¡Los 90's están de vuelta! 5 outfits que vuelven a ser tendencia este 2021

The 90's are back! 5 outfits that are trending again this 2021

Never has a trend made us so excited as the one that brings us back to the music of Madonna, the groundbreaking flow of the Spice Girls or the most imitated outfits of the Olsen twins. The 90s represent an icon that has marked many generations with its success in the musical, cinematographic spectrum and of course also in fashion.

The breaking of the established canons was a boom that exploded the imagination and creativity of the designers who were on the rise at that time. They stoned the norm with movements that made fashion adopt the most inspiring perspectives and references and also managed to capture the attention of the masses through the most admired muses of the time. Society was immersed in a burst of innovation in all areas. There were no limits or rules as they had been known up to now.

Movies, television and music are just some of the most representative factors of the influences of 90s fashion. At that time there were no content creators and neither did Instagram, so it was the most coveted actresses, singers and models of the moment who transferred the trends to the masses.

The quintessential series of the time was Friends (and still is). It marked a before and after in the era of sitcoms and its protagonists have made lumberjack checkered skirts, the total denim look or sports sweatshirts come back stronger than ever to streetstyle and even to the catwalks. In addition to showing a way of dressing casually and with personality, Friends fashion represents a culture and a vision of the world marked by values ​​such as friendship, rebellion, fun and love.

Music accompanies us in most stages of our lives and is capable of bringing back the most beautiful memories that we keep in our minds in the form of songs. Likewise, it is another of the culprits of the success and repercussion of the fashion of the 90s throughout history. Green Day, No Doubt, or The Cranberries are just some of the groups that marked the decade offering the world endless songs and performances full of inspiration and authenticity. Some of the most emblematic garments in the music sector were crop tops, fluorescent ankle boots and slip dresses. Victoria Beckham was one of the muses of the most successful designers of the time and managed to ensure that the looks that triumphed on stage also did so on the streets of Manhattan.

It has been proven for decades that fashions are cyclical and reappear reinventing themselves at the hands of the most daring designers in later seasons, but what is clear is that none of them represents nostalgia in the way that fashion does from the 90's. And you, have you already dared with color-block or scandalous platform flip flops? We bring you 5 perfect outfits to rewind to the 90s without dressing up!

What was fashion like in the 90s?

Britney Spears's star garment in the 90's: the crop tops

90s moda- Crop Top

The fashion of the 90's has created trends that have managed to impact society in such a way that today they remain in the spectrum of garments that are reinvented year after year without losing their essence. This is the case of crop tops. Did you know that this garment was initially designed for men? Disco music was a pioneer in launching this proposal to the world through famous singers and it continued until the 90s when the fresh prince of Bel-Air, played by Will Smith, showed off his abdomen in various episodes of the successful North American series. One of the most influential women of the decade who managed to make the crop top a desired garment was Britney Spears. Both in concerts and in street looks, the singer managed to revolutionize the rules of fashion.

Today the crop top is a garment that has been reinvented in multiple ways. We can find it in different fabrics, patterns and shapes. It can be the star touch of your spring looks when combined with more sophisticated garments, so don't wait any longer and get one!

The sleeveless pearl knit crop top is a must this season. Combine it with white high-waisted pants to give it an elegant touch and put on your favorite brown leather sandals to walk around the city without suffering the effects of the heat. Choose some maxi sunglasses that protect your eyes from the most invasive rays of the sun and you are ready for a vermouth with friends in your trusted bar.

It's a good time for you to remember Britney's most successful songs, don't you think?

The bodysuit will be your best ally in a pool party

Moda 90s - Body

If you are one of those who gets hot even on the beach, you will not be able to miss this trend that has come to stay. Bodysuits are comfortable, easy and flattering garments that came to our closet thanks to the youth series that broke out in the fall of 1990: Beverly Hills, 90210.

This American series in soap opera format made its cast star in the success of this garment, combining it with high waisted jeans. In addition, the bodies also nod to the famous swimsuits worn by the characters in the Baywatch movie and which made us imagine a dreamy summer on the Malibu coast.

Since then, the bodysuit has been reinvented in multiple ways: there are long sleeves, straps, velvet, cotton, knitwear and even slits. You will not leave anyone indifferent with an original bodysuit that, in addition to being very comfortable, will be a sure hit in your most summer plans. If you choose one in a neutral tone, pair it with high-waisted shorts or a mint green pleated skirt for a sweet touch to your look. Pastel colors are the order of the day! Grab your favorite sneakers and you're ready for that pool plan that you fancy so much!

Use platforms to gain height without giving up comfort

Plataformas -90s moda

If there is a shoe that reminds us of the aesthetics of the Spice Girls those are the platforms or flatforms.

The styling of the five members of the most famous music group of the 90s has caused more than one teenager to have an uncontrollable desire to imitate all of her looks. Mini dresses, pleated skirts, bright colors, cheerleader outfits, joggers and bomber jackets are just some of the pieces that best represent the 90s aesthetic of the Spice Girls.

Many designers have adapted this trend to their liking and thanks to brilliant ideas today we have the possibility of being comfortable without giving up a few centimeters of height. The platforms can be somewhat aggressive, but believe me, you can find the ones that best suit your style: with esparto grass, wooden, rubber, with straps tied at the ankle, with buckles, with bows, etc. Perhaps the problem comes when you don't know how to decide among so many that you like.

Get yours and combine them with a little black dress if you want to bet on a more formal outfit or with skinny jeans and a printed t-shirt if you want to be comfortable and trendy. Accessories are capable of taking the look to the moon, so choose well! A borsalino and a leather belt will go perfect with the most casual outfit and jewel earrings will be the icing on the cake in your most sophisticated outfit.

The Mary Janes that will take you back to your childhood

Mary Jane Zapatos - Moda 90s

The 90s have also left us great classics that are reinvented every season and let's face it... it's hard to resist them. We are talking about the famous Mary Jane or “school” shoes. At first, its aesthetics may throw you back a bit, but as soon as we discover the keys to combine them without adding years, you will not get rid of them. These shoes represent an aesthetic that triumphed in the 90s thanks to celebrities like Cameron Diaz or Kate Moss. They are shoes with a fine buckle that closes them at the instep and the great fashion icons of the 90's used to wear them in pastel or nude colors.

It is important that you take into account what you want to transmit and with what type of garments you want to do it. Perhaps these shoes provide the formality you are looking for in a more candid look made up of a leather skirt and a denim jacket. It is a very trendy option for an afternoon of shopping in the city. Of course, do not walk a lot with them on because they are deceiving, their heels are not excessively high but they can be more uncomfortable than they seem. Another good alternative to combine them if your style is more preppy is to wear them with mom fit style jeans and a lingerie top. Add a blazer or a kimono in dark tones and you already have the star combination for your special dinner.

Not without your baguette bag

Baguette Moda 90S

There is no doubt that the bag is the star accessory of all time. Not only is it a complement that enhances your outfit, but you can also fill it with your essentials... and not so essentials. The 90s brought with them a lot of trends but not all of them permeated society in the same way. Baguette bags rose from their ashes in 2020 and it seems that they are here to stay. They are bags that hang from the shoulder and their shape is elongated and flat.

Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the pioneers in wearing this type of accessory in the 90s after debuting on the screens. It quickly became the it bag of the time.

Currently these bags are more present than ever in the wardrobe of celebrities, singers, influencers and ordinary girls. We can find them in all shapes and sizes, but most of them retain their original anatomy. There is no single outfit with which to wear them and it is difficult to go wrong if you choose a baguette bag to walk the streets of your city. A sure hit will be to combine it with a black leather blazer, a basic t-shirt, your favorite jeans and lace-up sneakers. Give the outfit a touch of joy by adding a pastel blue baguette bag and you will also be wearing one of the star colors of the season. Don't forget your favorite chain pendant and rings and you'll wow your entire Instagram with this '90s-inspired look.

Now that you're up to speed on what were the longest-running trends of the '90s, feel free to experiment with fashion and widen your focus by adding clothes you never would have thought to wear before. In addition, you will be winking at one of the richest eras in fashion so far. Step into the world of the 90s and you won't get bored!