Cómo es el proceso de creación de unas gafas de sol Hanukeii

How is the process of creating Hanukeii sunglasses

Sunglasses from Hanukeii go a long way before being released for sale. In each of the steps of this beautiful journey there is style and dedication; two essential maxims so that Hanukeii sunglasses accompany you for many years without losing its quality or its essence. It is essential that good sunglasses meet the quality standards according to the European norm, and also have a plus of design and originality that make us opt for them. Hanukeii offers you the possibility of not giving up either of these two qualities. If you are interested in learning more about the manufacturing process of sunglasses, keep reading to find out!

The idea

California Hanukeii

First of all, and before launching into the workshops, it is necessary to come up with an idea that represents the values ​​that the brand wants to transmit. In the case of Hanukeii, each collection is inspired by a corner of California where freedom, simplicity, and calm are three of the great protagonists. In this way, each sketch, each idea and each thought must be linked to some very specific characteristics that represent our Hanukeii Girls.

Inspiration comes to Hanukeii from multiple sources: a sunset on the beach, the calm sea of ​​July, the setting sun on a remote island, the tranquility of a summer morning walk, the art of a cosmopolitan city, etc. Every idea comes from a source of inspiration, and therefore, it is very important to be clear about what you want to convey and how you want to convey it. The creative team at Hanukeii seeks to reach cutting-edge women who enjoy fashion and art in the city in the same way as a mojito on the beach.

The design

Diseño sketch gafas Hanukeii

After having found a good idea that represents the values ​​of the brand and the creative concept of the collection, it is time to take action. Hanukeii designers carefully carry out hundreds of sketches until they find the ideal one to continue with the manufacturing process of sunglasses. In these sketches each of their parts is exhaustively detailed: temple length, lens measurements, frame design, range of colors to be used, materials , the logo of the brand…

The prototype

Once the final sketch of the sunglasses has been achieved, it is time to materialize it. To do this, will manufacture a prototype with which to check if the materials, measurements, shape and all aspects related to the design and quality of the product are as we had imagined. Once all the pertinent elements have been modified, a new prototype is created again until the final one is found. In this way, all Hanukeii sunglasses go through a control during their manufacturing process to ensure their quality and durability.

The selection of materials

Proceso creación gafas de sol

Although the materials have already been preselected in the sketches and prototypes of the sunglasses, it is essential to carry out a thorough analysis of the materials to be used. At Hanukeii we use strong, lightweight materials that are easy to shape, dye, and work with.

As for the lenses, in addition to having category 3 UV400 protection, most Hanukeii glasses have polarized lenses. Finally, it is also necessary to determine the materials that will be used in the manufacture of the sunglasses case. Hanukeii opts for microfiber covers, a soft material with which you can clean your sunglasses without fear of damaging the lenses.


Once the design and materials to be used in the manufacture of sunglasses are clear, it is time to produce. For this, Hanukeii has several factories where the initial sketches are shaped by qualified personnel and artisans that make it possible for the sunglasses to have the desired quality and design.

The frames are manufactured by machines that are programmed according to the thickness and size to be achieved. Once this is done, the unfinished frames go through a machine that files their fronts according to the established dimensions. Next, the same is done with the arms of the sunglasses. Using automatic machines, the front of the glasses is assembled with the temples so that the product is unified. Once this is done, the lenses are pressed into the frame semi-automatically so that they remain firm in their position. Subsequently, the product is passed through a polishing and polishing machine where the glasses are ready for the final details.

The final details

Before launching the sunglasses for sale, it is necessary to add the last details such as the logo on the temples, the numerical distribution of each product, the placement of the covers with the printed logo and its corresponding information brochure, etc. . In short, it is essential to check that everything has gone as agreed. If there is any detail that has been lost in the manufacturing process, it is in this step that the product is corrected or scrapped. No sunglasses can go on sale with some defect, no matter how small. In this way, we ensure that all products meet agreed quality and design standards.

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  1. What material are Hanukeii's sunglasses frames made of?

The frame of the Hanukeii models is made with strong, waterproof and lightweight materials, such as polycarbonate, acetate among others. They are quality glasses that are made to provide maximum comfort to our Hanukeii Girls.

  1. What are the most common materials for making sunglasses?

Acetate, polycarbonate and metal are three of the most common materials found in the manufacturing process of sunglasses.

  1. What are the advantages of sunglasses frames made with polycarbonate and acetate?

Yes. In addition to being lightweight, waterproof and durable materials, they also have the characteristic of reducing the risk of causing any type of allergy to their users. They are hypoallergenic materials.