¿Escapada de fin de semana? Los 5 hoteles más originales de España

Weekend getaway?: The 5 most original hotels in Spain

The holiday period is just around the corner and we are all looking forward to spending a few days off with our loved ones enjoying the good weather and the company. If you are one of those who leaves everything to the last minute and you have not yet planned your vacation, you are in luck! Today we bring you some of the most original hotels in Spain where you can spend a few dream days.

In times of pandemic, it is essential to support the hotel chains in our country so that they can recover from the hard blows they have had to face during the last year and a half. Traveling through foreign countries is an experience that undoubtedly enriches our senses, but sometimes the most idyllic whereabouts are much closer than we imagine. While we continue to wait for a normality that seems to never come, this summer is the perfect time to tour the country from top to bottom. You will find true paradises just a few kilometers from your home, and also, your pocket will thank you.

When we plan a getaway as a couple, with friends or family, there is always a fundamental factor that makes us rethink the trip completely if something goes wrong: accommodation. Traditionally, the hotel industry was sold as a means that gave its guests the chance to sleep in a space designed for it, while today, hotels offer complete experiences that cover all kinds of activities throughout the stay.

In recent years, hotels have become experiences in themselves. It is no longer about spending the night in a room with a bed, a television and a proper bathroom. We are increasingly non-conformist and technological, industrial and architectural advances constantly offer us new impressive proposals. The views, the catering, a good jacuzzi, an original bed or a telescope on the balcony are just some of the wonders offered by the newest hotels in the country. Grab a pencil and paper and write down these 5 original hotel ideas where you can live an adventure from start to finish.

Hotel Zielo Las Beatas

Hotel Zielo Las Beatas - Hoteles originales España

If your plan for this summer is to completely disconnect from the world around you, this is a mandatory stop. The Zielo Las Beatas hotel was born with the main objective of offering an atmosphere of disconnection and relaxation to all its guests through cylindrical glass bubbles that allow you to sleep outdoors while observing the stars and nature in the area. Sounds amazing, right? Best of all, it is located 2 hours and a half from Madrid, in Villahermosa (Ciudad Real), a municipality in Castilla-La Mancha where you can visit cathedrals and traditional monuments representative of the time of Don Quixote and Sancho as well as relax in one of the bubbles of the hotel.

The hotel has 5 different bubbles named after some of the most famous scientists, astronomers and comets in history: Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton and Halley. Despite having different locations, they all have in common the characteristic structure of these rooms: a giant pump that offers you the best views of a Manchego sky that will make you fall in love. All of them are around 300 euros per night and it is a whim that you will undoubtedly pay with pleasure.

Some of the services offered by the hotel are: a 180 cm King Size bed, shower with views of the sky, breakfast included, outdoor terrace and telescope. Seeing the stars on a summer night is one of the best plans in the world, and also an original spot to photograph. You are not always lucky enough to see the big dipper!

So now you know, if you still didn't know the bubbles of Las Beatas and you want to spend a dream weekend with your partner or alone, this place is ideal to recharge your batteries and enjoy the silence, peace and disconnection that space provides, this hotel bears your name! Hurry up if you don't want to run out of your reservation for this summer.

Caravans The Feather Van

The Feather Van Experience

Spending a few days relaxing in an incredible hotel with all the luxuries you can imagine is great, but what if you could sleep in a caravan and move around different areas driving yourself? If you are adventurous and like to try new experiences, this is the accommodation you are looking for!

If you have a free weekend this summer and you want to fill it with a unique and creative experience in which you forget about the world while you carry out a trip to your liking, you can rent one of the 5 caravans that are available in their website for approximately 120 euros per night. All of them have an indoor shower, outdoor shower, heating, towels, camping chairs and tables, portable kitchen, bed, 2 solar panels, fridge and television so you can live the experience without worries. You can pick them up at their headquarters in Madrid, where most of them are, or in Barcelona.

The Feather Van was born in the spring of 2021 by Alba Paul Ferrer, content creator and wife of Dulceida. With her traveling instinct and dedication, the businesswoman unveiled her vans last April by organizing an influencers trip in which we were able to see famous faces such as Marta Riumbau, Luc Loren or Madame de Rosa. On their social networks they showed us locations and plans of the most top that you can enjoy if you decide on The Feather Van this summer. Visiting the most impressive beaches in Galicia, making a bonfire in a campsite around the van, sleeping in a valley watching the stars or watching the sunrise in a desert place are some of the ideas that we leave you from Hanukeii to live an adventure of the most original without taking any plane.

It is an ideal experience to enjoy with friends, partner, family or even alone. Who said that we cannot travel alone? Check their free dates and decide on a van getaway that will bring you freedom, adrenaline and comfort.

Mas Lazuli Hotel

Mas Lazuli

If instead of a most adventurous roadtrip what you are looking for is to spend a week soaking in a hotel with all the comforts in the world, the Mas Lazuli hotel is what you need. It is a 4-star accommodation that is located on the road to Roses, Pau (Girona) and is on a private estate surrounded by vineyards and olive groves away from all kinds of noise, nuisance and distraction so that you can relax without any worries. Less than 7 kilometers away are some of the most paradisiacal beaches in the area. We recommend that you visit Almadrava beach and Cala Montjoi.

One of the particularities of this hotel is the wide range of swimming pools, jacuzzis, treatments and spas available. On the outside, and the most striking part of the accommodation, there is an infinity pool with views of the estate's vineyards and olive groves.

In addition, it has a saltwater pool, an outdoor pool that is only open in summer, a spa, a sauna and a jacuzzi. As if that were not enough, the hotel also provides its guests with an offer of body and facial treatments and massage therapy completely free of charge. If you are a lover of water and you like to take care of yourself, this is undoubtedly your hotel! Spending the days enjoying the views while having a cocktail in one of its pools is a great plan that you will not be able to resist if you travel to the Costa Brava.

The rooms are a true work of architecture and have an impeccable interior design. This is another of its peculiarities. If you want to feel at home in a cozy space full of art, the Mas Lazuli hotel has polished wooden floors, concrete walls, exposed beams, paintings by great artists, spacious dream bathtubs and balconies where you will want to spend the whole night. . The price of its rooms is around 160 euros per night.

Now that you have a getaway to Mas Lazuli in mind, don't forget to visit chef Pere Arpa's restaurant and his tasting menu will leave you wanting to return.

Mas Lazuli

Cabanitas del Bosque

If you are looking to surprise your partner with an innovative and original experience, the cabins in the trees in the Outes forest (A Coruña) will help you leave your partner speechless. Who has not ever dreamed of sleeping in a house between the branches of a tree? Now, thanks to initiatives like Cabañitas del Bosque, our childhood dreams can come true.

Cabañitas del Bosque

The hotel company is a pioneer in the sector and has 7 farms with different cabins where you can connect with nature and breathe fresh air in the heart of Galicia. The rooms have a large bed, a kitchen, a bathroom with Jacuzzi and an outdoor terrace, as well as breakfast service without having to leave the cabin. Its price is approximately 150 euros per night and it is an idyllic experience that you will not be able to resist if you feel like a rural getaway in the north of Spain.

In addition to the adventure of sleeping among the branches of a tree, less than 400 meters from the cabins you can find a restaurant with a very varied offer, a heated pool and an office where you can book activities such as hiking, bungee jumping, kayaking, rafting, paintball and zip lines of various heights. And of course, less than 1 hour by car you can enjoy the best beaches and cliffs of the Rías Altas.

If, in addition to relaxing in the best of companies and resetting your mind from the stress of routine, you want to experience strong emotions, the cabins in the woods await you to take you back to your childhood!

Los Caracoles Hotel

Hotel Los Caracoles

In Frigiliana (Málaga), is one of the most original hotels in Spain. Its essence will make you live a unique experience in an architectural cave that was built in order to enjoy the most impressive views of the Valley, without forgetting the importance of surprising its guests with a unique design. Frigiliana is a town recognized for its low-rise houses in white colors that remind us of the aesthetics of Mykonos (Greece). The hotel provides the most traditional rural atmosphere in Andalusia and will welcome you as if you were in your own home from the first moment you set foot on its farm. Again, if what you are looking for is to rest and forget about the problems of the city, this is another of our favorite options.

Its facilities include an outdoor pool, various terraces, a restaurant and private parking. In addition, the hotel has a consortium of activities and excursions around Frigiliana. Very close to the hotel are places of tourist interest such as Nerja, a charming Andalusian town that will leave you speechless.

The rooms of Los Caracoles are all cave-shaped. They are covered with concrete and stone and their original walls will provide the freshness you need to cope with the Malaga heat. All of them have a large bed, a full bathroom with a bathtub, and a porch with a garden. The average price of the room is 100 euros per night.

Without a doubt, it is worth visiting Malaga and its surroundings for its history and the wonderful landscapes of the area. Why not book a cave at the Los Caracoles hotel to make your stay an unforgettable experience?

Frequently asked questions about the most original hotels in Spain

If I go to the Hotel Zielo Las Beatas, what dining options do I have nearby?

The Asador Kurrirri Restaurant will be your favorite option if you are a lover of meat and Mediterranean cuisine. It is located just 9 kilometers from the Las Beatas farm and its average price per person is around 30 euros.

If you want to enjoy the most traditional traditional food in La Mancha, La Raigambre restaurant is your place. It is a place that offers the proximity and craftsmanship of home cooking, and also the gourmet flavor of Michelin-starred restaurants. If you go, you can't miss the Manchego ratatouille, you'll love it! Its price is around 20 euros per person and it is located 6 kilometers from the Zielo hotel.

Can I bring my pet with me if I rent a Feather the Van?

Of course! If you want to enjoy a getaway organized to your liking, visiting the most paradisiacal places in Spain accompanied by your pet, you will only have to pay an additional 50 euros to the reservation to make it happen.

Will I be able to leave my car in the Mas Lazuli hotel car park?

If you travel with your own vehicle to the city of Girona and want to leave the car safe during your stay at Mas Lazuli, you're in luck! The hotel offers free parking for all hotel guests.

Where are the Cabañitas del Bosque located?

The hotel's 3 farms are located in Outes, a Galician municipality belonging to the province of La Coruña. Just half an hour from the accommodation you can visit the Cathedral of Santiago and enjoy the best seafood in the area.

I plan to visit the Los Caracoles hotel this summer, what time can I check-in and check-out?

The time established for guests to enter the hotel is at 2:00 p.m., and you must leave the accommodation at 12:00 a.m.