¿Conoces a Alexa Chung? ¡Esta diseñadora y escritora que nos inspira!

Do you know Alexa Chung? This designer and writer who inspires us!

There are people who, due to their talent and unmatched style and personality, become icons and influential figures. There are many women who show you that age is not a determining factor, that you can have more than one profession and succeed in all of them and that determination is the key to success. These are the type of figures that inspire us and move us. This time we introduce you to Alexa Chung, our #hanukeiigirl of the week.

Alexa Chung is one of the most stylish women on the fashion scene. She was born in the United Kingdom in 1983 and since she was 14 we have seen her triumphing on the catwalks, posing for renowned photographers and starring in music videos by various English artists. Of course, her great desire for modeling was never an impediment for Alexa to continue her studies. In fact, after successfully completing her university studies, the British woman wanted to learn about art and design before a famous modeling agency offered her her first employment contract.

We have seen her walking for great designers such as Karl Lagerfeld or Roberto Cavalli and her slightly slanted blue eyes and characteristic short hair have appeared on multiple covers of the most fashionable magazines. important in the world. In addition, the British woman has been a fashion icon also behind the cameras, which is why she is considered an it girl or “desired girl” in the fashion industry. Fashion. Her classic but trendy style has been one of the most photographed in the last decade and she is undoubtedly one of the queens of streetstyle.

His outfits are a majestic combination of fabrics, colors and prints that will not leave any fashion fan indifferent. For this reason, she has been awarded three times at the British FashionAwards held every year in her native country.

In addition to being an inspiring woman in the world of fashion, she is also inspiring as a writer and presenter. After leaving modeling aside, her popularity led her to be the host of several of the most watched programs on British television. In 2007 she began her career as an editor for fashion magazines and weekly newspapers and wrote her own blog Girl about town for several years. Finally she came to be in charge of the edition of Vogue magazine in the United Kingdom. This girl is an all-rounder!

After having explored the media, in 2013 her dedication led her to write and publish her first book: It . It was a great global success and in it she tells how she managed to find her personal style and what the world of fashion means to her. It provides a most stimulating vision of fashion. Add it to your wish list and you won't regret it! Her last project was the launch of her clothing brand “ Alexa Chung” last year 2017. The it girl has almost no projects left to carry out!

Maxi sunglasses with colored paste? Dreamy long dresses? Shirts with loud prints? If you want to get the most out of the most special clothes in your closet but you don't know how to combine them, here is a guide to imitate Alexa Chung's most successful looks.

Dresses midi with floral print

Vestidos Midi - Alexa Chung

If anyone knows how to wear floral prints in all their versions with style and personality, it is Alexa Chung. Since her first appearances on the streets of London we have been able to see her wearing dresses and skirts with cheerful and country motifs on multiple occasions. It seems to be one of her favorite clothes to wear around the city. midi garments can be difficult to wear due to the formality that this cut implies, but the truth is that good sneakers and an oversized sweater will make the look is much more casual. If casual sneakers are not your favorite footwear, you can also opt for classic-cut ballet flats and add a very '80s sweatshirt. This is one of the it girl's most famous outfits. He started wearing sweatshirts and relaxed clothes with more elegant ones and turned streetstyle into a true catwalk. You do the same! Take your most special items out of the closet and start using them on a daily basis as well. Finally, give a personal touch to the outfit with sunglasses, hats and jewelry and you will be the Alexa Chung of your city.

Denim overalls

Monos denim - Alexa Chung

Denim overalls are one of the trends that we will see the most during this spring-summer season. In addition to being a comfortable and versatile garment, it reminds us of the funniest outfits from the 80s and 90s. Alexa Chung is a true fan of denim overalls in both winter and summer. For a daytime occasion or a formal event, the it girl chooses this garment to break the mold of everyone present. In stores we can find them with short sleeves, long sleeves, straps, shorts, long ones, with buttons, elephant foot... The denim jumpsuit allows you to give free rein to your imagination, so get yours and start creating combinations of the craziest.

While you are building your own ideas, at Hanukeii we propose a few in case you need a little inspiration. First of all, choose a pair of dungarees in light tones for the day, roll up the bottoms and combine it with a simple shirt in the same tone, some casual sandals and a lot of colored rings and necklaces and you will continue with the eighties aesthetic that we love so much. this season. If you prefer to give a sophisticated air to your look, choose a classic denim overalls, wear it with a dark-colored jacket, platform sandals in metallic tones and your favorite clutch and you're done. prepared for a magical evening marked by style and personality. Who said dungarees were only for the day?

Twin sets

Twin Sets - Alexa Chung

If there is another trend that is making waves in current fashion, it is the twin sets, or also called total looks. It consists of dressing from top to bottom in the same print, fabric or color. In addition to betting on comfort, this trend also offers us the possibility of using each garment separately and thus making our purchase profitable. What's better than that? Alexa Chung has a master's degree in total looks and she has always given us original ideas to wear them without looking like we have put on a uniform. These types of outfits bring sweetness and freshness to your image. To start, it is important that you choose a garment and a cut that you feel comfortable with. Wearing a twin set is already daring enough for you to take risks in your shapes too! Once you have found the perfect outfit, all that remains is to choose a discreet bag and shoes that do not downplay the importance of the clothes. Remember that the protagonist here is the twin set. Alexa Chung combines her plaid baby doll shirt with a miniskirt in the same print, black cowboy booties and a simple clutch in the same color. Dare to wear the twin set this season and you will catch everyone's attention when you go out!

Leather skirts

Faldas de cuero- Alexa Chung

Leather skirts are a great choice when you're looking for a look for a festival, an afternoon with friends or a special night. It is a very versatile garment that will give a cool air to your look even though you have never broken a plate. Alexa Chung uses this garment in any season of the year and combines it in multiple ways.

Leather suits all types of bodies, enhances feminine curves and offers many possibilities when it comes to combining it with other fabrics. To start, choose a leather skirt of the shape and length that you like best and take into account the occasion that awaits you when selecting the rest of the clothes. Below we leave you two of Alexa's favorite options to show off hers. If you have a family meal combine your pencil skirt with a beige cashmere sweater and high boots in the same shades. Choose a trench and a baguette-type bag to be the most chic on your Instagram. If what you are looking for is a outfit at night for a romantic evening choose a miniskirt with zippers in burgundy tones and use this color range in the rest of the outfit to create a total look of the most sophisticated. Fitted turtleneck T-shirts flatter your figure and will elongate your torso if you wear them tucked into your skirt. Finally, choose shoes that make you feel more like yourself than ever and a round bag to finish off the look like Alexa does.

Now that you know what the it girl's favorite clothes are, don't hesitate to put her outfits into practice and show them off on the streets of your city with the confidence and firmness with which Alexa Chung carry out all your projects. Go for it!

Alexa Chung FAQ

How old is Alexa Chung?

Alexa Chung was born on November 5, 1983 in the county of Hampshire, United Kingdom. She is currently 37 years old and despite being very young, she has already carried out very relevant projects within the fashion industry such as publishing a book, being a television presenter and modeling for great designers.

What is Alexa Chung's style like?

Alexa is one of the most trendy women on the fashion scene and her style is sweet and classic as well as modern and daring. Not a single trend escapes her and she is even the one who creates them. Her favorite pieces are buttoned miniskirts, oversized blazers, masculine moccasins and babydoll shirts with loud prints. Her looks are characterized by the perfect balance between the most classic British fashion and the most daring avant-garde trends of the 21st century.

What is the name of Alexa Chung's Instagram account?

The model, writer and presenter is a fan of social networks and on her Instagram account you can find inspiring images of her daily life. You can search for her as @alexachung and you will find book recommendations that captivate her, photographs of elegant events she attends and some of the outfits she wears in her daily life

What is Alexa Chung's haircut?

If there is a star feature of Alexa Chung's look that represents her style, it is her mane . She has a bob cut with long bangs and casual waves in a chocolate brown tone that flatters her fair complexion.