Descubre qué es el Nail Art: Tendencia de la mano de Rosalía

Discover what Nail Art is: Rosalia's Hand Trend

The Nail Art, which began to be spread by word of mouth thanks to the emblematic Spanish singer Rosalía, who by the way - don't miss the "10 things about Rosalía what you should know"-, is nothing other than nail aesthetics in which artistic finishes can be made or even capture art as happens in the US. USA where exhibitions of paintings designed to be transferred to nails are held.

It is a trend that, far from being a recent discovery, has a history in the history of beauty and aesthetics. It has two different uses: health, to strengthen the natural nail when it is in poor condition, and another for aesthetic appearance.

Most used types of nails

As for the type of qualities most used, you can find acrylic nails, which are made by combining a liquid acrylic component and another powder that solidifies upon contact with air. They are easy to apply and remove, but they are more rigid and if they are not properly placed they can damage the natural nail.

And the gel ones, their composition is more respectful of the environment and less invasive for the nail, but they are more expensive and have a shorter duration, although they can be filled in.

These solutions not only serve to show the creativity of those who make them, but they can also serve to express our style just as we do with the wardrobe.

Rosalía video "Aute Cuture" con traje de cleopatra y nail art doradas

It's not new. in fact it's from years ago

Somehow nail decoration is related to appearance and status. Already in ancient Egypt, in Rome and especially in the East, only the nobles and the powerful could afford to have long, decorated and painted nails, thereby expressing their privilege of not needing to work. Cleopatra already chose red-toned lands to decorate her nails, as well as the Romans, the pre-revolutionary French and the Ming dynasty that died out in 1644. These ancient Chinese were passionate about showing off long pointed nails in gold, silver and decorated tones, the closest thing to what is now known as Japanese manicure. But, it was not until 1932 in New York that red nail polish was created by the co-founder of a nail polish empire, Charles Lashman.

Proceso manicura tipo nail art con incrustación de piedras.

Nail art on stage

There is a long list of singers who have used nail art, such as Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Bad Gyal or Lady Gaga. But, if you ask us about nail art, we will probably come up with the image of Rosalía, who we can see on her Instagram showing it off, as part of her day by day, although in his performances, events and video clips is where he manages to give it prominence.

More than any other artist, Rosalía praises this art in the video clip for her song “Aute Couture” as well as that of “Linda” in which she exhibits her talent with the artist Tokisha. In this latest video clip, she places emphasis on tolerance, inclusion and gender equality, an action that is also clear with her posing with the sculptural penis-shaped bag by designer Stefe Van Looverende from the “F” collection. W21 seduce me” that reinforces an image of the artist that goes beyond the flamenco cliché to give an excessive and inclusive image at the same time that is the hallmark of the Rosalía style.

Artista Rosalia en su estudio de grabación luciendo sus uñas estilo Nail Art propio de la artista


  1. Who is in charge of Rosalía's manicure?

'Kro Vargas', the Colombian living in Miami, is the nail artist responsible for the latest works on Rosalía's nails since 2018.

  1. Where does Rosalía get her nails done in Barcelona?

'Dvine Nails' run by a young Peruvian woman called Maritza Paz, who has created her own business in Cerdanyola and in Barcelona is the one that has enchanted Rosalía with her nail art .

  1. What is the 'Fish Nail'?

It is the manicure that became fashionable in Japan during the pandemic, which consists of short, transparent gel ones, with the design of a Japanese carp that symbolizes prosperity and wealth and that Rosalía also used.

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