¿Aún no conoces la historia de los clásicos gorros de pescador? ¡Te la contamos!

Still don't know the history of the classic fisherman hats? We tell you!

The bucket hats were on the catwalks last year 2019 by the designer Miuccia Prada, who decided to rescue them and give them a second life through iconic patterns, sophisticated prints and cotton fabrics. quality. Today they continue to be on the covers of the most famous headlines in the fashion industry and most designers have included the fisherman hat in their collections. From Gucci with its iconic print to Versace, Michael Kors or Fendi with their respective logos. In addition, since it is a complement that we can find in cotton, tweed, linen and many other materials, it can be used in any season of the year and for almost any occasion. It is the star accessory of streetstyle, and also one of the favorites of our top influencers of the moment. If you want to know a little more about one of the leading trends this summer, don't miss this post!

Where and why did the fisherman hat come from?

La historia de los clásicos gorros de pescador

The fisherman's cap, or also known as the bucket hat, was born in the 20th century as an element that protected fishermen and sailors from the coast of Ireland from the heaviest winter rains during his working day. This accessory was made with waterproof materials such as felt and plastic and its original colors were navy blue and yellow. Its design is simple and without mysteries: it is a rounded hat with a short brim and inner lining that covers the head as if it were a glove.

It was also typical of the time that farmers and crop workers used this hat to, once again, protect themselves from the weather. In addition to being an accessory that covers the head in its entirety, it is also comfortable to collect the hair so that it does not fall on the face

In addition to sea workers, after a few years, the bucket hat also began to be used as an accessory to the military uniform that army troops used to protect themselves in their combats . In this case it was made of linen or cotton and its predominant color was khaki green. Interesting, right?

How did the bucket hat get into the fashion industry?

La historia de los clásicos gorros de pescador- Britney Spears

It wasn't until the 1980s that the accessory caught on among the most avant-garde artists in American urban music, specifically hip-hop and rap, but this boom only lasted a few years. At the beginning of the 90s, this accessory was criticized in the public sphere by the great designers of the moment, and even the use of it was considered slum and ordinary. It is for this reason that in 2019, when it came up again, there were many doubts as to whether it would be a successful complement or it would be stoned again as in the 90s.

In the 2000s and as a result of the platform fever, giant earrings and crop tops, the bucket hats returned to the screens to revolutionize the fashion scene through great icons of music and cinema. Some of the celebrities who wore this accessory during this decade were Sarah Jessica Parker, the Olsen sisters, Will Smith and Britney Spears, the latter being one of the great pioneers of Hollywood in wearing this accessory in her video clips and public appearances. We were able to see this accessory made of materials such as cotton, fur, leather or even sequins, and the predominant shades were pastel and metallic colors, thus giving a very cute air to the outfits of these celebrities. So you already know. If you're a fan of the 2000s aesthetic and still don't have a bucket hat in your closet, what are you waiting for? You will be the most coolest on your Instagram, and also, you will protect yourself from the sun during the summer and from the rain in the winter. Could there be a more versatile accessory than the bucket hat?

When was the bucket hat reinvented in current fashion?

There was no doubt that after the success of this accessory in the 2000s, the bucket hat would reinvent itself, just like some of the most famous trends of this decade, such as the coordinated sets, the oversized sweatshirts or the XXL sunglasses. It is clear that fashion is cyclical, and if flared pants returned to the catwalks, almost any garment can return to our closets.

It was in 2013 when Louis Vuitton added to its men's collection a fisherman's hat that would spark desire among the brand's most nostalgic public. The popularity of this accessory did not take long to reach the women's collections of major brands such as Prada, Versace, Dior or Chanel, but it was not until last year 2019 when this accessory had a great impact on society. The creative directors of the most coveted luxury brands in the world wanted to recover the trend that had marked the 90s era through hats with large logos, representative materials of each brand and fun prints that would make them the most desired of each season.

Next we see the classic fisherman hat from the Prada firm in coral color, waterproof material and the plate with its logo on the side. It is perfect for short hair as it will manage to keep those most rebellious locks in place that you cannot tame.

La historia de los clásicos gorros de pescador

But as we already know, a trend is not a trend if it does not have great prescribers behind it that influence a mass audience. In the case of the fisherman's hat, and despite its relationship with ugly shoes, there was no doubt that it would be a success among the great celebrities of the moment.

Justin Bieber wore a bucket hat in white with black flowers by Neff at Coachella 2019, a festival that takes place in California every spring and attracts people from all over the world. She wore it with a paisley-print neckerchief that she also rescued from the 90s aesthetic, opaque sunglasses, and a long chain reminiscent of the most coveted rappers of the time. This look was one of the most photographed and imitated of the festival that year. Festivals are showcases where you can find out about cutting-edge trends and get inspiration for your own looks, so don't miss their streetstyle to capture what's new!

La historia de los clásicos gorros de pescador- Justin Bieber & Haley Baldwin

How to combine your bucket hat?

As we have already seen, the bucket hat is the star accessory of recent years, and therefore, we have a lot of looks inspirations with which to start creating our own outfits and become the queens of streetsyle.

First of all, get a bucket hat in neutral tones so you can combine it with a wide variety of clothes without having to get a new one every time you want to use it. The hats in beige tones are perfect for the autumn-winter season as they combine with the rest of the clothes that you probably have in your closet during the coldest months of the year. In addition, this way your outfit will not look like a costume and you will be comfortable as well as trendy with your fisherman hat.

Grey, black, camel or white are some of the most used colors this season, so get out of the closet your plaid cape in these shades, an ecru shoulder bag and your fisherman hat and Are you ready for an autumn walk in your city, and the best? If it rains your hairstyle will stay intact!

La historia de los clásicos gorros de pescador

However, if you are one of those who prefers to take risks with accessories and cover up a basic look, get a beanie in more daring shades such as red or pink and you will make sure that you will be the target of all eyes while you enjoy a cocktail with friends on your favorite terrace. And also, the questions will rain down on your Instagram so that you can tell your followers where your fisherman hat is from.

For the inspiration of this outfit, we will base ourselves on the style of the businesswoman and influencer of Russian fashion Miroslava Duma, a true fashion icon since the year 2010 he rose to fame through his blog. In the look that we see below, the it girl combines her red bucket hat with a coordinated set of a masculine shirt and wide shorts in the same shades as the hat. It is a total nod to the aesthetics of the 2000s that is so successful today, and also, it is a very comfortable look that will be a total success to go shopping, attend a formal event or even to go to work. The influencer combines it with a black envelope-shaped clutch bag and adds a red lipstick to highlight the presence of the bucket hat. We love Miroslava's very personal style! And you, would you dare with a look like this?

La historia de los clásicos gorros de pescador

Now that you know the past and the history of an accessory with such success as the fisherman's hat or bucket hat, do you dare to introduce it into your wardrobe and have fun combining it in multiple ways? We encourage you to leave your fear behind and get one immediately!


Who made the bucket hat fashionable?

As its name indicates, it was the seafarers who began to use this accessory in order to protect themselves from the heaviest rains on the coast of Ireland. In addition, later it was the American troops who established the use of it to fight in the Vietnam War.

How much does Prada's iconic bucket hat cost?

As we have already seen, the bucket hat was established again after its success in the 2000s thanks to the designer Miuccia Prada, who launched it for sale in her 2019 collection for the modest price of 400 euros. Throughout the seasons, its design has been slightly reinvented but the price has remained the same.

What fabric can we find the fisherman's hat in?

The original material for this type of hat is waterproof fabric, linen or cotton, but currently, we can find fisherman hats in all kinds of fabrics and shapes. Among them, hair, leather, sheepskin, tweed and vinyl stand out.