Descubre la colección Southcal y el valle de Napa, CA.

Discover the Southcal Collection and the Napa Valley, CA.

How can we forget when Lindsay Lohan and her 'twin' exchange identities in order to meet their parents who were unaware of their existence. Hallie to London, UK and Annie to Napa, California. That horseback ride through a vineyard whose landscape somewhat resembled those fields of Italian Tuscany. We all wanted to be Annie in that big chalet, have the palate to identify good wines and well, figure out how to make life a little difficult for Meredith Blake and keep her from taking over the wine cellar. Surely you know what we are talking about, one of the highest grossing movies in the history of the 90s, for millennials, and that marked the childhood of more than one: 'The Parent Trap'.

But hey, we are not going to talk about the movie specifically, but we want to talk about one of the locations that was used in the movie: The Napa Valley in California and our collection of sunglasses Southcal and how it inspired us to create one of the models of glasses with the most style and personality.

The best wine from the Californian Pacific Coast.

Also known as 'Napa Valley', is a wine-growing area located in Napa County, California. It is a region that is about 60 km from San Francisco by car and is famous for the production of wine thanks to the naturalness of the land that somewhat combines its height and Mediterranean style, sprouting from there grapes of unmatched quality, in fact The wines produced in this area make up 5% of California wine production. Despite having a really small extension, 35.000 hectares, each dedicated to the production of wine, as a result, the best 'Cabernet Sauvignon' in the world.

Do you know where the name 'Napa' came from? It is said that those who originally inhabited the area were the 'Wappos' and it was they who baptized the area as 'Wappa' and from there, deriving then in Napa.

In addition, it is admirable that this small region acquired such a worldwide reputation, which has made even the film industry pay attention to it to exemplify what most represents the culture of Californian wine, gastronomy and tourism. In fact, the lands have been conserved over the years by the same families, who have in their favor, an entire industry with exponential growth.

Pelicula de Parent Tramp que fue rodada en los Valles de Napa en California, junto a imagenes del Valle de Napa en California, Viñedos

Another interesting fact must be that when Prohibition was enacted throughout the Californian state in the 1920s, of the 140 existing vineyards, only a few managed to recover from said crisis. The subsequent years the production was slow and somewhat unstable. Until in the 1960s the idea of ​​exploring water for the massive production of mineral water in the area was considered. However, its promoters, at a casual lunch, taste the sacred wine that some monks from the region gave them, giving them the idea of ​​setting up large production wineries because they knew the potential behind the region's wines, making even celebrities like Madonna or Coppola have their own wineries.

What makes it so special? As we already mentioned, it is the Mediterranean climate of the area and its proximity to the Pacific coast of the United States, which makes the quality of the grape so appetizing.

What is there to do in Napa Valley?

Although it may seem obvious, the activity par excellence is a visit to the local vineyards. You can book a number of tours that take you from tasting to tasting, also giving you picnic options to enjoy the sunsets, the large haciendas and the best selection of wines and cheeses in the area. It is even said that those who visit the south of the Californian coast, in addition to visiting the typical places, have in their itinerary the obligatory visit to the napa vineyards, being an experience as popular as the Walt Disney World parks.

And when we say that the experience there is similar to when you visit the theme parks, we say it because in fact there is a train that takes you to the main wineries in the area: The Wine Train.

Southcal Collection and 'Napa Valley'?

Colección de gafas de sol hanukeii Southcal Green, con lentes polarizados, color verde

Well maybe you are wondering where all this description of the wonderful courses of Napa with our Southcal collection came from. Well, first of all, Southcal is actually southern California, and when we were there, several factors came together to inspire us to create a collection that honored the landscapes that our eyes witnessed.

We took our van from Venice Beach where we spent some spectacular days full of good waves, endless sunsets, culture and art to give our experience on the Californian coast a little more sophisticated.

A 6 hour tour was waiting for us.But the most wonderful thing about it was the landscapes that accompanied every minute of the journey. We traversed rolling green hills worthy of the famous Windows wallpaper. By the way, if you like curious facts, in fact that photograph without any type of alteration or retouching was captured by photographer Charles O'Rear when he was doing this same route that we did towards the Napa Valley, and it is called the Hill of Bliss, and it was so perfect and harmonious that Windows bought it to be the wallpaper that thousands of citizens of the world saw.

Our Sunglasses Southcal have that radiant green of the hills when the sun seems not to want to go, for example, our 'Southcal Green' are the clear example of lightness and freshness of a classic and harmonious frame of what we have in mind of square glasses; olive color, like the color of the leaves of the vine.

For its part, the 'Southcal Red' reminds us a bit of this region during autumn, as the leaves begin to take on their red and orange colors. And the classic, the Black, with their polarized lenses, perfect companions for an almost perfect scene, which demonstrates your adventurous spirit and the effect that South California produces on us, appreciating the small details.


1. Where was the Windows desktop wallpaper taken?

The most viewed photo in the world. It was captured in Napa Valley, Bliss Hill, by National Geographic photographer Charles O'rear.

2. What is the variety of wine produced in the Napa region?

The wine varieties produced in the Napa region are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Albariño, Sauvignon Blanc and Temperanillo.

3. How many wineries are there in Napa Valley?

There are approximately 300 wineries dedicated to the production and marketing of wines.

4. What are the best wineries to visit in Napa Valley?

When planning your visit, always remember to visit the wineries that have earned prestige for the quality of their wines and the tasting experience they offer: Pride Mountain Vineyards, O'brien Estate Winery, Jarvis Estate, Hendry Ranch Wines.

5. What is the 'Napa Valley's Silverado Trail?

This is a tour that is part of the entire loop that visitors to the Napa Valley can enjoy. From visiting the most popular vineyards to enjoying a trip on a 20th century train.

6. Where is Napa Valley?

Napa Valley is located in Napa County, 60 km from San Francisco.

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