5 técnicas para una buena tabla de quesos

5 techniques for a good cheese board

Today we bring you 5 techniques to make the best cheese board and impress your guests with a good wine, like a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valleys. If you have little to prepare a dinner at home with friends from here, this is your article, and if not, after reading it you will feel like making one.The cheese board is normally accompanied with wine, nuts, bread, although you can also replace the bread with some crackers or there are even people who put grapes or apples or even jams and nuts. Go for it.

Techniques for a classic and typical table:

For a classic and typical board, the five best-known cheeses are brought together, which are Brie cheese, which is a creamy and soft cheese. 'Edam' matured, which is a consistent cheese. The typical goat cheese with a fairly intense flavor. Nor can you miss the 'Emmental' cheese with final notes of nuttiness and fruit and, finally, the blue cheese like a 'Gorgonzola', which is very creamy, with a powerful flavor and a touch of spiciness which is provided by the blueness of its mushroom. As you can see, it is a board with great variety and quite classic, not bad at all to start with.

After telling you what the classic board includes, let's go with the techniques so that you can prepare the best cheese board.

Fotografía con variedad de quesos envejecidos, blandos, duros, azules


You have to have a variety, you cannot put four different types of cheese of the same type, that is, if you put sheep's cheese you should not put four types of sheep's cheese. Just one of each type is enough. You also have to choose between different types of hardness and different degrees of healing. Within the types of hardness we find hard, semi-hard, soft and spreadable cheese. And in the degrees of cure you have soft, semi-cured, cured, blue.


You have to take into account the number of cheeses to put on a table. If you put just a few, it will be quite empty, but if you put too many, you won't be able to taste them all and you won't be able to give the guests the complete experience. We must also take into account the number of diners and whether the table is going to be a single appetizer or we will put more things. Or even if it is to serve as a dessert. But the ideal is between 5 and 8 varieties of cheeses.

Variedad de quesos, como el Brie, Payoyo, Cabra, Gruyere,  acompañado de nueces y frutas.


In the cheese boards there are some that are called prohibited cheeses. It is always recommended to avoid putting on your board those types of cheeses that you use to prepare a sandwich, such as: queso en lochas, or quesito.


The board can be presented on a classic wooden board, a tray, or a blackboard, ideally, consider a board that does not absorb the odors of those cheeses that are very strong. To place the cheeses, place the softest ones first and work your way up to the strongest ones. Each one has a specific cut, for example, cylindrical cheeses are cut into slices, square cheeses are cut into sticks, blue cheeses are cut into cubes, and soft cheeses are cut into triangles. Decorate your table so that it is visually harmonious. Let's taste!

Tabla de madera con quesos y frutos rojos y secos, galletas y panes. Para picotear o presentar una tabla de quesos.


Cheese should be served at room temperature. So the cheeses you have in the refrigerator must be taken out of the refrigerator well in advance so that they are at room temperature and can cool down.

Here you have seen the five most important techniques to carry out your cheese board. Although you also have to take into account what you want to accompany them with, as mentioned above, with bread, cookies, grapes, peaks. Something that also works very well and combines great with cheeses are walnuts and jam. The drink must be red wine, Rioja or Ribera del Duero type. As there are also people who want to accompany certain blue cheeses, for example, with white wine, that is up to each person's palate.


1. What can be put on a cheese board?

Apart from the cheese, crackers or snacks, nuts, grapes, apples are usually placed. There are a wide variety of things to add to a cheese board. Also some type of bread with spices, like 'focaccia'.

2. What wine goes with a cheese board?

For strong or cured cheese boards, the wine that should be served is red wine to be able to appreciate the flavor of each type of cheese. If we want to put a board with very soft cheeses, we can serve white wine or cider.

3. What is the ideal amount of cheese?

Ideally, there should be between 3 and 5 different cheeses. And about 100 g of cheese per person.

4. When should the table be ready before serving it?

The ideal is to have it ready about 20 minutes before serving it, but the cheeses should already be at room temperature before making it.

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