Gafas de sol que veras este verano en todas partes

Sunglasses that you will see everywhere this summer

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses is not as easy a task as it may seem at first glance. Many factors must be taken into account such as material, shape, color, quality and seasonal trends. In addition, you should also do a self-observation exercise and be clear about the shape of your face, what tones suit your skin type and your hair best.

The catwalks of this spring's Fashion Week have made it clear to us that there are many trends on the table in terms of the types of sunglasses that are going to be worn this summer, but it has made us It seems that betting on the Retro-Vintage trend is the best idea. This style pays homage to the classic stars who spent their summers on the beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava during the 50s; which seems to us a call to echo the elegance and legacy that Spanish artists and models of the last century have left us.

In this post we are going to focus on some of our most special models, so that, whatever your style, your type of face and your personality, alternatives that you will not be able to resist. Whatever your plan, beach, pool, the Costa Brava, the cold waters of the north or a route of cocktails and tablaos along the beaches of the Andalusian coast, you need to read this post to find out which glasses will be perfect for you in each chance.

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Hanukeii is inspired by the beaches of southern California

The latest Hanukeii collection is completely inspired by the beaches, streets and spots of the entire coast of Southern California. From small villages to the immensity of the Pacific Ocean, they have helped our designers to create products fully integrated into the latest collection of world trends. The colours, shapes and names of the Hanukeii glasses were born, for this very reason, in the place where a large part of the fashion that covers all corners of the planet is created and begins to be distributed.

Hanukeii is the sea, the summer, the Californian essence that we have seen, imagined or lived so many times, overturned in a sunglasses.

Next, we indicate which Hanukeii glasses are perfect for each occasion:

A look for each glasses

Combining sunglasses with the look you wear at all times, for some it can be like a hobby and for others an impossible task. If you are from the second group, we give you some tips and graphic examples below to make it easier for you when leaving home.

If you wear a look with vibrant tones, we recommend a pair of glasses with neutral tones, we are faithful lovers of "less is more" and although standing out and giving a striking touch to your look can be phenomenal, going too far is not good.

If the choice of clothes for your outfit results in a striking look, opt for glasses that, regardless of the color you choose, are large. Calling attention for color is one thing, calling it for size is another. What better than combining both?

If you are in one of those days in which you want to wear soft shades and pastel colors to go out and explore the world, accompany yourself with some more effusive glasses and an accessory in your hair, headbands and scarves are very popular now and in summer, they are ideal complements.

The important thing, above all, is that you feel comfortable both with the outfit you wear and with the glasses that accompany it. The rest is merely accessory. The good thing about fashion is that there are no limits, you create it when you combine clothes, colors and leave your comfort zone.

A face shape for each glasses

The size and shape of each face have a lot of weight on how each glasses feels to each one, so it is interesting to know what the features of your face are like before deciding on one or the other. Below, you can read a guide that we have prepared so that you can quickly identify what type of glasses is the perfect one for you.

  • Round faces

If your face is rounded, it would be ideal for you to look for a rectangular model or one with the corner edges facing upwards to create an optical effect that elongates the face. Look for glasses that do not have very prominent temples or are too large.

Gafas de sol Hanukeii

We recommend the Laguna glasses from the new collection of the Hanukeii brand, which offers its models in a wide variety of colors and look great with any look.

  • Oval faces

This type of face is lucky that almost all models of glasses suit him. The ideal is to keep the shape of the face proportionate, so that the glasses do not distort the features of the face. It is advisable to discard very large glasses.

Gafas de Sol Hanukeii - Hyde

The Hyde by Hanukeii glasses are perfect for oval faces. They are big, but they have a very original and peculiar shape, they are not like any other glasses.

  • Elongated faces

In this case, the opposite occurs as with round faces, the fineness of the face must be contrasted with the glasses. It would be ideal to move away from very sharp angles and focus more on classic, round models of fine paste.

Our Southcal glasses look great on long faces. They also have a vintage, retro and international cadence that can make you feel like an 80s Parisian walking through the streets of Madrid.

Colección Southcal - Hanukeii
  • Square faces

A model of glasses that softens the features of this type of face and gives them a more elongated effect is indicated for these face shapes. We recommend using oval glasses rather than very marked shapes and with a wide frame.

Hanukeii Lombard

We hope this article has helped you better understand the characteristics of Hanukeii sunglasses and that you make the right choice in your next glasses. And you know, the rules are not written, innovate when you want and how you want and always get the most out of it to feel unstoppable every day.