Nuestra colección de verano nació en California

Our summer collection was born in California

We are moved by the sea, the waves, freedom, summer and heat. Friends and calm when everything seems to work. In this post we tell you what elements have led us to create our Hyde, Laguna and Pacific collections, so that when you wear them, you remember why you wear them and what it means to equip yourself with Hanukeii.

And you, what moves you?

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Hanukeii's Hyde collection has its origins in the famous Californian Hyde Street.

This area seemed particularly special to us, first of all, because of the street itself; steep, with cars parked on both sides of the road and the funicular going up and down the street, transporting tourists and locals.

Viewed this way, the view may seem familiar and unoriginal, but what made Hyde Street so inspiring and good feeling is that at the end of the street, the city opens up to the Pacific, and what What's more, it allows you to walk on top of it thanks to the Hyde Street pier, which seems to be taken from a pirate movie, since it houses half a dozen historic ships and is part of the San Francisco National Maritime Park.Walking on this pier teleports you back in time with each step.

We will never forget the scene where we were looking down the street from its highest point, we had the ocean tinged with strong blue and the sky in a lighter shade above it in front of us, the clear day and the Hyde Funicular ST. Approaching us.

While we descended this very peculiar street in the heart of San Francisco towards the sea, we began to think about all the literature and cinema that had been born under our feet, in that environment, at that point on Hyde Street and whose scripts have toured the corners of the city; San Francisco has been a great inspiration, not only for us, but also for musicians, writers and the entire art world.

Colección Hyde Hanukeii

In San Francisco, the passionate story of love and mystery takes place between Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo, the relationship between Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews in A Surprise Princess and even the revival of the vampire myth through the narration in the novel Crónicas Vampíricas of the life of the vampire Lestat and the relationships he has with the other vampires and mortals he meets in the United States.

So we were clear about it; Let's design glasses that hold the essence of a street that has inspired us so much and that has such a strong cultural and trend-setting legacy.

Sunglasses from the Hyde collection collect and reflect the slightly worn pastel yellow color of the funicular, of the houses, cars and trees that surround it, of the Hyde Street pier, which also functions as a passageway that takes us back in time, to the sunny days when sunglasses are absolutely necessary on the eyes and not on the head.

The design of the glasses is large, visible, has presence. But it does not lose elegance, nor sobriety. It helps enhance the definition of the face, nuances it and balances it, so that whoever wears it, feels like the protagonist of a Hitchcock movie or a person of royalty who has always lived in the shadows. Of course, always up on the Hyde ST funicular.


Laguna Beach has been the origin of the creation of our Laguna sunglasses collection. But they also have rivets, ideas and sensations that we have rescued from Audrey Hepburn's wonderful wardrobe in her films, always designed by Givenchy.

Laguna Beach is a tiny coastal city that is home to countless caves, beaches and coves. Crystal clear water, hiding places and of course a very particular personality and essence.

One of the characteristics that defines us as a brand at Hanukeii is that we find our home on the beach. In walking on the sand, cold when the afternoon falls and hard when the foam of the sea waves soak it. Our home is framed in an eternal time, but that can consist of a walk along the shore. But he also lives for and for fashion, trends and to convey an essence that spreads from many others.

There are three elements that have particularly influenced us when creating our collection. These elements are translated into the shape of the beaches that we found on a route in which we traveled Laguna Beach from north to south.

Colección Laguna

We were left, on the one hand, with the landscape, the color of the water and the sand of Treasure Island Beach. We felt that we were in the perfect spot to breathe easy in a yoga class, to have breakfast looking at the sea regardless of the time or the next activity, to rest on the sand grateful to be in that place.

On the other hand, the dark color of the sand of the 1000 Steps beach, the small lagoons and the corners that we were able to discover on this beach have been the protagonists of the tone that one of our Laguna models has received; but it was in Rockpile Beach when we really felt that we were in front of paradise. This rocky area, covered with palm trees and vegetation little known to most, allowed us to be calm throughout the day, and to feel that the beach was for us and we were for it.

The model of glasses Laguna Bi-Magenta has been designed following step by step Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany's. It is logical to think that the queen of sunglasses, of style and elegance, has left us such a great inspirational legacy that we want to keep it alive forever.

Our collection is somewhere between the retro aura and the classic Cat Eye model. Both are a great trend this summer and of course, an essential complement for anyone who wants to visit Laguna Beach like us.


“The best sunsets, I have always believed, are on the Pacific side”.

The Pacific Ocean has been another great source of inspiration for Hanukeii and for the design process of our collection PACIFIC , located on the shores of the beaches of the coast of the lower california.

California is bathed by the water of this ocean, cold and hard, uncontrollable and imposing, but which offers movie sunsets and routes that border its shores along the cities of the coast.

Colección Pacific Hanukeii

Our model PACIFIC was born while we were traveling the Pacific route by car. We discovered places like the Point Bonita lighthouse, faithful watchman of the San Francisco Bay, where we contemplated views, as the locals said “breath-taking” and from where we could see, in the distance, the Golden Gate Bridge. We also got to know Half Moon Bay, which would have widened towards the ocean, giving us tranquility and offering us pure and clean air. We went when the afternoon was falling and we saw how the sun fell in Half Moon to give way to the night, dark, warm and starry.

The ocean, the colors, the rocks, the visual power of the landscapes and the instant union with the nature of a California that has not yet been manipulated by humans, gave rise to the creation of the PACIFIC, whose models reflect in their colors those of the sand, those of the moonlit bay and the darkness typical of the depth of the Pacific Ocean.

We hope this article has transported you a bit to the California Beaches, to the smell of Pacific salt and Audrey, to Hitchcock, to the past. And you enjoyed it.

Do not hesitate to consult all the models we have on our website. We are waiting for you!