Descubre las 5 mejores plataformas para hacer Livestreaming

Discover the 5 best platforms for Livestreaming

Every time we enter our social networks it is more common to see one or another live broadcast. All this phenomenon of livestreaming is monopolizing one by one all our channels that we use to connect. But what is livestreaming? And why should we know about him.? Perhaps you are relating it to the world of video games, but in fact, it is not the only niche in which this trend is multiplying, it has even become a key tool if what you want is to make yourself known and generate closeness with your community , so this surely interests you.

It is true that this modality is not so new. In fact, it dates back to 1995 where players of Video games at that time who wanted to transmit their content in real time could do, but 'subscribers' had to have software installed and download specific channels, making everything a bit more cumbersome. Problem which today we do not have, since both the content creator and the subscriber are online and everything that is consumed is part of the great cloud and even better, it is accessible to everyone.

At the time, there were some applications, let's say 'exclusive' and even where you had to pay for a membership, but now, public access applications such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook have managed to create the same interface and we can witness live broadcasts , either from events, news, concerts or influencers such as Maria Pombo, or artists like Ariana Grande.

What do you need to do a Livestreaming?

A Livestreaming means in Spanish, live broadcast, and is content in video format, which is posted online and appears on computer and mobile screens in real time. For you to do this you can do it from your mobile or camera with good resolution, you create the content, but before that, you should have created a distribution network. Don't worry! For that we will show you the applications that allow you to create these networks and be able to share all that content you want.

Herramientas para realizar contenido audiovisual, que será subido a una plataforma de livestream. Videos en directo,

Applications that allow you to Livestream

1. Snapchat

Loved by some and already forgotten by many. How did the dynamic work? Your content had a life of 24 hours which your contacts or followers could even take a screenshot. However, being used only to share faces with filters and drawings, it was during the 2016 Oscars broadcast that Snapchat anticipated the need to broadcast an event live and thousands, millions of people around the world were able to connect by unseating a little to the television networks that were transmitting the event, once again, technology was creating accessibility.

2. Facebook Live

Free to access, Facebook Live is positioned as one of the best streaming platforms on the market and the most widely used. It allows you to share your content strategically so you don't lose engagement with your community, for example, you can control who you would like to see your live stream. The Facebook robot is so impressive, that it will also allow you to segment, that is, you will be able to choose who sees the content, in which parts of the world you want it to be transmitted and choose the age range. What good is this? May your content meet the objective you have set.

Something also valuable is that apart from how you can make a list of the people you want to enter the broadcast, you can also add a group of interests, making your live broadcast even more striking.

Livestream en facebook live, YouTube y otras plataformas como Twitch o Snapchat.

3. YouTube

The king of videos, YouTube. How many of us have not spent hours consuming content that thousands of people upload daily, thinking that it would be an easy task to enter the world of Livestreaming. They just have a little restriction if you want to go live. For example, you must count on 10.000 followers so that the "Live" tab is enabled, in addition to which you must be a little careful with the material you use, as well as the content, since any word or content that is shared can lead to a sanction of your account.

4. Crackle

Run out of ideas for content? This platform gives you the option to share live, movies or videos that meet the interest of your audience. The quality may not be the best, but it allows engagement to be generated while you are creating your next publication. It is ideal if you are starting out in the world of streaming, since the interaction with your audience will be minimal and you will also provide them with quality content.

Streaming, grabación en cámara, video

5. Twitch

It is one of the main platforms and with the greatest trend among content creators, especially for the facilities it offers, such as real-time interaction with your followers, that is, as if they were in the same room. In addition, you do not need to create a user to be able to watch the streaming, and best of all, and that few know, is that it is not only a platform for gamers, but also for chefs, artists, musicians, etc.

The videos are posted on the platform for more than 14 days and if you are an affiliate, 60 days, where if someone wants to review your plays they can re-enter. Additionally, if what you are considering is growing in the digital world, it is one of the platforms with the largest number of subscribers. If you want to know more about this application you can read the article that we dedicated a while ago to Twitch.

We hope you enjoyed this post, and that it serves as a guide if what you are considering is creating content and going viral. Remember that now what is in greatest demand are the live ones, since the algorithms position them at the beginning of the feed of social networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the platforms to broadcast live?

We have mentioned only 5 of the most popular platforms where you can access content for free and be a content creator, but in fact there are a couple more, for example: Periscope, Dacast, UStream.

2. Which streaming platform can I start with if I've never done a 'live'?

Due to its ease of use and the absence of registering a user as such to access the content, Twitch is recommended.

3. What is the difference between Twitch and Periscope?

Both are live streaming platforms, the only difference is that Periscope often posts something that is not planned. On the other hand, content with a defined interest and that has been previously planned as part of a digital marketing strategy is published on Twitch.

4. With which platform can you make more money?

For now it's Twitch that leads in the sense that you get paid for every subscriber that goes to your channel, either through donations or money. You must meet a series of requirements, including: Having published at least 8 hours of content spread over 7 days, at least 50 followers with 3 simultaneous viewers. Twitch, like TikTok, handles a cryptocurrency, in the case of Twitch it is the 'Bits'.

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