¿Aún no conoces Halston? Si eres una fanática de la moda, esta miniserie de Netflix te encantará

Don't you know Halston yet? If you are a fashion fan, you will love this Netflix miniseries

Fashion is a beautiful as well as difficult industry. Succeeding as a designer is a true delight, but if you don't know how to digest it properly it can end in the greatest of failures. This was precisely what happened to Roy Halston, a master of sewing who marked a before and after in the fashion of the 70s. Below we discover the most interesting anecdotes of the series, but be careful!, without spoilers.

The return of Ewan Mcgregor

In the series we will be able to see how Halston reaches stardom in the world of fashion thanks to his ingenuity and perseverance, thus becoming one of the favorite designers of celebrities of the 70s and 80s. It shows the happiest moments of his life and also the most regrettable ones through Ewan McGregor, an actor who reincarnates the designer. There is action, crying, joy, excitement and despair. Whether you like fashion or not, you can't miss this series!

Ryan Murphy's bet

The American series was released last May 14 on Netflix and has 5 chapters of approximately 50 minutes each. It is a drama based on a book by Steven Gaines which reveals the strident life that Roy Halston led from beginning to end. It was thanks to the persistence of SharrWhite, creator of the series, and RyanMurphy, producer, that the adaptation of the designer's life saw the light of day on the big platform. For those of you who can't locate him, RyanMurphy is a successful screenwriter, writer and film and television producer who has produced audiovisual works such as Glee and American Horror Story. Having these references from its creators, are you going to miss it?

In addition to sensational direction and production, the cast of the series is no wonder. Ewan McGregor, multifaceted artist protagonist of cinema masterpieces such as Star Wars, The Impossible or Moulin Rouge gives life to Roy Halston. It is said that the actor prepared the role with dedication and learned about fashion, sewing and design to embody the character. Krista Rodríguez is a famous singer, dancer and actress who triumphed in works such as The Virginity Hit and Quantico and in the series she plays the charismatic Hollywood artist Liza Minnelli, who was Halston's best friend until the end of her days.

We will also see William Pullman, an American actor and director who starred in films such as The Independence Day and The Sinner, giving life to the philanthropic businessman David Mahoney. We will also find in the series the young actress Rebecca Davan, recognized for her role in Vampires everywhere, who plays the character of Elsa Peretti, an important fashion designer. jewelry from big houses like Tiffany's, and also Halston's model in his first years as a designer.

Who was Roy Halston

Roy Halston

The protagonist of the series had a life full of success, creativity, recognition, selfishness, greed, failure and despair. Roy Halston was an innovative, creative and peculiar designer who came to the fashion industry in the 60s to completely revolutionize it. He grew up in Iowa, United States, and in his early teens he moved to Chicago with his family, where he began designing hats, studying art, and working as a decorator. He was a handsome and stylish man who fought to make his way in an industry that would change his life completely.

In the series you can see how his beginnings in the world of design were and his ambition to always seek perfection. His ingenious and agile mind combined with his audacity and greed to achieve the construction of true works of art. He quickly caught up with the city and his creations were recognized by great stylists, magazines and photographers. After his initial success he went to live in New York and opened his first store there. It didn't take long for the designer's muses and models to knock on his door when he moved to the city. It was in the Big Apple where it also began to attract famous and successful women such as Jacqueline Kennedy, who wore one of its hats at a public event in 1961.

Jaqueline Kennedy - Halston

Halston quickly became one of the most recognized fashion designers in the world and managed to dress women of the caliber of Elizabeth Taylor and Bianca Jagger. Fame and success quickly took hold of him and parties, drugs, sex and greed began to lead his life into a labyrinth from which he was unable to escape. Popularity made Halston forget values ​​such as love and respect and fill the rest of his days with rage and selfishness.

Finally, his pace of life harmed his health and at the age of 56 he was diagnosed with AIDS, thus being forced to retire from the world of fashion and cancel his activity in the New York nightlife. At the age of 58 he died due to lung cancer caused by his illness.

A fashion production where style is the protagonist

Roy Halston La Serie

The series represents the most strident and glamorous aesthetic of Halston's 70s. It was he who introduced shirt dresses tied at the waist, cashmere sweaters, clean-cut pants and structured jackets made of very high-quality materials. His favorite colors were red, black and beige, also giving sporadic touches of color to his clothes with electric blue and fuchsia. Throughout the entire series we will be able to see this color palette through its most famous designs. Below we see Halston's Ultrasuede dress, one of her most iconic pieces.

In the first chapters of the series, some of Halston's most emblematic sketches are recreated and the costumes worn by the entire cast are a true work of art. Just to appreciate the fall of the series' dresses, the wide-brimmed hats worn by its characters and the fur coats that we can see in its shows, it is worth swallowing all its chapters. The person in charge of Halston's costumes is the young designer Jeriana San Juan, who went out of her way to find original pieces of Halston's clothing throughout the United States. She searched second-hand stores, online auctions and private stores and finally managed to find unique and special garments that became the protagonists of the series. The clothing in the series reminds us that fashion always returns and allows us to appreciate a period aesthetic that is very appealing in the middle of 2021.

If you are a fashion lover and you haven't heard of Halston yet, you know where to find her! Its 5 chapters will take you into the 70s of a New York full of fame, success and lust at the hands of the most famous designer of the time. Don't miss it, you'll have fun!

Halston Series FAQ

Who is Halston?

Roy Halston was the first American designer to rise to fame in the 70s. She revolutionized the fashion industry with her shirt dresses, wide-brimmed hats and halter dresses. In addition, he was the king of nightlife at the time in New York.

How many chapters does the series have?

The series is made up of 5 chapters of approximately 50 minutes each and you can find it on Netflix.

How did Halston die?

The success that the designer quickly obtained led him to be part of a life full of fun but also unhealthy habits. Drugs, alcohol and his bad routines caused him to be diagnosed with AIDS at the age of 56, the disease that would end his life two years later.