Nos encanta San Francisco. & so cal

We love San Francisco. & so lime

Have you ever been to California? And in San Francisco? We do. We went to enjoy the heat, the good vibes, and an area of ​​the United States that we hadn't seen yet, and we came back with a collection of sunglasses on our minds.

Here we will tell you where we have been and why these places inspired us to design LOMBARD, SOMA and SOUTHCAL glasses.

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Many of you will already know that Lombard Street is the steepest street in San Francisco. It doesn't seem like particularly relevant information, right? But it is that Lombard ST. It is famous for exactly that. Because it has an elevation of 40 degrees and it extends in a zigzag from the beginning to the end. It is narrow and discreet, but it does not go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone.

No matter how bland it may be when we tell it, the fun of those who visit this peculiar street is to observe how the cars go up and down going from one side to the other on a road surrounded by plants and flowers.


San Francisco is one of the most famous cities in California and in general in the United States, but people who go to visit it don't miss this small street with no apparent attraction other than its sharp curves and considerable elevation.

LOMBARD glasses are not inspired by the shape of the street or the color of the flowers that decorate it, but in what, in short, reveals the fact that it has succeeded: sometimes we don't need great things to those to admire, sometimes the simple is enough for us. And more if in addition to being simple it is something different from the rest.

At Hanukeii we pay homage to the simple, to the enjoyment behind excess, to the little things. To the zigzag streets and everyone who has had a good time watching the cars go up and down while thinking about probably something else.


Now we are going to an area that has little to do with tranquility, but is also located in the heart of San Francisco and is also one of the most direct sources of tourism in this multifaceted city.

We are in South Of Market, a market that is located in the center of SF and from which we can see the sea. Although, perhaps, with the frenzy that characterizes this area so much, you are not even aware that you are less than a kilometer from the waters of the Pacific.


The name of this market comes from the old reference that used to be made of it: South Of The Slot, which came to refer to the fact that it was located on the “wrong side” of the Market Street funicular track, in an area industrial and not in the district where economic and political power were concentrated.

Nevertheless, the radiant personality of this part of the city has attracted artists, chefs, entrepreneurs, tourists and locals and now SOMA is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, loaded with a bohemian atmosphere and exuding modernity, it is perfect for all those who are passionate about art, food and of course, the party.

SOMA is divided into three zones; South Beach, South Park and Yerba Buena, and although it has a contemporary and current look, it also gives a feeling that you are stepping on the past, due to the old workshops and warehouses that still stand on the streets of this neighborhood.

Our SOMA glasses refer to the evolution of this market, to what seems to have been born to fail simply by being “on the other side”. SOMA is a demonstration that sometimes the other side is the right side, that what has to succeed, ends up doing it, and above all that the effort of all those who bet on it, and who today enjoy this market in downtown San Francisco that has the Pacific in its sights.


Although San Francisco inspires us the most, there is an area of ​​California that also covers our best memories of this American area: Southern California or SO CAL.

This area is made up of the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach and Santa Ana.

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest in the United States in terms of population density. The city is made up of several neighborhoods that originally did not belong to the city, but were small independent cities. The city of Los Angeles was gaining in size and annexing to its bosom other smaller ones since it offered them the distribution of drinking water if they joined it.


Iconic places like Hollywood are part of Los Angeles, which also has wonderful, idyllic beaches and higher elevations like the San Fernando Valley.

San Diego left us, for its part, a very good taste in our mouths. During our time there, we sighted huge, calm and intimidating blue whales, enjoyed Southern California craft beer, and of course, surfed the perfect wave. San Diego is the perfect place to receive a good dose of sun (at any time of the year) so as not to think, to wear good sunglasses. To feel the essence of Hanukeii, which carries a good part of the life of this city in Southern California in its DNA.

Further away from the crowds and movement, we arrive at Long Beach, a cosmopolitan and modern city that has a very characteristic personality. The beaches are not too crowded, the people are homelike and close and tranquility is assured. The walks on the shore at sunset, the cocktails in front of the sea and the crystal clear water of the Pacific made us fall in love, and they made us think of this small village to create our SOUTHCAL collection, which as you can see, receives influence from many places without belonging to more than itself.

Our Hanukeii glasses were born in California, and have crossed the ocean to get here and grow with all the people who trust the design, quality and shapes of all our collections.

We will continue to travel and be inspired by every corner of the world we visit!