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Series - Hyde

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    Sunglasses Hanukeii® are created by and for current, free and passionate women. Vanguard, harmony and freedom #BAREFOOTLIFE

    • Características Gafas Polarizadas Hanukeii

      • Fresh and current frame for avant-garde women
      • High Definition Polarized TAC Lenses
      • CAT protection.3 - UV400
      • Frame made of extremely light polycarbonate.
      • Microfiber case included with which you can store your glasses and also clean the lenses
    • Style, beauty, naturalness, aesthetics, modernity, avant-garde. The women of the 21st century are strong and confident. Being a woman is synonymous with being brave. Being a successful woman is synonymous with having fought against all odds. Being a woman is neither better nor worse than being a man, it is simply something different that is also wonderful and special. It is the perfect complement to the robustness of the universe: harmony, sensitivity, touch, detail, simplicity and complexity at the same time.

      At Hanukeii we are aligned with the needs of today's women. We create products for today's women who know what they want and how they want it and also, we give it a point of life and fun.

      We like to live calmly and above all, we like to enjoy life in peace. #barefootlife

    • These sunglasses have been manufactured with polarized lenses capable of effectively blocking direct sunlight and, in addition, the glare and reflections produced by the rebound of these on smooth surfaces such as road pavement, water from the sea ​​etc Thus achieving a much smoother and more comfortable vision as well as reproducing a more natural color and contrast.

      They have UV400 protection in category 3, making them the perfect choice for water and winter sports, as well as being perfect for daily use and are suitable for driving

      High definition TAC FULL HD lenses are made with materials that provide high contrast and great sharpness.

    Gafas de Sol para mujeres polarizadas modelo Hyde


      This collection of glasses was born on the iconic street of California Hyde street. In our retinas the image of the street seen from above persists, the sea, clear and blue in the background, the clear sky and the funicular approaching us.

      Standing, observing this street located in the heart of San Francisco, we think about the amount of literature and cinema that have traveled the city; from the love and mystery story between Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo, to the most intimate family relationship between Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews in Surprise Princess.

      It occurred to us then; Why not design sunglasses that contain the essence of our favorite street in the city that gives full space to art and design? Our Hyde collection absorbs and reflects the colors of the funicular, of the buildings that surround it, of the pier that signals that the mainland has come to an end to give way to the sea, and of the sunny days in which the sun is crying out for us. Let's get our pair of glasses out of the bag. The style of the frame seeks an elegant and sober design, equipped with a pointed finish in the upper areas of the glasses that defines the shape of the face, elongating it and clarifying it, so that whoever wears it can feel that they are walking on the Golden Gate Bridge, or waving to the locals from the Hyde Street Funicular.


      Sunglasses for women who love unique sensations and unforgettable moments. They have been manufactured with the best quality and design to accompany them on their adventures in the city, the countryside or the beach. A collection of sunglasses for girls who want to look great while taking care of and improving their vision at all times, since their ergonomic design provides maximum protection, style and comfort. Without a doubt, these sunglasses will become your best ally when leaving home, because they are designed in a classic style following the latest fashion trends, and you can creatively combine them with your looks and outfits all year round. Dare you too to leave your worries behind, and feel gorgeous with your new Hanukeii sunglasses! #BarefootLife.


      • TAC lenses with quality FULL HD , which provide unbeatable clarity and reduce annoying glare caused by the sun, in addition to offering a better visual range at all times during use.
      • Polarized lenses that help deflect the rebound and reflections of the sun's ultraviolet rays on all types of reflective surfaces outdoors, generating a sensation of comfort and comfort to our eyes and eyes.
      • High-definition UV400 protection, covering both UVA and UVB rays, to offer maximum eye and vision care.
      • Lenses with light transmission in category 3, ideal for covering and protecting vision in moments of intense sun, both in urban and natural outdoor environments.


      • Ultra-light frame made of extremely light PC.
      • Frame with ergonomic design, extra comfortable to adapt to all types of faces.
      • Frame with a classic style, adapted to the latest optical fashion trends.

      How to combine your sunglasses?

      Our Collection of glasses has been made to combine with different seasonal looks. This collection of modern sunglasses consists of an exquisite variety of colors, which have been specially designed to offer a classic and feminine look, adapted to the latest fashion trends. These models of fashionable sunglasses combine colors with a classic chic style, made up of different shades of brown, black and olive green, depending on each case.

      Therefore, we recommend combining your Hanukeii® sunglasses with spring and summer looks in vibrant colors, especially with basic solid-color tops and jeans. You can also combine these women's sunglasses with dresses or light shirts in neutral colors like black and white if you are looking to add sobriety to your look. Remember that combining your sunglasses with your outfit will always depend on your personality! Go ahead and buy your next sunglasses at Hanukeii® and combine them creatively to your style.

      How to take care of your sunglasses?

      Our Collection of sunglasses has been designed with resistant and light materials of the highest quality. However, the delicacy of their fashionable design, and the daily use that a pair of sunglasses normally receives, requires users to take care of them to avoid possible scratches or bumps, and to ensure that they last over time in perfect condition. conditions.

      For all this, we leave you some recommendations to take care of your sunglasses and help extend their useful life:

      • Store your sunglasses correctly inside their case when you are not using them, so you will avoid possible scratches or bumps.
      • Be careful when removing your sunglasses from their case when you are going to use them. Try to avoid possible pulls that make sideburns suffer, and avoiding possible falls.
      • When wearing your sunglasses, open them gently to prevent wear on the hinges over time.
      • Clean your glasses daily protecting yourself from the accumulation of dust and dirt. Avoid cleaning them with fabrics other than microfiber or chamois. We recommend cleaning them frequently and thoroughly at home, applying lukewarm water and neutral soap.
      • Avoid applying products to your sunglasses that may deteriorate their materials. Try not to get daily use products that can be abrasive, such as your daily cologne, sun cream, sprays or hairspray.

      When can you wear this collection of sunglasses?

      Our women's sunglasses are timeless in style. It consists of several models of sunglasses for women that you can use throughout the year, both in spring-summer and autumn-winter without any problem. Its classic chic style combines wonderfully with different outfits and in different environments, both urban and natural outdoors.

      What are the benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses?

      Wearing sunglasses is essential, and if they are polarized they are better. In addition to providing aesthetic benefits, sunglasses are also a fashion accessory that provides practical benefits to users, such as the fact that they protect and care for our eyes and sight from possible conditions caused by the sun and particles in the environment.

      Specifically, some of the main benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses are the following:

      • Polarized sunglasses allow vision without annoying reflections caused by the rebound of light, avoiding glare; They are especially recommended for photosensitive users.
      • Polarized sunglasses with UV400 protection protect the eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays that are harmful to our eye health.
      • Wearing sunglasses helps prevent eye conditions like cataracts, blindness, and even eye cancer.
      • Polarized sunglasses help reduce visual fatigue and provide greater clarity and contrast of colors in the environment.

      What are polarized sunglasses?

      They are sunglasses that have lenses with a polarized treatment. The polarized is a vertical filter that blocks the rays of sunlight that reach our eyes horizontally, such as when the sun's rays reflect off snow, seawater or asphalt. They make the vision softer and more pleasant.

      Which is better to use, glasses with polarized lenses or normal ones?

      This depends on the tastes and concerns of each person. Normally, using polarized sunglasses is more comfortable and pleasant for the eyes, but for example, there are electronic device screens that do not look good with polarized lenses since many reflections are blocked. When driving or sailing at sea, it is clearly recommended to wear sunglasses with polarized lenses since by eliminating reflections from the asphalt or the sea, they allow for more comfortable driving and navigation.

      What are the Lens Categories?

      • CATEGORY 0-1 They are purely fashion sunglasses, with them you don't have to expose yourself too much to the sun.
      • CATEGORY 2 Increases the level of protection, but they are still not suitable for use with a lot of sun exposure.
      • CATEGORY 3 Considered the most suitable protection for normal activities under strong sunlight.
      • CATEGORY 4 The highest level of protection, only suitable for activities in which the eyes are exposed to extreme light levels, such as skiing or mountaineering. They are prohibited to drive.

      Categorías de lentes y gafas de sol

      How to know if sunglasses are polarized?

      First you must place the sunglasses in a horizontal position and then, rotate them little by little vertically until you reach 60º to 90º. If the glass turns a little blacker than it was before, then the sunglasses are polarized.

      What is UV 400 protection?

      UV400 protection in sunglasses is a filter that completely protects you from the sun's UV rays, including UVA and UVB rays. This means that the lenses of your sunglasses will be able to block any UV rays with a wavelength of less than 400 nanometers.


    When there is fun, there are no worries. Hanukeii is more than just a word, it is a lifestyle, a feeling, a way of being. We are a generation of girls who understand the importance of leaving worries behind and living the moment wide awake… We understand how beneficial it is to take off your shoes, walk barefoot and forget your worries to immerse ourselves in the great adventures that life has to offer, looking beautiful and fashionable at all times.

    No limits allowed when you live a #BAREFOOTLIFE.

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