Timothée Chalamet: Estilo y Gafas de sol

Timothée Chalamet: Style and sunglasses.

His face looks familiar. In principle because we have already told you about him, yes. where we tell you those 10 things about Timothee Chalamet that you should know and also because as the years go by we see him on the big screen more often, rubbing shoulders with great directors and Hollywood personalities. The truth is that this North American actor with French ancestry has managed to integrate both in the world of entertainment due to his innate talent for acting, as well as in the world of fashion, establishing new trends in style and personality.

However, there is something about this artist that draws our attention, in addition to her style that is breaking the canons of men's fashion, proving once again that there is absolutely nothing boring about it.It is his style of clothing that not only stands out on the red carpet at different awards, but also in the fashion industry, and we love it because he really knows how to perfectly combine black sunglasses, They remind us a lot of our models from The Indian Face, due to their geometric frame and black color. That is why in our article today on Hanukeii we want to tell you a little about her controversial looks and her sunglasses.

1. Wear a tracksuit in Donosti and sunglasses.

Timothée Chalamet Festival San Sebastian Gafas de Sol

For the San Sebastian film festival, Timothee decided to stop getting so complicated when thinking about what to wear and she surprised everyone by wearing a tracksuit and sneakers. Did you know which accessory was the one that took away her scruffy look a bit, black geometric-rimmed sunglasses, with that small, but very important detail, her entire outfit completely changed.

2. Wearing a metallic suit and adding back his black sunglasses

Timothee Chalamet Gafas de Sol Festival de Cannes

For the 2021 Cannes film festival, the actor wore a silver uniform suit, holding his staff high, for one of the most stylish events in the film industry. Honoring the collaboration with director Wes Anderson, the actor wore this stunning, but at the same time, spectacular silver suit and his sunglasses that stood out before the flashes, giving him a very elegant chic look.

3. Rockstar mode without being a rockstar, but the sunglasses.

Timothee Chalamet gafas de sol

In another 'Gala' where he announced his participation in the biopic of singer Bob Dylan, he decided to attend with a Gorillaz band graphic T-shirt, very 90s wide striped pants like Bettle Juice, and black military boots. So that it would not seem like it was a hungover Sunday morning and that you are going to the supermarket for something to survive the day, the actor decided to take his allied accessory with him, his black sunglasses and wear a long shirt under the T-shirt, giving him a chic touch

4. Diamond tracksuit and sunglasses.

Gafas de sol Timothee Chalamet Venecia

Another occasion where the actor surprised us with his extravagant looks was when he attended the London Film Festival, where he wore a tracksuit made up of 15.000 sequins and 3.000 Swarovski crystals. The sweatshirt was spectacular and combined super well with the simplest gray pants. In addition, the new touch with which he completed his outfit and made him look like a movie superstar were his sunglasses.

5. Monocolor with a coral belt, and sunglasses.

Festival de cine de Busan, Timothée Chalamet

At the Busan film festival, the actor attended with a spectacular monocolor, which at first glance looked like a military uniform together with the boots that accompanied it, however there were two accessories that gave this bet a twist. On the one hand, a coral-colored belt and on the other, exactly, his black sunglasses, gave the actor that fresh, youthful and artistic look.

We hope you liked our article today and that it inspires you if what you want is to copy the style of the protagonist of The French Dispatch, you already know that with us you get the essentials, the sunglasses, otherwise let your imagination run wild, the most important thing is your originality and style that best represents your personality.

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