The 5 best music festivals in the world! Get inspired and prepare for your next event

There is no doubt that we all miss the adrenaline and fun that comes with concerts and music festivals. They allow you to enjoy your favorite artists and also discover new ones in an event where there is only room for entertainment and emotion. They are places where you can relax, meet new people and enjoy seeing the outfits of the most creative people who walk around the premises. Maybe you don't miss the portable toilets at these types of festivals so much, but... surely right now you wouldn't mind using them in exchange for going to one of them.

Music festivals were born thanks to the most important rock and pop groups of the 60s and 70s. It was they who promoted the creation of a space in which various artists of more or less the same style came together to create a show full of stimuli by and for music fans. Some of the pioneering festivals were the Woodstock Festival in ​​the United States and the Isle of Wight Festival in ​​England. Both starred artists and rock fans.

Nowadays, festivals star in our summers, or rather, they starred in our summers. The health crisis wiped out all types of celebrations and festivals were not going to be the exception. Since then, we long for the moment of being hoarse again singing the songs we like the most with a good beer in hand.

In addition to being an event dedicated to music and the culture that surrounds it, it is also a space where you can see the most daring and crazy fashion you will ever see. On the grass of a festival any style is suitable as long as it is worn safely and firmly. Chiara Ferragni, Alessandra Ambrossio or Dulceida are just some of the protagonists of the most photographed looks at festivals like Coachella or the Madcool.

In short, festivals are the great event of the year and represent a culture full of music, food, drink and good company. This summer 2021 seems to have reconciled a bit with the festivals, and also, if the situation allows, there are some that already have tickets on sale. We can't wait any longer to enjoy them!

From Hanukeii we bring you 5 of the top festivals in the world and 5 outfits that you won't want to miss when they are held again.

Coachella: Where Hollywood stardom and music dominated the stage.


If we talk about famous festivals around the world, we cannot fail to mention Coachella. It is one of the most anticipated events each year and takes place in Indio, California. It lasts three days and has a standard campsite and another VIP one for people who want to enjoy the festival to the fullest. Thousands and thousands of people come there every spring in search of a unique experience and memorable performances. The capacity of the venue is 250.Approximately 000 people.

The average price of their tickets is 500 euros and despite their high cost they do not take a single day to sell out. Year after year the festival organizers bring together artists of the caliber of Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Kanye West, Lady Gaga or Beyoncé. In addition to the artists who are on stage, the event has every year a large crowd of celebrities, singers, models and influencers from all over the world who come to enjoy the festival.

When will Coachella return?

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next year 2022 to enjoy its music and atmosphere safely. But in the meantime, we can start getting inspired by some of the top looks from previous years.

It is clear that festivals are there to break the rules and release the adrenaline that you have not been able to release the rest of the year. Therefore, it is in these types of events where the most lively outfits of the entire festival season emerge. T-shirts with fringes, frayed shorts, cowboy boots, transparent dresses, fanciful headbands and feather earrings. These are just some of the garments that are most successful on the Coachella lawn, and also, the most photographed by the Fashion Influencers who attend the event. If you decide to go to the festival and live the experience, select one of the above clothes, add glitter all over your body, put braids in your hair and do the most striking makeup to shine on the Coachella stages.

Festivals are the perfect space to give free rein to your imagination and fill your suitcase with new combinations. Even though it's time to innovate, stay true to your personal style and don't dress up. Whatever you wear, let your look make you feel comfortable and beautiful. If you plan to go to Coachella next season, be cautious and start visiting your favorite clothing stores now!

Tomorrowland: A nation of electronic music.

Tomorrowland Festivales Musica

Tomorrowland is one of the most famous techno music festivals on the music scene and also the largest in the world. It is held every summer in Boom, Belgium and its venue has capacity for more than 400.000 people The price of your ticket amounts to 1000 euros and it is a true luxury to be able to live this experience. If you want to treat yourself, you should know that this year 2021 it reopens its doors during the last weekend of August and the first of September and its tickets are already on sale.

If you want to know how the festival works and the looks of its hottest guests, keep reading!

Tomorrowland was inaugurated in 2005 by two Dutch brothers who worked in an events company. Their passion for techno music led them to create the festival, and since then, every year it receives artists of the stature of David Guetta, Alesso, Tiësto , Afrojack or Steve Aoki. In the last edition of 2019, the event also featured artists from other genres such as J Balvin or The Chainsmokers. In addition to music and dancing, the festival offers magic and fantasy shows throughout the weekend. The organizers go to great lengths year after year to continue surprising the audience with their shows. Each performance takes place in a different setting and tents, confetti, fire, glitter and lighting are just some of the highlights of the event. This makes both the audience and the artists feel the music and dance at an extreme level.

Tomorrowland's looks are usually much more extreme and hardcore than those at Coachella, but again, the festival will allow you to play with your imagination and make new combinations without no kind of rules. Some of the most repeated items at the event are t-shirts from rock, heavy metal or punk groups, shorts jeans with studs and rips, black ankle boots with serrated soles, long knitted vests and accessories with feathers and beads. Combine these clothes with temporary tattoos, glitter and intense makeup and you will be the envy of your entire Instagram for a few days.

Looks Festivales de Musica

Living the experience of a festival of such caliber is undoubtedly an adventure that will make your look require nothing more than attitude and energy to enjoy its performances.

Rock In Rio: The Latin American bet in one of the cities with the greatest leisure in the world.

Rock in Rio Festivales de Musica

This festival was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil more than 30 years ago. It is celebrated every 2 years and is an incredible occasion to enjoy the most successful pop, indie, rock and alternative music of the moment. Cities like Lisbon, Las Vegas and Madrid have been the great hosts of the festival on several occasions. This year 2021 the event was going to take place in Santiago de Chile for the first time in its history, but as we already know, festivals are not going through their best season and Rock In Rio has had to lower the blinds this summer.

We have seen international artists of various kinds pass through its stages such as Rihanna, Elton Jhon, Taylor Swift, Metallica, Katy Perry, Shakira or Alejandro Sanz. It is a musical show that brings together great performers who have triumphed in the industry landscape for years. In addition, Rock In Rio also gives space to new singers and music groups to make themselves known to an audience dedicated to the industry.

As for looks, the festival allows for creativity and personal style. It is a much more mainstream event than the previous ones and in it we can see the simplest and most wearable outfits to enjoy a festival full of dance, music and fun. The star item of clothing for this type of event is the shorts, which in addition to being able to be combined with endless items of clothing, are also very appropriate for the heat that you will spend watching your favorite artists. Opt for a basic outfit made up of denim shorts and a basic, cool t-shirt and combine it with a fringed jacket, some cowboy ankle boots and your trusty sunglasses: you won't complicate your life and you'll be very trendy!

Mad Cool: The event that made Madrid a trend in Europe.

MadCool Madrid Festivales de Musica

Last but not least, the Madcool. It is a national festival that is celebrated in Madrid every year and has already been running for 5 editions. It is an event that brings together art, music, fashion and gastronomy in a single weekend. It is a smaller event and with a more affordable price compared to the previous ones but just as fun and appetizing. The festival has 6 stages, food trucks with a variety of food, a giant Ferris wheel and photocalls to live the experience to the fullest. Its tickets cost around 200 euros and its capacity is 75.000 people This year 2021 has had to be postponed due to the health situation but there are already tickets on sale for the next edition, don't miss them!

The festival has received great international artists such as Green Day, Dua Lipa, The Artic Monkeys, Rosalía and Bon Iver. On its 2021 lineup are singers like Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish.

It is celebrated during the month of July and is an event that promotes tourism to the capital and has quickly become one of the most recognized festivals in the country.

The looks most photographed from previous editions follow the aesthetics of Coachella and Rock In Rio. Marta Lozano is one of the many influencers who walked around the venue during the 2019 concerts, and with her, we have been able to see that the animal print and sandals also have a place in the festivals. Take the riskiest dress you have out of your closet and combine it with sandals in the same tones to give a boho touch to your style. Finish it off with a bunch of bead necklaces and you're ready to take tons of photos with the festival's Ferris wheel.

Martha Lozano outfit coachella

Although during the last year of 2020 we have not been able to enjoy the festivals as we would have liked, the styles of previous editions have not ceased to inspire us for when we return to tour their stages. Get ready, the events are just around the corner!

Frequently asked questions about Music Festivals

What are the most famous festivals in the world?

In addition to Coachella, Tomorrowland and Rock In Rio, there are other festivals that you should know about if you are passionate about the industry.

The Ultra festival is one of the most recognized electronic music events in the world. It is held in Miami every March and has thousands of techno fans who travel around the world to visit the festival.

Lollapalloza is an indie, pop, alternative rock and rap music festival that was born in the United States and with its progressive success has expanded to countries such as Argentina, Germany and France.

What are the best festivals in Spain?

Luckily, in Spain we have numerous successful festivals that attract thousands and thousands of music fans to the country every year. In addition to Mad Cool, there are also others that have succeeded in recent years.

The Primavera Sound is a music festival of various genres that is held every summer in the city of Barcelona. It houses numerous artists from different generations and is one of the top artists in Europe. It has been going for 20 years now.

The Bilbao BBK is a musical event that brings together performances by indie, rock, pop and rap artists from all over the world. It has been held every July in the city of Bilbao since 2006.

The FIB Benicasim is an event that takes place every summer in the province of Castellón and in addition to music, you can also find activities related to fashion, cinema and theater.

What festivals will be celebrated in 2021?

These are some of them:

Tomorrowland – Last weekend of August and first of September.

Ultra Festival – July 9, 10 and 11.

Sónar Barcelona – June 17, 18 and 19.

PortAmérica 2021 – July 1, 2 and 3.

Arenal Sound 2021 – July 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 and August 1.

DCODE 2021 – September 10 and 11.

Viña Rock 2021 – October 9, 10 and 11.