Descubre tu tipo de gafas según tu signo zodiacal

Discover your type of glasses according to your zodiac sign.

Whoever has not read the horoscope just once in their life, raise their hand. It is common to hear phrases like, for example: “I left him, he was a Gemini and I was a Sagittarius, you know, in the end a total disaster” or perhaps, “I have an ascendant in Pisces, service is my “passion.”Be that as it may, the truth is that zodiac signs, horoscopes, and so on, have become a trending topic among thousands of social media users.

Now, a little more grounded in reality, astrology is experiencing its golden age thanks to social networks where Millenials have found in this ancient practice, a balm for the slight anxiety towards what they are facing. the future holds. The truth is that, as a study of the position and movement of the constellations and their impact on earthly events, it can be used as a guide to better understand our personality, our thoughts or behaviors in a certain situation in our life.

The curious thing is that even though there are certain objectors to this practice, there is something that is clearly true: Astrology creates in a certain way 'identities' through the zodiacal signs, which are compatible with a universe of personalities. In a nutshell, it's normal to sometimes feel instant chemistry with someone who happens to be born on the same date as you, or you may also feel that someone else's personality doesn't fit you and it just so happens that it's a sign with which less compatibility you have.

True or not, astrology is usually fun and Instagram has contributed to it being no longer seen as an 'esoteric' and strange topic, to becoming a trending topic among its users. social network. This is demonstrated by the success of certain accounts: @checkinmela, @notallgeminis @co_star, are some of them, they offer in a didactic way and with a really simple language a 'hyper-individualized' reading about each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

On this occasion, we have decided to create something different. We think that, just as there are different zodiac signs that define personalities, there are also certain Hanukeii sunglasses that can adjust and be more in line with our lifestyle and personal identity.

Pacific and Laguna Collection.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Gafas de sol Laguna  y Pacific junto a signos zodiacales Escorpio, Piscis y Cancer

Sunglasses for those who are sensitive, intense and who like good style. Without a doubt your artistic soul and intelligence radiates wherever you go. You have the quality of giving life to whatever you propose, whether it is a personal or professional project.On the other hand, you also have a negative side that those you just meet don't usually like very much, for example, your continuous and unexpected mood swings.

On the other hand, the feeling in you is on the surface and you have to treat yourself with tweezers, especially when you find yourself on those days when, if the sun hits your back, well, it's not your day. But when you're in a good mood, you're one of those people whose good vibes, fun and partying runs through their veins. Better said, you are black or white, there are no intermediate points with you.

That is why we 'predict' that the glasses that best fit you are those that are part of our Pacific and Laguna collection. We have opted for them, because they are a bit in the style of Sci fi, since you tend to love everything that is futuristic and strange. In addition, both collections have the classic and highly desired Cat-Eye frame, which, although it provides a certain poise and style to your look, making it even more interesting than you already are.

Because for example: You are at a conference, and it is already somewhat boring, because that is when your Laguna sunglasses come into action, these glasses will conceal it to the level, so much so that the other people at the event will miss you looking as if they were right in front of Anna Wintour herself. Additionally, we have thought so well about this collection that for those mood swings, we have three different colors for both Pacific and Laguna, which will fit wonderfully with the mood of the day.

Hyde and Pacific Collection.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Gafas de sol Pacific y Hyde junto a signos zodiacales Sagitario, Leo y Aries

If the world revolved around someone, you would love for it to revolve around you. Because there is no other element like fire that goes unnoticed, even when darkness takes center stage, your spark and energy usually give light and life. But at the same time, you have a characteristic that can be considered a weakness: like fire, you light up and go out very quickly and from those ashes little re-emerges, in short, you get bored very quickly of the routine, the monotony and When this happens, you don't usually look back much, because repeating the same path isn't very cool.

In addition to this, you are pursuers of freedom, even somewhat in excess, and adrenaline. When something looks risky, those who are usually in the front row are usually Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius, willing to do anything, from bungee jumping to going on a solo trip to the most remote place in the world.

Our travelers, adventurous, but also somewhat egocentric, have consulted the oracle and he has told us that the best glasses for you are our Hyde collection, as well as to a certain level the Pacific ones. And for this, we have the proof that proves it, for example in the case of the Hyde style, Karl Lagerfeld himself, who was Leo, opted for glasses with XXL frames. If you wanted to prevail in the fashion sector, this was the time to do it with glasses that cover even the slightest gesture of your eyebrows, like our Hyde, especially because it is very difficult to surprise you, since it is almost always due to your curiosity. and intuition you are already one step ahead, so hiding the little amazement with a poker face is your passion.

As for the Pacific Collection,  the signs of the fire element who opt for this model are always looking to mix elegance with a trash style, like Axl Rose or where everyone will want to have something to do with you , knowing where the party is, or what the next adventure is, and the truth is that these are plans that are difficult for you to say no to.

Village and Lombard Collection.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Gafas de Sol Hanukeii Lombard y Village junto a signos zodiacales de Virgo, Capricornio y Tauro

The earthly ones and lovers of what is certain, averse to change, we love them because they are the ones who remind us that sometimes it is necessary to have our feet on the ground for a while. You are that friend who remembers that not everything is jaleito and that we have to work to be able to see the fruits of what we reap later.

Queens of objectivity and logical reasoning prior to decision making. Like when in the middle of a car trip you calculate the kilometers of distance to know how much you should put in the gas tank, life could not be the same without you. However, so much rigidity has its not so positive points, for example, a change of plans can throw you off a bit, right? But calm down because surely you are always surrounded by some fire sign that makes you see the positive in the whole picture.

Our 'crystal ball' tells us that you go for the safe and the classic, as well as two of our eyewear collections: Lombard and Village. Both collections are similar to each other due to the circular format of their frame, which allows you to cover most of the eye area, allowing you to see everything with greater clarity and in a much broader panorama, as if you had a white canvas on which you can take the image. better decision regarding a situation, but be careful, because you like this model of glasses so much you may tend to look somewhat calculating and cold, a little smile from time to time does not feel bad at all.

The Soma and Southcal collection

Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Gafas de sol Hanukeii Soma y Southcal junto a signos zodiacales de Geminis, Libra y Acuario

We have to admit that it has been a little difficult for us to be able to choose the collection of glasses that best suits you in your element, it will be because within your group there is a Gemini, who can confuse us with his two faces! It's a joke. That is why we believe that there are two collections that may best suit you; the most flirtatious of the zodiac and the most indecisive too: The Soma and Southcal collection.

Your type of person is one who tends to analyze everything, what happens, what they meditate on, because they know that they need to make a good decision. You are often accused of having a somewhat cold personality, but the truth is that you are always calculating to avoid any mistakes, very attentive to details.

In addition to this, you also have a certain inclination towards service and humanitarian work, which is why your colleagues know that they can always count on you. We predict that our Soma and Southcal sunglasses are the ones that best fit this type of personality, with their cat-eye type frame that enhances the look of those who, when they go out on a terrace, aim to flirt. and always being elegant go hand in hand.

We hope that you liked our article today and found it interesting. Now that you know what type of sunglasses best suit your personality, and that they also go in a fun and curious way according to your zodiac sign, take a look at the entire collection of glasses we have at Hanukeii for you.


1. What is astrology?

It is the study of the position and movement of the constellations and their impact on earthly events, it can be used as a guide to better understand our personality, our thoughts or behaviors in a certain situation in our life.

2. What are the signs belonging to the water element?

The signs belonging to the water element are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. They are empathetic, protective, sensitive, impressionable, creative and intelligent.

3. What are the signs belonging to the air element?

The signs that belong to the air element are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are signs that are characterized by being thinkers, they analyze everything excessively, avoid conflicts, are flirtatious and tend to be indecisive.

4. What are the signs belonging to the fire element?

The signs that are part of the fire element are Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. They tend to be fun signs, egocentric, creative, decisive, persevering, reliable, always seeking freedom, justice and reason.

5.What are the signs belonging to the Earth element?

The earth element usually encompasses the signs of Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. People who belong to this group usually have personalities where logical reasoning predominates, they are not very flexible and somewhat cold. Responsibility and work are some of his greatest attributes.

6. What do the four elements mean: water, fire, air and earth?

Air, fire, earth and water are four elements that have always been present since the beginning of the earth's formation, therefore they have become the pillars that govern certain behaviors from the beginning in primitive cultures. From there begins the study of man, science and everything that surrounds him.

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