¡Descubre tu animal spirit con este quiz!

Discover your animal spirit with this quiz!

They say that the connection of the human being with nature is a bond that is very difficult to break. And they are beliefs that have been taking hold for years, always motivating people to reconnect with their most natural side every time they want to disconnect and recharge. Even from prehistoric times when our language was mostly represented by drawings, animals were the protagonists who always accompanied women and men in the development of their activities.

This is why many cultures still believe that we all carry within us an 'animal spirit', that represents certain aspects of our personality. Insinuating that many times, part of our behaviors, passions, tastes, are directly identified with the personality of certain wild and/or domestic animals.

If you still don't know what your 'animal spirit' is and would like to find out, at Hanukeii we have created a very short personality quiz that will directly link the most curious animals in the animal kingdom. Ready?

The dynamic is simple: there are 10 questions associated with routines, tastes and passions. Each letter has a numerical value (A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4). Once you have finished answering the questions, add up your answers and the final score defines your animal spirit. You know what the best part is? That we have caps of all of them!


1. Which of the following elements do you identify with:

A. Land.

2. When it comes to social life (parties, concerts, restaurants) you usually prefer:

A. go alone.
b. Go as a couple
C. Go in a group
D. Not to go.

3. Which of these aspects would you rather have planned in advance:

A. Your daily meals.
b. Your clothes.
C. your outings
D. None.

4. Regarding vocations, which of the following areas attracts your attention the most:

A. Arts and letters.
b. Entertainment and fashion.
C. Computer science and technology.
D. None of the above.

    5. Do you tend to idealize future scenarios in your head rather than accept reality?

    A. Always.
    b. Frequently.
    C. Rarely.
    D. Never.

    6. Regarding the sound of metallic objects, your reaction is usually:

    TO. I can not stand them.
    b. I prefer not to listen to them.
    C. I enjoy them.
    D. I don't care to listen to them or not.

      7. With which of the following ranges of colors do you usually identify your way of dressing:

      TO. Grayscale.
      b. Blue scale.
      C.Green scale.
      D. rose scale.

        8. Which of the following sports do you most identify with:

        b. surfing.
        C. Climbing.
        D. Cycling.

        9. The perfect Sunday plan for you is:

        TO. Sleeping late watching Netflix.
        b. Going for a walk in nature.
        C. A meal with friends and/or family.
        D. Shopping and entertainment in the city.

          10. If you had to choose only one type of food, which would you choose?

          A. Sushi.
          b. BBQ ribs.
          C. Greek salad.
          D. Valencian Paella.

            11. Which of these words best defines your character:

            TO. Daring (You like to take risks).
            b. Relax (You like to be a mediator and you tend to worry about few things).
            C. Vain (You like to be the center of attention and have prominence).
            D. Curious (You are sociable, you like to know everything).

              12. When you get angry you usually react:

              A. Attacking the person, without speaking back.
              b. Getting angry, being impulsive, but acknowledging your mistake and apologizing.
              C. Before saying anything offensive, you analyze the situation and try to mediate.
              D. It is very difficult for them to make you angry.


                SCORE 20-23KOALA HANUKEII

                If it were about peace of mind, we would always focus on you. You like to see life in a simple way, what smacks of problems, fights or arguments does not go with you. You enjoy good food and rest to feed your day to day. You don't see sport as very essential for you, in fact, you enjoy sleeping and watching your favorite series and marathoning! There is no storm that overwhelms you, to be left on the beach with a piña colada and a sunny day, that is your perfect plan. On the other hand, you are very philosophical, you are passionate about letters and you enjoy your time alone.

                SCORE 24-27

                KANGAROO HANUKEII

                You are characterized by your physical strength as well as a strong maternal instinct. You love to travel the world and if you can do it alone, it attracts more attention. You fear few things in life because you have a strong resilient character, pursuing your dreams and goals are the order of the day. You enjoy sports and outdoor activities, you have a small circle of friends, and you often prefer to spend time with your family in quiet spaces, rather than being in noisy spaces.

                SCORE 28-31

                TURTLE HANUKEII

                Wisdom on the surface. You meditate on everything you do or are going to do, you think before you act, and you are usually recognized by your peers for being sensible when it comes to acting.Which is normal that from time to time, they come to you to ask for some advice. You tend to act alone in most cases, and you enjoy silence and quiet spaces with few people. You are shy, but once you gain confidence, you are usually fun and loyal, you like to listen to your friends and spend time with them.

                SCORE 32-35

                DEER HANUKEII

                You are a person who likes to be balanced, you have great willpower, and that makes you a safe and reliable person. You are a lover of justice and truth, you are loyal to your friends and loved ones. You like to provide help and guidance to people who need it. However, you are somewhat cautious when it comes to trusting other people. You are always alert to redflags that pose a danger to you and those close to you. The mountains, the meadows and the forests are your detox places where you usually connect with your animal spirit.

                SCORE 36-40

                FLAMINGO HANUKEII

                You are creative and breathe art into everything you do. You like the company, but you also sometimes require time alone to come up with new ideas. You tend to be somewhat emotional and the sentimental plane has a great role in your life. You enjoy traveling and an airport is almost always one of your favorite places. You like to be fashionable and occasionally be the center of attention.

                SCORE 41-44

                DOLPHIN HANUKEII

                You are the queen of the sea, you are in fact in all the oceans of the world. You are intuitive and perceptive. You stand out for your intelligence, joy, friendship and generosity. You tend to act in a group, you like to have a very active social life and many, MANY, friends. You think quickly, but you also reach conclusions, you like to take care of yourself, you tend to have a very healthy lifestyle.

                SCORE 45-47

                ZEBRA HANUKEII

                If we are going to talk about personality and originality, it is undoubtedly you! You like to be surrounded by people, to be fashionable, to have plans every day, but you never ever allow yourself to be influenced by others, in fact, your friends will usually tell you the typical phrase: "you're still the same" and that, few can say. When there are problems, you usually sneak away or blend in because you don't want anyone to cut you off from your good vibes. Just as you are socially active, you also like to get into trouble from time to time, but you almost always get away with it.

                SCORE 48-49

                ZORRO HANUKEII

                Strategist, bold and intelligent. You adapt to any habitat on earth, you are very observant and feminine. You are the one who always comes up with a solution to problems that for others are usually complex, you like to propose and be creative. You are good at operational and creative jobs. You enjoy solitude and sharing with family. You are reserved with your personal life. You are joking, expressive and somewhat intense in your relationships.

                SCORE OVER 50


                You do have your inner child always activated, and that is magnificent, since you usually see life in a fun way and with glasses of curiosity always on. You tend to be lucky in almost everything you undertake, is it because you eat a lot of bamboo? Just kidding, but in oriental culture it is known that bamboo attracts money and you do have clear objectives regarding it. You know how to be in balance with your inner being and carry out projects that normally bring benefits to others, very focused on altruism, you enjoy eating, sleeping and... Well, eating. You are supportive and not very self-centered, good music and deep conversations are a MUST in your day to day.

                Andrea Vélez Ardila