Alexandra Pereira: Influencia, moda e inspiración.

Alexandra Pereira: Influence, fashion and inspiration.

At Hanukeii we are inspired daily by lifestyles and fashion trends that are imposed on different communication channels. A few years ago, our access to the great influences of clothing and accessory brands went hand in hand with movies on the big screen or television shows. Now, and thanks to the great influx and proliferation of social networks, social media fashion influencers are one of the main references that are usually taken into account before taking the big step of creating a collection.

This time, we have decided to analyze the style and history of a Galician woman, who was the one who caught our attention. We are talking about Alexandra Pereira, or @LovelyPepa, as some usually know her: A simple young woman passionate about fashion, who left aside the world of laws, decrees and economic balances, to make her way in what at the time seemed to be a completely unknown world, the bloggers.

His journey.

Keep a fashion journal. Who would think that was a good idea? Well they say that if you don't try you will never know. The truth is that, what started as a small journal where I published a photograph with the old Instagram filters, those that take us back to 2010 where the saturated green colors and vignettes were the top of the moment , is today one of the most visited websites.

A publication on networks by this fashion and style prescriber is around 5.000 euros and permanent contracts with brands such as Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier among others, reach unimaginable sums. Millennial and with a blog that gets 2 annually.500.With 1 billion monthly visits, Alexandra Pereira establishes herself as one of the biggest fashion influencers in Europe, along with Chiara Ferragni and Aida Domenech (Dulceida).

he studied Law and Economics at the University of Vigo, Galicia. However, when it came to dressing he liked to create his own style, he knew very well how he should combine for each occasion, always informing himself about trends and even looks that he knew would have a certain impact. At that time, Instagram had just been born as an app to share photos between friends and its reach as an advertising tool was unpredictable. But Alexandra was visionary and knew that if she linked her blog to Instagram, her friends could start visiting her page.

By 2013 her blog “Lovely Pepa” was already reaching a considerable average of monthly visits, where clothing and accessory brands sent her products as long as she promoted them, it was at that moment where Alexandra realized the importance that her image would now have and the responsibility that fell on her, when representing different brands. One of the most notable episodes was when she acted as the image for a sneaker brand, who opted for her as an influencer whose content was simple, stylized and affordable. The success was such that a month after starting the campaign, this company had already tripled its sales.

Alexandra Pereira-Hanukeii-Lovely Pepa

Fun fact, why Lovely Pepa? If you are an animal lover and have had pets, you know that we choose their names because we look for the one that best represents and identifies them. Well, in Alexandra's case, Lovely Pepa was the name of her pet, a French Bulldog, and I consider that, just like her dog, her personal brand radiated that same personal style and essence, a name which she has kept for years and today is a clothing brand recognized by everyone.

And your style?

They say the best fragrances come in small bottles. However, something that made Alexandra self-conscious for years was her height. In fact, in interviews the Influencer stated that she suffered several years of bullying by her peers who made fun of her 1.60 meters high. The situation got a little more complicated when, as the years went by, Alexandra realized that getting clothes in her size was going to be even more difficult.

It was there when, with a little more time to expand as a personal brand, she identified that she was not the only one, and that many girls must adapt to the size for tall people and then go to the seamstress to adjust the clothes. So she thought about creating a more inclusive clothing brand ideal for short people: Lovely Pepa Collection.

His style is defined as Street Style Chic. We have witnessed that Alexandra Pereira has not changed this since her beginnings and has always highlighted that you can look good using chic garments mixed with Low Cost to achieve a stunning look.

The precursor of comfort chic:

The pandemic undoubtedly turned everything upside down, and even impacted the world of fashion. The routine stayed at home, and buying clothes to go out might not be on the itinerary. So, if going shopping was the day's outing, you would have to go out in style. It was then that styles and luxuries lowered their guard a little and fashion became, Confy Fashion.

Alexandra Pereira- Gorras-Lifestyle- Hanukeii

Alexandra was one of the first influencers to dare to establish the baseball cap as an essential accessory for the daily routine, combined with blazers and ankle boots. According to her, we should break the established parameters a little that caps are only for when the day is completely sunny, or you are on the beach. Alexandra demonstrates this through her looks, where she mixes sports fashion a little, with a purse and a tracksuit and her cap, making her look comfortable, relaxed, and youthful.

In addition, another curious fact about the influencer and Youtuber is that she participated in a Millennial fashion show organized by Dolce & Gabanna, where she shared the catwalk with Sofie Richie, Presley Gerber and Kate Moss, a factor that was never imagined back in the day. 2009 when he made his first entries on his blog.

Sunglasses and your personality

Village Pink- Sunglasses- Hanukeii

Analyzing this influencer's networks a little, we discovered that of all the outfits she recommends, she never lets a key accessory go unnoticed... Yes! His sunglasses. In a video published on her networks, the creator of Lovely Pepa shows us her closet: a walking closet dream for anyone, but even more special is her stand glasses collection, where there are approximately more than 50 glasses. Crazy!.

For her, it is key when choosing her glasses that they are simple and that they combine with absolutely everything she has in her closet. Well, maybe you have one or another with a fun style, that is used for a special reason, but in general they all use the same format: Black or tortoiseshell frame glasses, with XXL enlarged lenses, and cat-eye frame and butterfly.

Your favorites? Sunglasses with pink transparency and butterfly frame, like our Village Pink. For the designer, this type of unconventional sunglasses is worn by those who are daring. But daring in the sense of always having curiosity on the surface, of breaking stereotypes, of discovering new horizons. This type of frame has allowed her to spend a day relaxing but not go unnoticed. In addition, it turns out to be a versatile type of glasses that can be combined with shades of clothing from warm pastels to the same crimson red.

Another type of glasses that we discovered that the influencer loves are: the black cat-eye ones, very similar to our Pacific Black. Without a doubt Alexandra is very clear about the importance of wearing those 'Simple Basics'. We can see that these glasses accompany her almost everything! And the sobriety and elegance that they bring to her face is one of the main reasons why we believe that these glasses are the fashion trendsetter.

Pacific Blak-Hanukeii-Hanukeii

Without a doubt, Alexandra has been the inspiration for many girls who want to have her style and simplicity as a reference. For us, its content fills us with ideas to discover the thousand combination styles of our sunglasses and caps. And also that his photographs of trips and experiences show us a dream life. How did it seem to you?

Andrea Vélez Ardila