La nueva era del Glam Rock

The new era of Glam Rock

The musical subgenre called glam rock is more present than ever and it's not just because of its music.

The singer Harry Styles contributes a lot to making it fashionable, as did his precursors in terms of transgressing styles and being pioneers in clothing, David Bowie, Elton John, Marc Bolan or Freddy Mercury.

His androgynous style, with a disheveled appearance, but with elegant details, breaks the aesthetic norms of gender and gives lessons on how to dress a new masculinity, just like the actor Thimotheé Chalamet.

Thimothee Chalament en alfombras rojas de premiaciones. Glam Rock.

A new style that feeds on garments initially considered feminine, but that really gives men the freedom to use the licenses they need to express themselves. The truth is that for the eyes it is a surprise and causes sympathy to see how the security of a man is committed to showing himself as he feels, through the outfits.

What is Glam Rock?

David Bowie estilo glam rock

The glam rock began in the 70s and provided a counter to the aesthetics and music of hard rock. In which the stars of this movement created their wardrobes apart from everything established until then, being precursors of a new style of clothing and leaving the lure for the following generations to adapt that freedom to their needs.

The 'generation z' and the late version of it, is the one that is following this trend in brushstrokes. The looks of the artist Harry Styles who frees himself and allows himself to create outfits worthy of imitation, full of fun and gender-less, triumph. Creativity is in the air and it is contagious when you see the daring of the outfits they generate.

Just like our iconic artists of the 70s, who used in their clothing spectacularly shaped glasses, platforms, glitter, sparkles, sequins, patent leather and vibrant colors, and all with great taste. Today when an artist like Harry Styles wears a velvet suit, a garter collar shirt, a patchwork jacket, a silk blouse, a pearl necklace or light-colored ankle boots, symbolizes the consolidation of genderless fashion era.

Harry Styles estilo moda genderless

Hedi Slimane, French designer who designed for David Bowie's performances, for Dior from 2000 to 2007, then for Yves Saint Laurent from 2012 to 2016, and from 2018 for Celine, created the "Slimane Style", for men and androgynous woman. Since 2015 the designer Palomo has been designing for what is considered gender fluid, fashion without gender or genderless. Also other designers who create for men who want to be seen how they feel, such as Telfar Clemens, creating unisex fashion in New York since 2005, or Ludovic de Saint Sernin in Paris.

With the new post-pandemic normality that he symbolizes after a lethargy in which consumers and designers are feeling more free, he has the clearest ideas and is committed to a trend that was already starting a long time ago and is now materializes strongly, thanks to the fact that there are so many consumers who have been demanding it for a long time.

In 2020, the designer Dries van Noten led the biannual mixed-gender collections.

At the fall-winter 2021 Milan fashion week, we discover some of the list of young designers breaking the gender molds: 25-year-old Oluwajimi from Nigeria, Arturo Ovejero from Paris originally from Spain, Ella Boucht from Finland A 28-year-old located in the United Kingdom, the 27-year-old Korean Anchovi, 24-year-old Luis de Javier from the United Kingdom, among others such as Nihl, Maximilian, Act nº1 or Situationist, emerge not only to provide a great extension to the rules of the masculine clothing, but also offering a single biannual unisex collection, it is also a sustainable trend, a characteristic so sought after in fashion companies today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is glam rock?

Glam Rock is a musical subgenre that emerged in the 70s thanks to the rock bands of the time that decided to break with the paradigms of the characteristic rock style for being somewhat abandoned, to a more glamorous style.

2. Who Created Glam Rock?

Originally arose from Alice Cooper, later adopted by the band Kiss, the Rolling Stones and now adopted by celebrities as a way of dressing.

3. Why is glam rock considered a type of new masculinity?

The new masculinities are those that seek a certain level of equality, breaking some stereotypes. Glam Rock has found its space in fashion by creating a genderless, unisex fashion movement.

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