10 celebrities who are not without their sunglasses

We love sunglasses! We are supporters who add an air to us, something I don't know what, that makes us feel much more handsome, we would never want to take them off, and having a collection that combines with each item of clothing we have in our closet is like that desire. repressed from more than one.

Beyond remembering the practical reason for using sunglasses, we know that they are also an accessory that rescues us in more than one trouble, for example: When you are with your friends and you want to look perfect in the group photo, without having to ask them to repeat it, the solution? Your sunglasses. Or you went to a party, you didn't sleep well and your eyes look very tired, wear sunglasses. Or even, you are shy... it is already proven that sunglasses give a 'little boost' of confidence to those who find it difficult to speak in public.

But be careful, there are some mortals from the world of stardom who have found their personal brand in sunglasses. Not necessarily that they have created their own line of glasses, but, in a way, imagining this person without sunglasses is almost impossible. They have imbued him with so much of his personality, character and style that sunglasses have even become a reference model. Being so famous that they are known for never getting rid of their sunglasses, even at night.

But, really, what is behind these characters from the world of cinema, music and entertainment, who find their best ally in glasses. Is it possible for a singer to be shy? Or, that an actor on a red carpet prefers to wear glasses to hide his photo sensitivity to the burst of flashes? Whatever the reasons, these people have NEVER removed their glasses and they should have the glasses collection in their closet.

We at Hanukeii, tell you who these mysterious or not so mysterious characters are that are hidden behind iconic glasses models, and that we hope in the future to see them appearing at events with our Pacific Black or Southcal Green, or maybe you will be the next celebrity to set the trend with our sunglasses. We tell you!

Those who lead the fashion empire and don't read their eyes:

Karl Lagerfeld - Anna Wintour- Hanukeii

1. Anna Wintour

    “Everyone wants to be like us” was one of the famous phrases that Meryl Streep says in “Devils wear prada”  film inspired by the fashion figure and editor of US Vogue magazine.USA: Anna Wintour. The truth is that any fashion lover would envy his work, but we could also imagine that he carries a lot of media pressure on his shoulders, and at some point it must be exhausting. In the crosshairs of designers, fashion events, trends, everyone knows that the surname Wintour has a large number of people after her waiting to be noticed to enter the club.

    Few have seen her eyes, it may be a dinner, a covered parade or in her office, Anna Wintour has created a dress code that no one can match. Sunglasses with thick, square black frames and a long bob cut are its representative look.

    In an interview for CNN, the interviewer, curious to discover who is behind the sunglasses, asked the question that thousands of us ask, Why do you always wear sunglasses? At the time, the editor confessed that she had recently had surgery on her eyes and that she was somewhat exhausted, a response that started a thread, stating that many times sunglasses, beyond being an accessory, are her armor, she hides them when she is tired, when she is bored. in a parade, and even better, few can know what you are thinking. As a great strategist and player, she knows how to maintain mystery and play, without the competition getting ahead and deciphering her movements. A crack!

    His style is iconic, large black rectangular glasses that remind us a lot of our Hyde Black.

    2. Karl Lagerfeld

      51 years of career and he never took off his sunglasses. The reason? A jealous boyfriend. When he was at a party with a friend, the girl's boyfriend attacked Karl by throwing a glass in his eye. Luckily that day he had decided to wear his sunglasses that protected him from any of the glass entering. In his gaze. As a designer, your eyes are your best tool and you were conscious of always protecting them. That's why he carried his glasses properly, and he also confessed that when he had to attend any number of events where he was inevitably exhausted, he took advantage of his sunglasses for this.We understand you Karl!

      Those who are icons in history prefer 'tinted' ones.

      Elton John-Bono-Robert Downey Jr

      3. Robert Downey Jr

        Tony Stark, wearing tinted sunglasses, on and off screen. The reason? Although he has not revealed it, apparently it is a mere matter of aesthetics and bearing. Robert Downey Jr, feels comfortable with this type of glasses, 70s style, square with orange or pink tinted lenses, that he wears them wherever he goes and it is such that his alter ego representing Ironman also he wears them. Would you like to tell us something?

        4. Bonus

          Another rockstar  on our list who doesn't take off his glasses no matter how dark the night is, is Bono. But in this case, the main reason is not precisely to maintain his artistic identity, the truth is that Bono suffers from a disease called Glaucoma. This disease, which he has suffered from since he was 30 years old, has caused his optic nerve to be affected, even leading to partial loss of vision. That's why sunglasses help to reduce the damage that light and glare cause you a little.

          5. Elton John

            He doesn't have an iPhone or a computer, according to him, but he does have 250.000 pairs of glasses. From the most ostentatious ones to one or another pair to be at home. The obsession with glasses is such that, on a tour, he asked to keep his glasses in a hotel room, separate from his, and that they be kept at 16 degrees Celsius.

            But hey, the reason why the rocketman wears eccentric sunglasses is because they remind him of his childhood idol Buddy Holly. He started by copying her style, until he realized that he felt much better wearing glasses, whether star-shaped, heart-shaped, square, etc. It is impossible to think of Elton John without thinking of his glasses and suits, as if he came from another galaxy.

            While light is usually its enemy, sunglasses are its best friend.

            Pedro Almodovar

            6. Pedro Almodóvar

              This genius of Spanish cinema and icon of Spanish culture internationally left more than one with their mouths open when he appeared at gala after gala wearing black sunglasses. There were those who demonized this action, demanding that it be shown as it was, however, its defenders did not take long to make a presence on Twitter, emphasizing something that not everyone expected.

              El manchego, creator of unique cinematographic pieces such as: The Law of Desire, The Skin I Live In and Pain and Glory. Dedicated to being in front of light bulbs and screens, paradoxically, he suffers from migraines due to photophobia. This is a hypersensitivity that some people suffer from to strong and flashing lights, such as flashes or studio lights, causing them an ordeal, since it makes it impossible for them to fully open their eyes and this is when migraines and headaches appear mercilessly. However, beyond that, it is an accessory that suits your personality very well. As if he knew we wanted to get into his mind and find out what his next work of art would be.

              His style: he prefers sunglasses with square frames, polarized lenses and black, which reminds us of our Free Spirit Black.

              7. Risto Mejide

              Risto Mejide

                This popular Spanish television presenter is rarely seen without glasses; beyond a purely aesthetic purpose, the Catalan wears glasses for health reasons. He suffers from flat corneas, an anomaly that encourages the appearance of cataracts until they completely obscure his vision. Always opt for XXL glasses for comfort, as they cover you from light to a greater extent. Furthermore, in an interview he expresses that in part he also likes to wear them, since they hide his face as a good person and he prefers to maintain the coldness of his face that the glasses give him.

                Those who love them so much, that they have their own personal line.

                Lenny Kravitz-Lou Reed-Will.I.am

                8. Lenny Kravitz

                Our versatile rocker, and we don't say this about his style of music, but because we don't know a pair of glasses that doesn't fit him well. Each model he uses is directly linked to a stage in his life and way of dressing. There are those who allude that he was inspired by Jimmy Hendrix, but for us Kravitz has his own style, where sunglasses add 100 points to that rocker image that remains intact despite the years.

                At a concert in Los Angeles he lost his glasses and posted the event on Twitter, asking the audience to help him find them by creating a dedicated email account so they could notify him if anyone saw them anywhere... I'm sure The sentimental value he had for his glasses was enormous, but this action did not go beyond becoming a chain of memes on the Internet that whoever found them must have already auctioned them off.

                9. Lou Reed

                  This article is full of paradoxes or extremes, artists who must be exposed to large spotlights of light who cannot even look at them, or singers who must expose themselves to countless glances and who suffer from stage fright... Isn't it incredible? TRUE?.

                  In the case of Lou Reed, the vocalist of the band The Velvet Underground suffered from stage fright, and had to wear sunglasses, as they helped reduce his anxiety when being on stage. The most incredible thing is that he created his own personal line of sunglasses whose name today is part of a model of glasses, aviator type.

                  10. Will.Yo am

                    The member of the band Black Eyed Peas is a lover of design and fashion too. Since we met him we know that Will.Yoam is a lover of sunglasses, with polarized, tinted, transparent, round, rectangular lenses, yes, they must be XXL and very geometric. For him, sunglasses are a whim, they define his somewhat futuristic and androgynous personality. For this reason, the models he has always used are unisex and technology-oriented.

                    ANDREA VELEZ ARDILA