It has been the site of photographic productions for magazines due to the environmental contrast of the place, where the sunsets transport you to Wild West movies. But recently, a UNIQUE hotel was established, 'The invisible house' or 'Invisible house',  its walls composed of mirrors create the optical illusion of disappearing into the desert, the best After all, it is a completely sustainable place since it works through solar panels. IF you can stay there it would be impressive, but if not, taking an original photo in this place must be the goal of thousands of visitors. You put your creativity to fly and let the likes invade your profile.



            In everyone's head we have the image of Chiara Ferragni posing with a mural of wings behind her, the impact was such that it has become one of the most photographed walls in Los Angeles. The truth is that behind this mural hides the story of its author, Colette Miller, who, upon seeing the success of her works, created The Global Angel Wings Project, and began painting wings around the world with the need to “remind humanity that we are angels of this earth” and goes beyond taking a selfie and uploading it to networks, if you do it with the intention of understanding that we have a certain higher nature. Be an angel in the City of Angels? Crazy.

            10. IN N OUT BURGER

            IN N OUT BURGER

              And, to finish, we leave the most representative of American culture and that is its hamburgers. Maybe you haven't heard it but this fast food chain is very famous on the Californian coast. Its origins date back to the late 1940s, as does its competitor McDonald's. What sets them apart? It is not franchised and is only found in the states of Nevada, Utah, California and Arizona, in addition to having a unique secret sauce.

              'In n Out Burger' is the American West in a burger joint. But to the point, why is it a photographable place? Because it is as if you have been teleported to a typical restaurant from the 50s. The combination of colors such as red, yellow, and white create a unique atmosphere, which is quite combinable if you accompany it with our Village Pink or Lombard Bi glasses Magenta.

              We hope you have enjoyed this trip through every corner of Los Angeles as much as we enjoyed it, which, without a doubt, fills you with ideas and inspiration. However, remember that beyond visiting a place just to take good photos, it is important to live in the moment!

              Andrea Vélez Ardila