Descubre que ha sucedido con Dulceida y Alba Paul

Find out what happened to Dulceida and Alba Paul

A 'love' story that captivated viewers on YouTube and other social networks. Two influencers got together to make their romance public, creating a digital empire between them and giving visibility to a community that until a few years ago began to empower itself on the platforms. This is the story of a real life couple, who despite being 'made up' by the superficiality that sometimes accompanies the networks, feel and live like any of you who are reading.

A few months ago we published the story about the most important facts about Aida Doménech or also known as 'Dulceida', a fashion prescriber who captivated designers, magazines and fashion brands fashion for its style, naturalness and originality. Over the years, he became one of the benchmarks in the world of influencers who dominated social networks, making this his work tool.

Dulceida y Alba su relación y ruptura

It was then that the story of this influencer would intensify even more when Alba Paul Ferrer would come into her life, an influencer who would go from anonymity to the public eye, when her relationship with Dulceida appeared in the screens of thousands of users who celebrated the value and union between both influencers.

Alba who is 2 years older than Dulceida. Both met at the opening of a clothing store, although apparently the crush was not instantaneous, on the contrary, there was no initial rapprochement because they did not find many things in common between the two, things turned out shortly after when with more meetings and with their guard down a little, they realized that in addition to things in common, the chemistry was visible.

As such, Alba was studying Law in her hometown of Girona, and decided to take a break and take a gap year to go out and explore the world a bit, finding her way through social networks as a creator of content. This path has even led her to create her own motorhome company called @thefeathervan together with other influencers.

However, the professional and personal journey of both influencers, like life itself, was accompanied by ups and downs, one of them for example, when it was discovered that their marriage was never legally official, but was real, in which represented sealing the union between the two in a symbolic way.

Dulceida y Alba Paul, su boda en barcelona, en la alfombra roja de los MTV Music Awards, y en su canal de YouTube

In 2017 both content creators carried out one of the most media-focused weddings in Spain. Surrounded by their family and friends, on the Sitges beach in Barcelona, ​​one of the most beautiful weddings took place, with a strong background meaning where, as Dulceida once made public her romance with Alba, they demonstrated once again that: 'Love Wins': Love wins, always.

In this way, the fame and public recognition of these figures grew, with one of the videos, the one of their wedding posted on Dulceida's YouTube channel, soon becoming the video with the highest number of visits, going around the world and giving a little voice to the LGTBIQ community.

Criticized at the time for 'falsifying' their marriage in legal terms, in order to achieve visibility, the influencers overwhelmed by other things that affected their relationship and the bustle of an audience that sought to break them with In order to affect their image, they choose to distance themselves and put their relationship into perspective. Question which impacted their followers and other people who admire them at a great level.

It was 7 years in which the influencers shared together where their community witnessed daily, that love was what radiated between them. Without a doubt, the case of these girls shows once again that they are human beings like any other mortal, who suffer and suffer, as Alba Paul would say when she announced the separation with Aida through her networks; the same platform that they used to make public one of the unions most admired by lovers of social networks.

As far as is known, it is known that both continue their personal projects independently. Aida continues with her clothing brand and modeling agency 'Inmanagement' and Alba continues creating content, being the image of clothing brands and strengthening her motorhome company.


Where was Alba Paul Ferrer born?

She was born in Girona, on September 27, 1987.

Where did Alba and Dulceida meet?

They met at a clothing store opening, where they were both invited, along with other social media personalities. In fact, they have confessed in interviews that Dulceida seemed somewhat 'stiff' to Alba because of what happened to her. However, in a second meeting, the attraction between the two arose.

How did Aida Doménech 'Dulceida' achieve fame?

It was in 2009 when, as a hobbie, he decided to open a blog in which he talked about fashion and outfits that he used daily, implicitly, he was creating his personal brand that today we all know as Dulceida.

Where did Dulceida and Alba Paul's wedding take place?

It was a private wedding that took place in Sitges, Barcelona. Surrounded by family and friends, the singer Carlos Sadness participated, and it was one of the weddings with the highest number of views on YouTube.

What was the reason for the breakup between Alba Paul and Dulceida?

The reason for the rupture between Alba and Dulceida, according to Amor Romeira, was a distancing on the part of Alba due to a flirtation between Dulceida and a boy. The influencers made their separation public to their followers through their respective Instagram channels.

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