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The 5 most important things on Twitch

September 30, 2021


What is Twitch? Twitch is a platform in which people stream either by chatting with subscribers or by playing a game. People can support the channel by donating or subscribing. Anyone with a computer can open a channel and some have more luck than others. In our country we have great streamers who have reached a very high level on this platform, such as Raúl Álvarez, better known as Auronplay or Ibai Llanos. In one more social network, but focused on direct. Which can then be saved to the channel in case people want to watch them later. After the presentation, today we bring you the five most important things about the platform.


To broadcast on Twitch you don't need much, just a computer and if you want to make video, a camera for the computer. There are also people who prefer to use only a microphone because they prefer not to be seen. There are tons of programs that work to get your signal picked up and compatible with Twitch. We'll get a bit technical, for example, there's something called an 'OBS: Open Broadcaster Software', is free downloadable, open source software that allows you to broadcast on Twitch.

Once you have downloaded the program, you will have to open an account on its website. Once the account is created, if your intention is to transmit about a game, you have to enter the game, press the share button, and transmit the game, and the transmission begins. Then you can configure the details. Once you finish configuring you will be live.


When you open a channel people can subscribe to the channel or just follow that channel. To subscribe you have to pay a monthly fee, instead following the channel is free. The difference is that if you are subscribed you can interact through a chat that appears in the live streams and the person who runs the channel reads it. Also one of the advantages of the subscription is that you don't get ads and you have exclusive emoticons.

Persona trasmitiendo un juego a través de Twitch


To earn money on Twitch as a content creator, it can be by hiring ads in your broadcasts, either those that are saved or those that are currently being broadcast. Also through donations from people. These donations are called “bits”. What is done with these bits is that whoever donates them can send a message to the streamer so that they can read it and by the way they donate it to support the channel.

Another option is to donate subscriptions, which can help people who can't afford subscriptions (who are on a waiting list). And finally there is the 'Twitch Prime' option, which is that if you have an Amazon Prime account you can link it to Twitch and the subscriptions are free.


One of the things you shouldn't do is copy content from other streamers. You have to be original and create your own space on the platform. Neither can you spread unauthorized private information. Obviously you can't impersonate anyone either. You must have proper conduct. You can not play pirated games or unauthorized private servers.


If you wanted to watch a live stream from your favorite streamer, but didn't have time, don't worry. Normally streamers leave their shows saved in their profile so you can watch them whenever you want. But what you have to keep in mind is that they are deleted every 15 days.

In conclusion, right now one of the streaming platforms that works as a Social Network, which is booming the most, is Twitch, and it is normal given the great qualities it has. It seems that the platform has come to stay.


1. What is the difference between Twitch and YouTube?

    You may have this question because of the quality of live broadcasts, although both platforms allow it. The difference is that Twitch is clearly focused on video games and YouTube you can broadcast any other topic live.

    2. How to earn money on Twitch?

      To earn money on this platform you must have subscribers, who make donations or advertise on the channel.

      3. How much money does a subscription cost on Twitch?

        The price of a subscription to any channel is $4.99 per month.

        4. Can you watch live shows for free?

          Yes, you can watch any direct from any channel for free.

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