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Venice Red / Gray

The trucker caps from the Hanukeii® collection are created by and for contemporary, free and passionate women. Vanguard, harmony and freedom #BAREFOOTLIFE

  • Gorras trucker para mujer Hanukeii

    • Current design for avant-garde women
    • Adjustable rear closure with "Snap-Back" system
    • 60% cotton / 40% polyester
    • Trucker Style
    • 5 Panels with curved visor
    • IMPORTANT: Never wash them in a washing machine, they must always be washed by hand
  • Style, beauty, naturalness, aesthetics, modernity, avant-garde... The women of the 21st century step strong and confidently. Being a woman is synonymous with being brave. Being a successful woman is synonymous with having fought against all odds. Being a woman is neither better nor worse than being a man, it is simply something different that is also wonderful and special. It is the perfect complement to the robustness of the universe: harmony, sensitivity, touch, detail, simplicity and complexity at the same time.

    At Hanukeii we are aligned with the needs of today's women. We create products for today's women who know what they want and how they want it and also, we give it a point of life and fun.

    We like to live calmly and above all, we like to enjoy life in peace. #barefootlife

  • Caps are a practical accessory to protect you from the sun and also define your style and personality.

    Currently they have become a hallmark of current fashion, with few celebrities in the world of fashion and sports who have not appeared with a mesh cap in all kinds of settings, both in summer and winter.

    Adjustable closure type Snapback to adapt to any size of head. A classic inspired by the 80's and 90's. Our trucker caps are structured with a curved brim. They are perfect to accompany you on your travels around the planet earth or in your routine life.

Gorras para mujeres de estilo trucker


Sometimes a simple design, but visually attractive and with the necessary elements, is much more striking than another loaded with color or embellishments. It is much easier to integrate a discreet and simple accessory into a busy look than to do it the other way around.

That is why at Hanukeii we have chosen to design a collection of baseball caps that, in addition to fulfilling a protective function against the harmful rays of the sun, are designed so that you can combine them with a casual or urban outfit, beach or even with the one you use to play sports.

The hat is designed by fashion professionals who decided to reduce distracting elements and focus on enhancing the Hanukeii name. To give it more dynamism, they added, in a tone similar to that of the rays of the sun or sunset, some lines that border the brand's logo. This design is located in the form of a patch on the front of the cap, which has a grayish tone as a background that pulls towards white.


The element that is enhanced in our caps is the name of our brand: Hanukeii. A name that actually holds much more: Hanukeii is a concept, not just a word.

Hanukeii was born from a simple and bland idea that arose in the southern California region on a trip we took with the entire team of designers and brand communicators. We wanted to know what was hidden between the streets, the beaches and the looks of the people.

After several months visiting Laguna Beach, California's Hyde Street, San Francisco's South Of Market and seeing, day after day, how the sun set over the Pacific, we decided that we would do what we did with our future collections , they had to have the essence that we were carefully collecting: tranquility, aroma of the sea, elegance and trends


In addition to loving the design of the typical baseball caps, we are very inspired by the history of this accessory. Something as simple as an accessory that baseball players used to wear to protect their heads from the sun and the cold, has reached our days as an absolute fashion accessory, timeless, without gender or age, and that has never declined. .

Fashions are created like this, almost without intention, almost by chance, and the trajectory that this characteristic accessory has followed motivates us to continue creating and thinking of new ways of meeting the needs of our consumers, because, who knows what has the future prepared for us.


When there is fun there are no worries. Hanukeii is more than just a word, it is a lifestyle, a feeling, a way of being. We are a generation of girls who understand the importance of leaving worries behind and living the moment wide awake… We understand how beneficial it is to take off your shoes, walk barefoot and forget your worries to immerse yourself in the great adventures that life has to offer, wearing beautiful and fashionable at all times.

No limits allowed when you live a #BAREFOOTLIFE.