How to combine your sunglasses according to each occasion and not fail in the attempt. We give you the keys!

Do you want to be the top of your friends and always hit the right accessory for good weather? Feel free to read on to find out how to do it!

Did you know that the first sunglasses arrived almost 100 years ago? They were born in New Jersey as an element that helped the great Hollywood stars to protect themselves from the spotlights and lights of the most intense filming of the cinema. In this way, actresses, directors and producers began to use this accessory also offstage and quickly turned it into an object desired by the masses.

Today, sunglasses are an accessory that is always present in our lives, it accompanies us in the city, on the beach, in the mountains and even in the garden at home, why not? We take advantage of every ray of sunshine, even in winter, to bring out ours and feel beautiful and powerful. In addition to being a complement that enhances any outfit and makes it unique, it protects us from solar radiation, which, as we already know, is really harmful to our eyesight.

The problem comes when you open your dressing room and… surprise! You don't know what glasses to combine your outfit with for a plan with friends, a romantic first date or an afternoon at the amusement park. Don't worry, we'll help you choose the best look to make your glasses the protagonists on every occasion.

Las Tortoise Black Lagoon, for an afternoon with friends in the countryside


A short walk, picnic and an amazing sunset with your friends sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Surely the day before you are thinking about the appropriate outfit because the photos that you are going to upload to Instagram will reflect how much fun you have had. Before taking action and taking a look at your dressing room, relax! Choose something with which you feel comfortable and you can enjoy their company to the fullest.

First of all, think about the activities that are organized and based on that select your star complement. Starting to create a look by accessories is a good start to show your way of being through what you wear.

For this occasion we recommend your sunglasses Laguna Tortoise Black by Hanukeii, which you can combine with cropped style jeans, comfortable and informal and complement it with an original sweatshirt or sweater, type oversized that comes in handy for this season!

Now, the glasses! The style of the Laguna Tortoise Black, in addition to highlighting a classic style that never goes out of style, its print highlights beauty and sobriety for its brown and orange tones, which adapt very well to any skin tone! If you are going to be exposed to the sun for a large part of the day, its butterfly style frame allows the part of your eyes to be completely protected in addition to harmonizing very well with any type of face, and somehow it will enhance your look! Put on your sneakers and favorite cap and you're ready for an afternoon 10!

A romantic first date in the city with your Pacific Black


Are you meeting someone special and have no idea where to start creating a look? Peaceful! Take a breath and think that there is no better way to make a good impression than by being yourself. It is essential that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing and above all, do not dress up. If you choose a outfit very cool but nothing true to your style, it will be noticed and you will create in the other person a fictitious image of your way of being. The same goes for sunglasses. If your style is basic, elegant or casual, go for it! If you have arranged to go for a walk in the park and have a few beers afterwards, bet on comfort but without giving up good taste.

Whew! Terrace at 6 in the afternoon, the sun setting in front of your table, and not having sunglasses at hand to protect you from the light, and also, that they serve to hide certain looks if the appointment is not going well , What a problem! …so don't forget to grab some cool cat eye glasses and problem solved! The Pacific Black glasses in black by Hanukeii with their slightly rectangular frame and spikes at the ends remind us of American divas, such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn who in the 50s they seduced the public with their pin-up style. These glasses are vintage and versatile. Combine them with a jacket and you will give your outfit a sophisticated air. Wear a fun top that makes you feel good and add jewelry to your liking to enhance the rest of the outfit. You're ready to succeed!

Visit to the amusement park with the Southcal Green


Have you met this weekend to go unload your adrenaline by riding the craziest rides in the park and you don't want your sunglasses to get lost in the attempt? We have a look perfect for you! It doesn't matter if you go with friends, partner or family, yes or yes you need an outfit that allows you to be comfortable and stays in place when you go around a thousand times in the air.

Maybe it's time to give your eyes a touch of color with the Southcal Green glasses from Hanukeii. Its oversized square type frame will not let the sun ruin your day, they will be your best ally when you are doing the eternal lines of the attractions and also, when taking the photos, they will make you look fun and youthful! The design of the Southcal Green evokes the sunsets in southern California over apple plantations, inspiring a sober color, like bottle green, that reflects the spirit of summer! Their semi-transparent design makes them fashionable, adding a bit of mystery to your look.

For the outfit, the key will be the comfort of your feet, you're going to walk from one place to another for hours, so put on your favorite sneakers and don't forget to tie them well! We don't want them to fall to the ground in the free fall! As for the colors, the Southcal Green are very adaptable, therefore, a white or black t-shirt with a print and that is long enough to be worn inside your favorite shorts. We don't want to be picked up at every attraction.

To finish, take a backpack where you can put spare clothes in case the water rides soak your outfit and a sun hat, but don't forget to keep it when you get on the train crazy…

The Lombard Tortoise will be your best ally on a morning of shopping


Devoting an entire morning to yourself looking for the most special shops in the city with a coffee in hand is one of the best plans to disconnect from work and the daily problems of the week. Why not pamper yourself on a Saturday to gain strength before Monday comes around again? Get out of bed and go out to explore your city in search of the most chic clothes of the season, but first, look for an instagrammable cafeteria and have a bowl of fruit and a good juice to fill you with energy. You're going to need it!

To start, a good idea would be to make a route of the stores you want to visit to keep track and not get lost along the way. Although sometimes getting lost is the most effective way to find charming places. If you are very methodical, select the first option, but if you like to go on an adventure, let yourself go and get lost in the streets of the city.

By the way, if you are one of those who needs advice when you go shopping, find yourself a good companion, you don't want to be left wondering if that dress suits you or not! Dress casually but be true to your style. You want to be comfortable but also attract all the looks of the people who walk through the stores.

It's a spring morning so the sun is shining brighter than ever and you don't want your eyes to suffer as the sun's rays sneak into the corners of the city. Therefore, choose the most trendy glasses that reflect the groundbreaking personality that you carry inside.

For that morning of shopping you will love the Lombard Tortoise glasses by Hanukeii. Its XXL design, that daring trend that swept the winter seems to want to stay this spring, offers a lot of glamour, elegance and the color of the tortoiseshell frame is elegant and sophisticated because it is reminiscent of animal print and makes them very flattering . Pair them with a little black dress and complement it with a denim jacket that takes away the formality of the outfit. Put on your favorite cowboy boots and you'll be trendy.

You're ready to find those special clothes and accessories that bear your name! Of course, avoid going with your car to the city center... you already know that parking is quite an adventure, and even more so at rush hour. Ask for a car or use public transport and thus, in addition to completely relaxing and avoiding the stress caused by traffic, you will help the environment.

Now that you have a lot of ideas to enjoy your free time in the best company, don't forget to put it into practice and upload it to the networks if you feel like it. You already know that Instagram is the best source of inspiration, so maybe you help someone with your posts shopping around the city and discover a unique store, the restaurant that can not be missed in the amusement park or the trendy bar to go to when you don't have much time to plan a different evening. But above all, go out and enjoy, fill yourself with life!