¡Los mejores chiringuitos de playa para disfrutar en verano!

The best beach bars to enjoy in summer!

If you are one of those who spends the whole summer with a mojito in hand in the most coolest beach bar, this is your post! From Hanukeii we discover 5 beach bars in Spain where you will want to stay and live.

It is not surprising that after a long winter in the city we yearn for the moment to step on the sand and the sea. When the holiday season approaches, we need to find the best restaurants and bars on the beach where you can spend the longest summer nights in the best of companies. Therefore, today we show you 5 of the most charming beachside bars in Spain, enjoy the summer and why not, wearing your Hyde Black de Hanukeii glasses . With them, you will protect your eyes without giving up style. Thanks to its square frame and dark-toned lenses, they will be your allies during the most special summer afternoons. Its retro air will give a nostalgic touch to your looks.

Beso Beach, Formentera

Chiringuito Beso Beach , Formentera

If you plan to visit the Balearic Islands this summer and want to enjoy a fun plan on the beach, you cannot miss the trendy beach bar in Formentera: Beso Beach.

This is a restaurant with a rustic air that is located on the Cavall d'en Borras beach (Illetes) and that has a Mediterranean culinary offer with the most appetizing Basque touches. One of its star dishes is paella, an option with which you will enjoy all the flavor of the sea with quality products. The beach bar is sheltered under straw huts and wooden tables that help create an atmosphere of well-being that will make you not want to get up from your chair. Its entrance is surrounded by maritime ropes that will make you enter a magical environment that will be difficult to get rid of. Under its roof is the letter "B" so characteristic of the restaurant, a letter that also makes up the famous metallic tattoo that all its diners wear on their bodies at the end of the evening.

The restaurant's original hashtag is called #nohayveranosinkiss, referring to the need for contact and affection that we have when we spend quality time with our loved ones. For this reason, there is no person who steps on this restaurant without leaving a record in their networks through this hashtag. Sounds like fun, right?

Chiringuito Beso Beach , Formentera

Beso Beach is a restaurant that was born in Formentera, but thanks to its success, its creators decided to embark on an adventure and expand its essence to other parts of the world. You can find the Beso restaurant in Ibiza, Sitges and Tulum. If you plan to live the most instagrammable experience of the summer, hurry up! Reservations at this restaurant sell out in a matter of days when the hot season begins.

The Lemon Fish, Cádiz

El Pez Limón

Andalusia is the quintessential place of good weather, happiness and music. Therefore, if you have planned a trip through one of its provinces, you cannot miss the most magical sunsets in the beach bars on the coast of Cádiz. From Hanukeii we bring you a fun alternative where you can spend the whole summer in one of its most prestigious beach bars: El Pez Limón . It is located right on the Cabo de la Plata beach, on Paseo de Pradillo. Its decoration is rustic and made of wood and consists of an interior area and an exterior area, where there are small straw umbrellas located on the tables and stools in the sand. In addition to offering you the best mojitos and cocktails in the province, it also has a very diverse gastronomic offer: all kinds of meat, rice, fried fish, seafood... And as if that were not enough, it also has a vegetarian menu to choose from plenty of dishes if this is your preference.

This is a most pleasant restaurant where you can enjoy the best concerts and music performances during the longest days of summer. Therefore, in addition to your favorite beach dress, you will need sunglasses to accompany you on all your vacation experiences.

El Tumbao, Tarifa

Chiringuito El Tumbao - Tarifa

In Andalusia there are some of the best restaurants and beach bars that you can visit if you are looking for good vibes, fun and gastronomy. El Tumbao is a surfer restaurant located on Valdevaqueros beach, Tarifa. It has a wide esplanade with colorful cushions and poufs where you can lie down to chat with friends or even sunbathe carefree. It is the newest option of all for its exotic cuisine and its healthy shakes. You can have an avocado toast with seeds, a bowl of açai or a vegetable burger. El Tumbao is not only a restaurant, it is also a chill-out place where you can relax while enjoying the views, the beach and the company.

It is the perfect place to end a long day at the beach surfing waves or flying your kite. For this, in addition to good company, you need sunglasses that protect you from the last rays of the afternoon sun, which, although they seem harmless, also harm your health.

Marina Beach Club, Valencia

Chiringuito Marina Beach Valencia

After having seen several very relaxed beach bars with a surfer touch, the Marina Beach Club is a sophisticated and luxurious option where you will want to spend a dream weekend pampering yourself more than ever. It is located in the Marina Real de Valencia, just a few meters from Las Arenas beach. It is a complex that covers a large part of the beach and has hammocks, cabanas and the most cool loungers to enjoy a strawberry daiquiri while reading your favorite book.

The entire complex is surrounded by palm trees that will make you feel like you are on the paradisiacal beaches of California. In addition, it has an indoor pool and an avant-garde restaurant where you can eat something if you get hungry. The Valencian paella from this club preserves all the tradition of its original recipe but with a most avant-garde and original plating.

In addition to the gastronomic offer and the comfort that the Marina Beach Club offers you, it also offers DJ performances and live concerts by all kinds of artists. If you like the nightlife that is generated in these types of places during the summer, this is your place! But again, do not forget to make your reservation if you do not want to be left empty-handed this summer 2021. It's a place that's in high demand!

Galifornia Beach Bar, Galicia

Chiringuito Galifornia, Galicia

Last but not least, we travel directly to the north of Spain to talk about one of Galicia's favorite chiringuitos: the Galifornia Beach Bar.

It is located in the Rías Baixas, specifically in Bueu, a municipality located in the north of Pontevedra. It is a beach bar that allows you to enjoy the sea breeze without suffocating from the heat while you drink a mint mojito in the sun. If the north has something good, it is its cool sea breeze when the sun hits hard... For this reason, it is very important to protect yourself from the most invasive rays of the sun: they are present even when we least expect it. For this reason, and to fully enjoy the experience, take a sweater in case it gets cold, your Hyde Black sunglasses to add a touch of style to your posts on Instagram and a very good surfer cap. cool. In this bar you can, in addition to contemplating the wonderful views of Tuia beach, eat a good tortilla skewer or seafood rice prepared with the best products from the Galician coast.

Chiringuito Galifornia Beach Club, Galicia

Once again, it is a place where concerts and live performances by acoustic artists are held on summer afternoons, setting the bar in an exceptional way. If you plan to make a trip to the north in the coming months, you can't miss the Galifornia Beach Bar, you'll love it!


Will the El Tumbao beach bar be open this summer 2021?

Given the improvement of the pandemic, El Tumbao is currently open with restrictive capacity and cleaning measures to maintain the responsibility that is owed. The opening hours are at 1:30 p.m. and it closes at 10:00 p.m., but everything indicates that the new sanitary restrictions will allow the place to close at 3:00 a.m. starting next July.

Can I go to the Galifornia Beach Bar with my pet?

Of course. In addition to being a totally open space that is located right on the beach, its owners do not put any kind of inconvenience in your visiting the beach bar with your pet. Surely they also want to enjoy the sun, the beach and the sand.

Does El Pez Limón have vegetarian options?

If you are a vegetarian or are trying to eat less meat, El Pez Limón has options that will fit perfectly with your diet. You can try their grilled vegetables, vegetable toasts, assorted salads and vegetable rice dishes, among other things. Everything is delicious!

How to get to Beso Beach?

Being a restaurant located on the island of Formentera, you must take a ferry or a boat from the port where you are to get to the island. You also have the option of treating yourself and renting a sailboat, a yacht or a motorboat for your own use and comfortably reach Beso Beach without schedules or hassles.

Is there an entrance fee to enter the Marina Beach Club?

No, the entrance to the complex is free. The only thing you will have to pay for once inside will be the services you want to enjoy: loungers, hammocks, mojitos, Wi-Fi.