Atardecer en Madrid Las 5 mejores azoteas en Madrid

More hours of sun? More time for the afternoon!: The 5 best rooftops in Madrid.

“From Madrid to heaven” Surely you have heard this phrase before! And it is that it is not for less, Madrid has a special magic and not to mention its skies and its particular rooftops, which make it irresistible for a summer afternoon with friends and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets.

If you live in or are visiting Madrid, and are looking for great experiences, delicious food and good company, keep reading! We show you the best rooftops in the city so you can enjoy a plan with friends, partner or family in the best possible environment.

Madrid is an addictive city, which invites you to stay and live and upsets all your plans. In addition, the good weather and the sunsets of the city will be your best allies when you want to go out and rediscover it.

In summer, the sun and the heat are two of the main protagonists in Madrid, and for this reason, the rooftops and terraces become the top places to go when all you want is to have a good mojito and enjoy the best views of a city that has welcomed you in the best possible way. Of course, do not forget your trusty sunglasses, you are going to need them! So, grab a pencil and paper and write down these 5 rooftops in Madrid that will make you not want to set foot in another place in the entire city.

Brasserie by Dani García at the Four Seasons hotel in Madrid

Brasserie Dani Garcia- Las mejores 5 azoteas en Madrid

A few months ago, one of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world arrived in Madrid to revolutionize tourism and experiences in the city. With this, in addition to the opening of the Hermès store, the Canalejas Gallery also houses the first Four Seasons hotel in Madrid, a hotel where, although staying is a real treat, you can also savor a delicious menu in the restaurant located right on the roof of the building without leaving all your savings!. The architecture of the space is a true relic, and even if you are not an expert in decoration and interior design, this restaurant is a must visit. Don't wait any longer and put it on your list before you miss it!

Dani García, a chef with a great career and several restaurants in the city, is the one who gives its name to this chic space where you can enjoy both a brunch under the radiant Madrid sun like a most special dinner. In its menu there are dishes dedicated to anyone who wants to live a gourmet experience, so if you want to eat luxury and also feel like you are in our arms, treat yourself and book your appointment, you deserve it! !

Cascabel Hall at the Serrano Gourmet Experience

Serrano Gourmet Experience

As we already know, Calle Serrano in Madrid is one of the most luxurious and busiest streets in the city. If you want to meet interesting people, get breathless with the best views and enjoy the best dishes in the heart of Madrid, Calle Serrano is what you are looking for! There is no better plan than a Friday out for drinks with friends, and if the sun allows it, bring out that dress that you have timidly kept in your closet for 3 months because you don't know when the perfect occasion will be to wear it... Now is the time! ! Combine it with your Pacific Black from Hanukeii and you are ready to savor a good vermouth in a Mexican restaurant that will take your breath away, and also, you will have at your feet one of the most emblematic streets of Madrid.

If you are craving some nachos with guacamole or some tacos with shredded meat, you know where to go, the Cascabel Room is waiting for you with its open roof terrace!

Sky Bar and Restaurant Lizardspot

Picalagartos - Las 5 mejores azoteas de Madrid

Hotels are the great guests of many of the most chic rooftops in the city, and for this reason, we cannot stop talking about one of the most coolest novelties of the last year: Picalagartos, another space where you can enjoy a sunset in the capital without complicating your life, and where you can also find the NH Collection Gran Vía hotel.

In the heart of the city, Picalagartos is a restaurant that winks at the most classic Madrid of the 50s through its design, materials and shapes. It is located on the eighth floor of the building and offers a panoramic view of the city that your Instagram profile will not be able to resist. Picalagartos has an exquisite variety of dishes prepared by prestigious chefs with the best raw materials. Manuel Berganza is one of them, and let me tell you that you will lick your fingers with his tasting menu. He is a young chef whose early age has not stopped him. He has worked in Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Los Angeles or New York, where his role in the kitchen has led to great restaurants in these cities obtaining a Michelin star thanks to his know-how.

Its rooftop is full of sofas that give the place a relaxed air despite its sophistication. You will be most comfortable having a drink on its terrace. But, beware! The intense hours of sunshine are reserved for the bravest. Arrive in the middle of the afternoon and the sun will not ruin your plan.

So, you know! If you've met your co-workers and want to offer them a place full of charm and personality, Picalagartos gives you the opportunity to take credit for it this Friday afternoon.

Círculo de Bellas Artes Rooftop

Circulo de Bellas Artes - Las 5 mejores azoteas en Madrid

The Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid is a cultural organization that stands out for its exhibitions and its large roof terrace. It is located on Calle Alcalá in Madrid and is always a hit. Even if you have already visited it, it is a good option when you have visitors in the city and you do not want to fail! Its terrace is full of long lounger-type sofas that allow you to enjoy the spring sun and start to tan for the summer season. You don't want to be the whitest of your friends, do you? But never forget to apply your trusted sunscreen when your plans call for lots of sun and good weather. It is essential to protect our skin in the same way as our eyesight from solar radiation and its effects.

In addition, its panoramic views of the urban center of the city are a true luxury, and also, one of the most photographed in all of Madrid. You cannot miss the smoothies and natural juices on the menu to bring out your more healthy side. In addition to the gastronomic offer and the views, the rooftop has spectacular corners in which to take the most top photos of your entire Instagram. Tell that crack friend to grab your phone and start shooting!

Rooftop Hotel Riu Plaza de España

Hotel Riu Madrid- Las 5 mejores azoteas en Madrid

The Hotel Riu in Plaza de España opened its doors in 2020 and its historic 27-story building is already one of the busiest and most valued in the city. Its central location will make all your plans revolve around this wonderful hotel. And how could it be otherwise in the case of an emblematic building in Madrid, its roof terrace will not leave any of your guests indifferent. The space consists of two double-height terraces with an individual bar, each one where the staff will always be ready to serve you another Gintonic when you really need it. In addition, it has a very top pool where you can take a dip if you stay at the hotel.

Its railings and transparent windows will make you live an adventure from beginning to end that will culminate in a walkway with a glass floor that will dazzle your most daring friends, and also the most photogenic. Definitely, if heights are not your thing, it is not a place for you, you will have a really bad time.

It is an ideal terrace to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends and family catching up on everything that has happened during the week. The Temple of Debod, the Gran Vía and Malasaña are just some of the places that you will have close by if you decide to enjoy an afternoon at the Hotel Riu.

Now that you have a few ideas in your agenda, there is no excuse to postpone that plan that makes you so lazy. We are sure that with these proposals laziness will have been forgotten in one fell swoop. Grab your sunglasses, a good sunscreen and your favorite hat and enjoy the good weather in Madrid!