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Returns and right of withdrawal

Hanukeii returns


1. Returns by manufacturing defects.

The User may return HANUKEII, any product presenting a manufacturing defect. Taking into account the nature of the products contracted, the User shall have a period of one month to communicate to theHANUKEII their lack of conformity with them. If such time limit is exceeded, any damages shall be borne by the User.

To formalize the return, the User must contactHANUKEII within one month, to contact @ hanukeii .com, indicating the product(s) subject to refund, attaching a photograph and a detailed account of the defects identified in the defects.

OnceHANUKEII has received the notification from the User, shall inform the User within 3 to 5 working days whether or not the return of the product is appropriate. Where the refund is carried out,HANUKEII indicate to the User the form of collection or dispatch to their offices/storages of the defective product.

Each product to be returned shall be found unused and with all its original labels, packaging and - where applicable - documentation and accessory elements that came with it. If not done in this way by the User,HANUKEII reserves the right to refuse refund.

Once the product has been received and the defects have been found,HANUKEII give the User the possibility to replace the product with another of identical characteristics, unless this option is objectively impossible or disproportionate toHANUKEII.

Where, on grounds of lack of stock, another product of identical characteristics cannot be shipped, the User may choose between resolving the contract (i.e. the refund of the amounts paid) or requesting the dispatch of another model which the User voluntarily chooses.

The delivery of the product of identical characteristics or the new model that the User chooses, as appropriate, will be made within the next 3-5 working days to count from the date on whichHANUKEII confirm to the User the replacement of the defective product or the sending of the new model.

Substitution, sending a new model or contract resolution will not involve additional expenses for the User.

If the User solved the contract,HANUKEII shall carry out the refund of the entire amount paid to the User for the purchase of the defective product.

HANUKEII informs Users that the time limit for the refund of the amounts paid will depend on the method of payment that the User would have used when buying the product.

2. Desistment.

In the event that the User is not in conformity with the products received in his order, the User, in accordance with the General Law for the Defence of Consumer and User, shall have a period of 14 (15) calendar days to return the entire order or, if he prefers, may return any of the products that integrated the total order and all without any penalties and without any indication. to motives.

However, the User shall take over the direct cost of return to theHANUKEII, whether you return the order completely or decide to return only some of the products from the order.

To formalize the return, you must contactHANUKEII at the address @ hanukeii .com, sending the withdrawal form supplemented by these Terms and Conditions as ANNEX 1. Received such communication,HANUKEII indicate the way in which the order is sent to your offices or warehouses.


HANUKEII does not become responsible for the messaging company that the User hires for the order return. In this regard,HANUKEII recommends to the User that demand the courier company to provide you with the delivery warranty once the messenger has deposited the product in the offices ofHANUKEII, so that the User has a record that the product has been delivered correctly toHANUKEIIHANUKEII does not take responsibility for the address where the User sends the order for return. It must always be our office in the case of Europe. If we had no delivery confirmation and the user did not submit a delivery justificant,HANUKEII would not be held responsible for the loss and it would be the user who would have to claim to the transport company that he had hired.

The costs of returning the order (e.g. shipping costs through courier companies) will be borne directly by the User.

The product must be found unused and with all its original labels, packaging and - where appropriate - documentation and accessory elements that came with it. If this is not done by the User or if the product has suffered any damage, the User accepts that the product may suffer a depreciation or thatHANUKEIIyou can refuse the return.

OnceHANUKEII check that the order is in good condition,HANUKEII shall refund the entire amounts paid by the User.

If the User decides to return the order completely,HANUKEII pay back to the User the entire amounts paid by the User and if only one of the products were returned, only the share of those products shall be returned to the User.

HANUKEII informs Users that the time limit for the refund of the amounts paid will depend on the method of payment used by the User when buying the product. In any case,HANUKEII pay the amounts paid as soon as possible and, in any event, within 14 calendar days of the date on which the return product was received.


Product Change Policy

HANUKEII does not support the change between a product purchased by the User for another product that is offered on the Website.

If the User wishes to make the change in a product, he shall exercise his right to withdraw from the product in accordance with clause 6.2 and subsequently buy the new product he wishes.