5 cafeterías trendy de Madrid

5 trendy cafes in Madrid where you can exploit your creativity.

Are you having a rough week and want to take a breather to reset your mind and get new ideas? From Hanukeii we show you 5 cafeterias in Madrid where you will recover your lost energy and inspiration thanks to its decoration, menu and attention.

There are places that are pure inspiration, that bring back memories and make us feel full even in the worst moments. Work, the stress of the city and the setbacks that arise on a daily basis are the perfect excuse to put on an outfit with which you feel comfortable, take your bag and some sunglasses and go out from home looking for one of those places.

Observing the immensity of the sea on a boat, a sunset on the beach, a quiet corner in the countryside, a swing in the woods... All these places have one factor in common: disconnection. When the routine overwhelms us, it is very necessary to stop, catch our breath and look for an escape route with which to resurface. We find ourselves immersed in a frenetic rhythm and it is in weak moments when we remember that we have to prioritize ourselves. Don't forget to pamper yourself the way you deserve!

There are coffee shops that give you the opportunity to forget about any problem that is on your mind. They are places of disconnection that at the same time invite you to reflect and come up with brilliant ideas. That the environment in which you find yourself is pleasant for your senses is one of the fundamental requirements to be able to exploit your imagination, and for this reason, today we bring you 5 cafeterias in Madrid that will make you forget about the world and also, you will want to stay and live. in them. Can you think of a better plan than having breakfast on a Saturday morning in a quiet and creative space spending time with yourself?

Mur Café


The first charming café we will talk about is the Mür Café, a cozy place where you will want to spend all your free mornings. It is located at Plaza Cristino Martos number 2 in Madrid and is a space with two floors and a terrace with rustic airs and vintage furniture that was born with the intention of being a corner of relax the place to go when you're having a bad day and all you want is a good tea and a freshly baked croissant. In it you can write ideas and nonsense in your agenda while you sit peacefully in one of its chesterfield armchairs and listen to the harmonious melody that sounds in every space. Its furniture, shelves, plants and robust wooden tables are its most characteristic elements.

Its menu is elaborated by hand and in it you will find sweet and savory options. Natural juices, Benedictine eggs with avocado, homemade biscuits, Iberian ham toasts or the famous English Breakfast are just some of the dishes that will make you salivate when you arrive at the Mür Café. Also, if you are one of those who snooze the alarm over and over again on weekends, you can enjoy a delicious brunch for just €6.50. Of course, they also have vegan and vegetarian alternatives that you can resort to if that is your preference.


It is a quiet, spacious and inspiring place where you can explode your mind and finally come up with that idea you needed for your next project. It is one of the favorite places of the influencer Sara Baceiredo to work on her clothing brand while savoring a delicious breakfast in a peaceful environment. You can follow the cafeteria's Instagram account at @murcafe and keep up to date with all its news. And you, what are you waiting for to try their delicious dishes?

Commercial coffee

Café Comercial Hanukeii

For the most nostalgic, this is your cafeteria! Café Comercial has been open for more than 100 years and is one of the most successful vintage cafés in Madrid. Writers, singer-songwriters, actresses and a multitude of artists have passed through it, using the local tables as a blank canvas to give free rein to their imagination.

You can find it at Glorieta de Bilbao number 7 and you will be very privileged if you get a free table at rush hour. It is always full! It has a small terrace at street level that is next to one of the most beautiful traditional kiosks in all of Madrid. In it you will see wicker chairs and round marble tables that will dazzle you from the first minute.


Inside the premises there are classic tables and chairs reminiscent of the aesthetics of the 70s from the movie Grease and its imposing lamps and mirrors will make you take more than 50 photos every time you visit the place space. Without a doubt, it is a cafeteria that you cannot miss, whether you live in the city or are passing through it. Sitting on the terrace and watching the passers-by pass by is an act that will make the inspiration you had lost come back to you. Observing the style, manners and words of the people who walk the streets is the best medicine when you are short of good ideas.

In addition, the Café Comercial has an extensive menu with exquisite dishes that will make you unable to decide on just one. The brunch is once again the protagonist of spring weekends in the city. Some of the options that you will be able to taste if you decide on it are: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and pecorino cheese, Benedictine eggs with smoked salmon and grilled avocado, burrata with Iberian tomato, rocket and fresh basil and American pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup. You have been speechless, right? It is not for less! In addition to the teas, coffees and natural coffee juices, its gastronomic offer is one of the most popular in the area.

If instead of dedicating a morning to yourself you prefer to dedicate an afternoon to yourself, the Café Comercial holds acoustic concerts, talk shows, monologues and very interesting literary presentations that can help you find the inspiration you are looking for with a cocktail in hand . The atmosphere in this cafeteria is not exactly relaxed, but it is full of art and creativity everywhere. If silence is not essential for you, this café is the perfect option to bring up again the brightest ideas that are in your head. Check out his Instagram account to see more: @cafecomercial.

Salon des fleurs

Salon des Fleurs Hanukeii

If you have romanticism in your veins, without a doubt this is the perfect cafeteria for your Sunday mornings in the city. Far from being a conventional cafeteria, the Salon des Fleurs is a multitasking space where you can buy a bouquet of flowers to put in your new vase from the flea market, get a very special gift from their store or have a passion fruit tea and a slice of cake while you brainstorm new ideas in their vintage armchairs. You can find it at the corner of Guzmán street, the good number 106 of the capital. It is the ideal place to go on a Saturday morning with your blank notebook and fill it with proposals, projects and thoughts while you observe spiral staircases, amazing centerpieces and a decoration with taste and charisma.

Some of the star products they have for sale in their store are their vases reminiscent of the series The Bridgertons, mugs with unique paintings and bouquets of seasonal flowers. In addition, from time to time they carry out activities and workshops on tea tasting, preparation of bouquets and centerpieces, gatherings. Spending a morning in the salon is quite an experience!

If you get hungry while you are exploding your mind you can always order something to snack on. On their menu they have both sweet and savory options. Among its most famous dishes are the chocolate brownie, the carrot cake, the curry turkey sandwich and the Iberian ham sandwich. Each season its owners bring new dishes and gastronomic offers to the cafeteria that will make you want to go to the salon des fleurs every month. You can check schedules and all their news on their Instagram account: @salondesfleurs.

Your space may be familiar to you if you are an absolute fan of Spanish Netflix movies. It is in the film "Despite everything" (2019), starring Blanca Suárez, Amaia Salamanca, Belén Cuesta and Macarena García, where we can see more than one scene recorded in the salon des fleurs. Visit the space and you will not want to stop taking photos in any of its corners, they are magical!


Frida Café- Hanukeii

Speaking of places that have starred in audiovisual scenes in Netflix series and movies, we have Frida, the quintessential meeting place for the girls from Valeria (2020). It is a gastro-bar with a large terrace where you will want to spend the hottest mornings in desert Madrid in August. It is located on Calle San Gregorio number 8 and is a step away from Malasaña. Frida is part of the gastronomic group Larrumba, owners of renowned restaurants such as Habanera, Perrachica and Peyote San. Having these references, going to Frida's to enjoy a good mojito while you write your new novel or plan your next getaway is a sure hit.

As for its decoration, the space has solid wood tables, metal chairs of various colors and shapes, tall plants and a large neon sign that breaks the dominant aesthetic of the place with the name of the restaurant that will be the protagonist of all the images of your reel.

Their menu is quite diverse. You can go to Frida's for breakfast, for brunch, at vermouth time, for a snack or for dinner.

In short, you can go at any time of the day and you will always have a gastronomic offer waiting for you. Some of their most top dishes are the avocado toast for breakfast, the eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce and spinach for brunch time, the classic ham croquettes for lunch and the marinated pork tenderloin for dinner. Sounds good right? In addition, there are gastronomic alternatives of the most appetizing for vegetarians and vegans.


If you've had a stressful week full of work, stress and few good ideas, go spend an afternoon at Frida's and I'm sure you'll be inspired. Its decoration, atmosphere and staff will make you feel at home and you will let your imagination flow without any impediment. You can find out more about him on his Facebook page: @restaurantefrida.is. In addition, later you can take a walk through the streets of Chueca and treat yourself to the occasional whim. It never hurts!

Il Tavolo Verde


And for creative places… Il Tavolo Verde. It is a unique space where you can rediscover the imagination you had lost, and also enjoy a rustic atmosphere that is most welcoming. In it you can buy and sell furniture and antiques, enjoy a homemade cheesecake or have a coffee while reading a book. It is an incomparable experience through which you will recover the desire to create. Il Tavolo Verde was born in 2013 to offer a different adventure to all who dare to go. It is located at Calle Villalar number 6 and is very close to the Puerta de Alcalá.

It is one of the hot spots for influencers and fashion brands. It was Grace Villareal who held her brand's last event there: Vila Concept. Her guests enjoyed a cozy and magnificent atmosphere to show on their social networks. It was all a success.

In their menu you can find organic coffee, tomato toasts on organic bread and the healthiest options that will help you take care of your figure if you want to get rid of excesses before the summer. Il Tavolo Verde comprises an entire philosophy. It is craftsmanship, care for the environment, health and dedication. It is an inspiring and magical place that will make all your craziest projects possible. Find them on Instagram and discover their latest news: @iltavoloverde.


  1. Are Madrid cafeterias open during COVID?

Restrictions have been changing during the pandemic. Currently, most of them are open and available to the public. If your intention is to visit any of the above in the next few days, the best option is to check their website and make a reservation to ensure a table. Otherwise, enjoy with caution!

  1. Are the previous cafeterias suitable for having snacks with children?

Of course! In all of them you will find an extensive menu with sweet and savory dishes for the little ones in the house. Our recommendation is Frida, which also has a terrace, and the Mür Café, you'll love them!

  1. Are the cafeterias above quiet?

Without a doubt, they will be your ideal option to work, seek inspiration or relax on a Saturday morning. Perhaps the least peaceful is the Café Comercial, due to the area in which it is located and its popularity. The rest, they will all be a success if you are looking for calm and relaxation.