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Turtle White / Brown / Gray

The trucker caps from the Hanukeii® collection are created by and for contemporary, free and passionate women. Vanguard, harmony and freedom #BAREFOOTLIFE

  • Gorras trucker para mujer Hanukeii

    • Current design for avant-garde women
    • Adjustable rear closure with "Snap-Back" system
    • 60% cotton / 40% polyester
    • Trucker Style
    • 5 Panels with curved visor
    • IMPORTANT: Never wash them in a washing machine, they must always be washed by hand
  • Style, beauty, naturalness, aesthetics, modernity, avant-garde... The women of the 21st century step strong and confidently. Being a woman is synonymous with being brave. Being a successful woman is synonymous with having fought against all odds. Being a woman is neither better nor worse than being a man, it is simply something different that is also wonderful and special. It is the perfect complement to the robustness of the universe: harmony, sensitivity, touch, detail, simplicity and complexity at the same time.

    At Hanukeii we are aligned with the needs of today's women. We create products for today's women who know what they want and how they want it and also, we give it a point of life and fun.

    We like to live calmly and above all, we like to enjoy life in peace. #barefootlife

  • Caps are a practical accessory to protect you from the sun and also define your style and personality.

    Currently they have become a hallmark of current fashion, with few celebrities in the world of fashion and sports who have not appeared with a mesh cap in all kinds of settings, both in summer and winter.

    Adjustable closure type Snapback to adapt to any size of head. A classic inspired by the 80's and 90's. Our trucker caps are structured with a curved brim. They are perfect to accompany you on your travels around the planet earth or in your routine life.

Gorras para mujeres de estilo trucker


We live in a world in which we coexist with an incalculable number of living beings. Some are wild others domestic, and even invisible to our eyes and others that we fear for their size and strength.

At Hanukeii we have created a collection of caps inspired by animal life; in zebras, koalas, dolphins, foxes... We offer this collection in various shades and formats, so that whatever animal you identify with, you can find the ideal accessory for you.

One of the most common tendencies in conversations, games, or even in our personal reflections, is to think about which animal we identify with, which one others associate us with, or which one we would like to resemble; and it is that, although we do not share the verbal language, if we maintain, in some way, a communication with them. Some inspire respect, others, elegance, others we identify with courage and courage, and others, however, seem timid or weak.

Do you already know what your reference animal is, the one that inspires you or gives you strength? We are sure that it is represented in our collection of Hanukeii caps


The way we dress, our way of choosing the accessories that accompany our daily look, or what we find attractive and want to acquire and add to our wardrobe are factors that reveal some features of our personality and our character.

How we want others to see us, how we want to see ourselves every day when we leave home and the type of accessories that make us feel comfortable is decisive when it comes to showing the world what kind of people we are.

In Hanukeii we want you to feel one hundred percent yourself and we have created these caps inspired by the animal world and completely adapted to your style


This line of caps follows the trend of the typical trucker caps, which have been a revolutionary phenomenon throughout the world since they were born. At Hanukeii we are lovers of baseball caps, and we have designed these accessories adapting them to our style.

The caps inspired by the animal world have a structure in which the back is mesh, and the front has a visor that prevents the sun's rays from entering the eyes. In the upper part of the visor we offer a patch in which an animal is illustrated with its name indicated in the lower part.


When there is fun there are no worries. Hanukeii is more than just a word, it is a lifestyle, a feeling, a way of being. We are a generation of girls who understand the importance of leaving worries behind and living the moment wide awake… We understand how beneficial it is to take off your shoes, walk barefoot and forget your worries to immerse yourself in the great adventures that life has to offer, wearing beautiful and fashionable at all times.

No limits allowed when you live a #BAREFOOTLIFE.