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How to combine Sneakers and Blazer a la María Pombo.

September 30, 2021

Cómo combinar Zapatillas y Blazer a lo María Pombo

When it comes to comfort we always think of our favorite sneakers, what's more, on those days when formality is unnecessary, we just want to get home, take off our shoes and be as confy as possible. In fact, it is true that more than one of us has crossed our minds to go in sneakers to a wedding, to an event and well, to the office. So let us tell you that it is possible and, in fact, breaking the established standards on fashion and formalities is what is sweeping this great industry, how water and oil, opposites attract: Sportswear with classic blazers.

Without a doubt this type of outfit becomes a trend especially in spring and autumn, where the weather still seems to want to give us some good vibes and let us be comfortable without much worry, for whatever basics you have in your closet will be enough to obtain a sophisticated and modern look, like who says, you are the CEO, but a cool CEO who after the office goes out to some terrace to enjoy the simplicity and fresh that is life.

At Hanukeii, how do you know, we admire the style of María Pombo, because she is a sophisticated and avant-garde girl, where in addition to showing us her life and lifestyle every day, she is a businesswoman worthy of admiration, for this reason, we have decided to analyze a little her style when it comes to wearing sneakers, without seeing ourselves as if we were going shopping on a Sunday morning. Interested? Read on!

1. Basic first: Jeans and a basic top

    For Maria Pombo, the style and intention of the outfit stand out if at any time you combine something tight with something a little looser. For example, a basic top that fits your body accompanied by jeans with openings in the boot, which are very fashionable now, especially if your intention is to make your legs look longer. These two become a must to combine, giving harmony to your body.

    Maria Pombo con tres tipos de outfits, en el primero con un top básico blanco y unos vaqueros denim, luego utilizando un blazer nude y unos vaqueros y zapatillas deportivas de colores.

    2. The jacket and with shoulder pads, is that we are going to the 80!

      You should pay close attention here because sneakers generally come in many colors, which is very cool. But in that case you must be careful with the Blazer that you are going to combine it with. Make sure that, if your shoes are a uniform color and with little detail, the jacket can have the designs and prints that you want, but if, on the contrary, it has bright colors, as in the case of María Pombo, you can see how she looks at it. Relax a bit with a blazer and jean that complement each other in a terracotta color palette, this girl makes it perfect!

      3. The accessories, last but not least!

        María Pombo utilizando zapatillas deportivas acompañada de gafas de sol, y blazer. Las gafas de sol son Hanukeii, Hyde Camo y Pacific Black.

        As we have always told you in our articles, the accessories are ultimately the ones that end up defining the intention and personality of your look. And on this occasion, if you want to completely imitate the look of María Pombo, we recommend that you complement it with our sunglasses Hanukeii Hyde Camo or Pacific Black, that will bring harmony to your face highlighting your features thanks to its geometric figures, also, if you go with an outfit with warm tones, the Pacific Black will give you that touch of elegance that you were looking for. Or, if, on the contrary, you have opted for a black blazer and denim jeans, our Hyde Camo will give you that touch of freshness and good vibes.

        We hope you liked our article today, and that you take into account these tips that we have discovered based on the outfits of María Pombo, a Hanukeii Girl!!.


        1. What is the name of María Pombo's son?

        The son of María Pombo and Pablo Castellano is called Martín.

        2. What are the companies of María Pombo?

        The first one is Tipi Tent, which is a clothing brand for young people, and also has Name The Brand, another clothing brand, and has organized music festivals such as Suavefest.

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