Un SI rotundo a las gorras, porque son nuestro 'new black'

A resounding YES to caps, because they are our 'new black'

From being a purely sporty accessory to being an essential for the Street Style that is being talked about so much today. There is no doubt that caps have taken the streets of the world and especially the wardrobes of the most stylish women. But, what is that about the caps that now every celebrity and influencer takes with them everywhere?

The first thing to note is that caps arrived at a time when fashion is going through a transition where certain standards are being redefined. Breaking stereotypes and creating new identities. Although it would be wrong to say that fashion now does not have a single style, in fact, that very absence of "a single style" is a style itself. Were at some point the caps, accessories that functioned as elements to express or manifest something in society? Were the first women who wore caps successors to the first women who dared to wear pants?

Caps were initially a male accessory or complement used in wars, as a complement to military uniforms, just as they were used by the Egyptians in ancient times, did you know?

But it was not until the 60s that it was used as a sports garment, specifically in baseball, hence "Baseball Cap", which at that time was made of leather and well, later more creations were added, making them every once an accessory linked to the personality and tastes of people.

The trucker or baseball style cap began to be worn mostly by men, and somewhat less by women who used it on a more informal and sporty level. The truth is that this is history, since the middle of the 20th century caps began to be used as a complement for protection from the sun, rain, even snow. Fashion experts began to define this accessory as a good complement for those who wanted to frame the face and cover the hair.

But at what point did a sports cap and a formal garment like a classic blazer cross the line to create something we call athleisure? Well maybe this image will refresh your memory a bit:

Hailey Baldwin y Diana Spencer Gorras

At that time, the late Princess Diana could not imagine the impact that her uncomplicated and very original outfits of hers would impact a few years later. What did she mean by the cap? We dare to think that perhaps it was something like: "I am breaking the line of basics, without leaving aside my personality and freedom of expression."

In addition, we are living in a moment in which the eyes of fashion have come to a unique, simple style, without gender identity, where oversized garments, baggy pants, or jumpsuits that seek a chromatic harmony is what it demands and is marking a revolution in what is understood by aesthetic and classic.

There are certain 'rules' to follow to make the hat your complement it. In our article today we will show you possible outfits that you can apply and that you surely have in your closet, it is just a matter of knowing how to combine it to create a perfect visual harmony that will surely You will attract attention wherever you go.


Gorras y Blazer

We already spurred a bit on the style of wearing the cap as Diana of Wales did at her time: the royalty of the casual and uncomplicated. Her looks began to go viral even more thanks to The Crown series, where each of the outfits that made this precursor of street style eternal is revived in a very original way.

How to imitate him? The key is to always imagine an inverted triangle. That is, from the widest to the narrowest: loose garments at the top and tight at the bottom. That gives some symmetry to your figure.If you're going to cover your hair or hairstyle with a cap like our 'Fox Red' cap, look for a coat, a hoddie, a blazer, a jacket that is two sizes larger than the one you usually use, even those for men, which by the way, are becoming very fashionable, showing a bit of avant-garde and style.And at the bottom you can opt for leggings, or jeans with a straight boot.

Not only did the late Princess of Wales impose this style, but she also has a few followers who have followed her style, for example, Hailey Baldwin, she is one of the celebrities who has best adopted for mixing the casual with the elegant, even daring to mix a leather jacket with his cap and oversized jeans. A spectacular look!


Gorras y Chandals

Now, the combination that radiates comfort wherever you look at it: Cap, with a sophisticated tracksuit, sneakers and a cardigan. The 'Turtle Royal Blue' cap can play an important role if you want to be comfortable without looking too sporty. That is, if you opt for an off-white tracksuit and a black or gray coat, you can have a very calm look and according to the occasion.

The key is also not to stigmatize a piece of clothing to a specific area, just as at a time it was said that tracksuits were only for going to the gym or being at home, now you can go out with them because in a certain way they are taking precedence the comfort. But and if you want to go comfortably to the office, you can accompany the tracksuit with a cardigan that protects you a bit from bad weather.


Gorras y Athleisure

As we mentioned in our previous article, it was the fashion prescriber Alexandra Pereira who has been in charge of showing us that 'athleisure' is for everyone and that it can be worn very good on it. Here we show you several looks, that we simply love how wonderful they are.

The option of an emerald green hoddie and black bikers that combine very well with his cap and fanny pack. Also, if you decide to complement it with sunglasses, it is a perfect choice for a Sunday brunch or for a walk with your pet in the park.

And combining black leggings and a gray hoddie, with a cardigan, is top in comfort and style.Which if not accompanied by a windbreaker cardigan would pass for an informal look, and the best is yet to come, its bag and cap of the same color make the outfit simply spectacular.

We could say that she is one of our favorite bets, a blazer overzised and synthetic pants, plus, the cap. You can choose to use the same color in both the upper and lower garment, or combine the color of your shorts, your shirt and the cap, giving the blazer more prominence, but where the cap creates an undeniable identity.


mocasines y gorras

Another risky option is the option of loafers, and your cap, in this case we recommend this combination where the cap 'Kangaroo Brown' is a very successful option.For example, always try to give it some elegance with a more elegant garment, such as your bag, or in this case, loafers that are becoming a must-have at the moment. The ideal is to give chromatic harmony, we can see that he wears cargo type pants and with the cap he gives you the feeling that you are relaxed.

We believe that these are the basics that you should follow if you were stuck thinking about how to combine your trucker cap with your outfits without losing any style. Remember that personality is your most outstanding garment. Without a doubt, the cap establishes an identity of strength, security, decision, and always youth, so make that spirit radiate throughout your outfit.

Andrea Vélez Ardila