Pollo a la cerveza: Sorprende a tus invitados y descubre una receta con tradición

Chicken in beer: Surprise your guests and discover a recipe with tradition

If they ask you what meat is par excellence, you will surely say chicken, and if you think of one of the most widespread drinks in the world, beer is undoubtedly the one that occupies that place. If you combine both ingredients in the same recipe, the most common preparation in any kitchen should come out, beer chicken, and yet, many people are unaware of this recipe, its way of preparing it and, above all, its tradition.

In this article we tell you the steps to prepare this delicious dish that you will undoubtedly want to repeat again and again to celebrate the most special occasions.

While it is true that in Spain we do not have a tradition of using beer in preparations, and that, instead of it, it is wine that takes center stage, in other central European countries such as Germany , is a primary ingredient for various preparations.

If you don't know why you use a different alcoholic beverage depending on the country, the answer is very simple. And, over time, the gastronomy of each place has been based mainly on the ingredients and resources to which it has had the greatest access. Thus, in Spain, vineyard plantations and wine making have been much more common than barley production.

A little history

 The beer tradition of the German nation goes back centuries, and for this reason, it is not surprising that this type of dish is so popular in Germany, since as is known, this tradition is very palpable in some of its national celebrations such as Oktoberfest, which we have to talk to you about because it is the origin of this chicken dish, which would later evolve until it became the current recipe

Born in the 19th century and on the occasion of the celebration of the royal wedding between the heir Ludwig and Princess Teresa of Saxony, the citizens of Munich were invited to celebrate the wedding, and for this a horse race was held, which would be repeated the following year and would result in the origin of the famous beer festival.

Over the years, this festival has also become the perfect occasion to taste traditional German foods such as pretzel, sausages, pork knuckle and of course beer chicken. This celebration was originally held in the month of October, however, it was later brought forward to September due to the good weather that still exists at this time and the possibilities of enjoying more outdoors.

Pollo a la cerveza: Tradición

Now, the beer festival is more than that, it is a demonstration of the country's intentions and culture. Regional costumes, parades of decorated horses and parades of hunters come together in the same celebration to postpone this tradition, already more than recognized.

A curious fact? The party begins when the mayor opens the first of the beer barrels with which the brewery owners arrive, called 'Wiesnwirte'. This gesture and the parade of costumes mark the beginning of the 18 days that the festival lasts and which is replicated in other countries.

For beer chicken, as well as to make many more stews based on this ingredient, Hacker beer, Pschorr Hefe Weisse, a traditional wheat beer in Bavaria, or Köstritzer Schwarzbier, a black beer whose flavor is more sweet.

After having briefly told you the history of this recipe, now we will tell you what ingredients you need and how to prepare them to enjoy this recipe.

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • ¼ chicken per person or thighs (1kg)
  • ¾ liter of high-proof beer
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 tablespoon of flour
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper

To prepare beer chicken, the first thing you should do is chop the chicken or, if using thighs, take them out of the refrigerator 10 minutes before preparation. Whether you use chicken pieces or thighs, season them and put them in a cauldron with oil so that they brown on the outside but remain raw on the inside, since they will later finish cooking with the stew. Once you have the chicken marked, put it on a plate and reserve it for later.

Pollo a la cerveza

In the same pot that you have been using, add the garlic cloves, the onion and a pepper (optional) that you must have previously chopped. Season this mixture with salt and pepper and let it cook for 15 minutes over low heat.

After this time and once the onion is well poached, add the flour, which will be the key element so that your beer chicken thickens so that it has enough body. After adding the flour, mix well until everything is combined and let it cook for 2 more minutes.

In the next step, add the chicken and any juice on the plate back to the flour and vegetable mixture. Add the thyme, rosemary, bay leaves and beer so that everything is covered. In this step, it is very important that you keep in mind that the stronger the beer, the more bitter the chicken will taste.

If this is your first time making the recipe, we recommend using a milder blonde beer to make sure you like the result. You can change the beer every time you cook the recipe!

Once all the ingredients are added, mix everything and let it cook very well and over low heat for 45 or 50 more minutes so that the sauce reduces and the flavor is not only concentrated, but also impregnated into the chicken pieces .

As a final step, serve the meat and its sauce on plates and accompany it with the garnish you prefer; Since it is chicken, you can use endless preparations such as mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, rice or mushrooms.

This recipe is common in many countries despite not having the same name. In Germany and central European countries, this is a very typical dish not only in everyday life but also in celebrations. In Latin American countries such as Argentina, it is known as drunken chicken when it is prepared with alcoholic beverages, while in some regions of China, wine, sherry or whiskey is used instead of beer and in the United States, it is called chicken. sitting on a beer can or chicken on the throne because the chicken is held upright on a beer can so that as it evaporates, the chicken is impregnated with its flavor.

Pollo a la cerveza

Beer Chicken FAQs

Where is beer chicken prepared?

This recipe is common in many countries although they do not have the same name. In Germany and central European countries, this is a very typical dish not only in everyday life but also in celebrations. In Latin American countries like Argentina, it is known as drunken chicken. In some regions of China, wine, sherry or whiskey is used instead of beer and in the United States, it is called chicken sitting in a beer can or chicken on the throne.

 What is the best beer to prepare beer chicken?

Although there is no rule that says which beer should be used, it must be taken into account that it is better that it be of a higher alcohol content so that the meat acquires its flavor. Also, the stronger the beer, the more bitter it will be; That's why it's best to use a mild blonde ale if you've never made this recipe.

How do you know if beer chicken is done?

If when you pierce it with a knife, it does not bleed, or is no longer pink inside, then it is ready to remove from the heat.