Lagunas, Mercados y Barrios;  Lugares que nos inspiran a crear

Lagoons, Markets and Neighborhoods; Places that inspire us to create

Our glasses Laguna, SOMA and Southcal receive specific influences: from Laguna Beach, the South Of Market and the Southern California coast. However, they have also been inspired by the color of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, from the comparison of SOMA with other markets in the United States and some small cities in the south of Cali.

We will tell you, below, which are these elements that have inspired us and that have participated in the creation of our collection.

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There are countless lakes and lagoons in the world that do not have the “normal” blue color that we are used to seeing. There are many that have a great variety of colors that are far from what is called usual, many are colored by curious effects that are the result of chemical or biological compounds that, although it may not seem like it, have nothing to do with the consequences of the pollution, which increases the value of these shades that adorn the landscapes in which they are found.

We can find blood-colored lagoons that have acquired this color, or optical effect, if applicable, due to the algae found at the bottom of them. Blue, turquoise, bright or pastel, which comes from friction with glaciers. And green and pink, which we can even appreciate in Spain.

Next, we illustrate two of them, so that you can locate them on the map and know the reason for their colors, and, if you dare, go visit them.

  • Red Lagoon, Chile
Laguna Roja, Desierto Atacama

    The Red Lagoon is also known as the “Red Sea” and is located more than 3.500 meters above sea level. It is, without a doubt, the most attractive oasis in the Atacama Desert. The lagoon is located near a small town called Camiña. Although it is visually very attractive, the locals describe it as a cursed place, since legend has it that many men from the Aymara people died after drinking this water; Therefore, from that moment on it is said that the waters of the Red Lagoon belong to the devil.

    It is true that providing a justification for the red color of this water can lead to numerous speculations, however, science has confirmed that this tone is due to the mixture of sedimentation of the minerals found in the bottom of the lagoon, which is at a temperature of more than 40ºC, with the pigments of the algae that live there.

    Laguna Roja

    • Laguna Verde, Spain

    We locate the Laguna Verde in the Natural Park of Los Volcanes de Lanzarote. More specifically, in the heart of a crater that opens to the sea and is known as El Golfo. We are in a municipality on the island called Yaiza.

    This lagoon connects with the sea, but does not touch it, a beach with black sand separates them due to the amount of minerals, like olivine, that inhabit it.

    The lagoon receives this name due to a type of seafood called clico that was abundant in ancient times, and which, legend has it (again), became extinct because of Domingo Lorenzo Viera who decided to release two turtles into the waters of the Gulf and the consequence was the disappearance of seafood.

    Laguna Verde Lanzarote

    The greenish color is explained due to the concentration of plant organisms that are in suspension due to the large amount of salt in the Lagoon, which allows these organisms to grow and settle on the surface.

    In this case, the environment has played against the size and characteristics of this lagoon, as it has decreased considerably due to evaporation caused by climate change. Currently, alternatives are constantly being sought to save this unique and special place that nature has given us.

    In South California is Palm Springs

    • Palm Springs

      Palm Springs is located in the Coachella Valley, a city that is an hour and a half from Los Angeles.

      What activities can you do here? You can, if you like, enjoy a day playing golf on the different courses that are located throughout the city and that offer dreamlike landscapes. If you prefer, there are also many possibilities for horse riding, trekking in the mountains and skiing in the cold mountains in winter.

      In the afternoon you can stroll around, visit the many shops, boutiques and art galleries, and when night falls, you can join the Palm Springs nightlife at its local bars and restaurants.

      Palm Springs

      The city of Palm Springs has its origins when a local American people called “Cahuillas” lived in the desert in winter and in the canyons of the highest mountains in summer. In the city there are numerous tours and museums that explain in depth the history of this ancient town; one of reference is the Palm Springs Art Museum.

      The city, in the middle of the 19th century, became a reference point in the world of fashion, and when icons like Elvis and Sinatra began to buy mansions here, when Palm Springs experienced massive growth. The modernist style, design and architecture permeated the city and attracted designers, artists and architects who were interested in discovering what Palm had to offer.

      In addition to its interior, the city stands out for the natural landscape spectacle that surrounds it. We recommend taking the Aerial Tamway cable car from Palm Springs to San Jacinto Peak. The views are wonderful, the landscape is full of forests, mountains and a very personal and characteristic aura that will make you enjoy the entire journey.

      The fauna of this American area is, to say the least, curious; There are countless rare birds, black bears and bighorn sheep abound. You can delve into the depths of Indian Canyon and discover them. If that seems too risky, you can choose to visit the Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium, which contains fragments of the desert fleet.

      When evening falls, enjoy a cocktail in a vintage bar and appreciate the balance that the city exudes: the perfect combination of style and high standards with nature.


      In addition to the famous South Of Market, which has been our great inspiration when creating our SOMA sunglasses model, in Southern Cali there is a wide variety of markets that you can go to and far from regretting, you will want to visit week after week.


      • Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market.

      Every second Sunday of the month, the Rose Bowl Flea Market and Market Place opens. This is a flea market located in Pasadena and where second-hand items and antique objects abound. This is one of the most famous in the state, and due to its great popularity, the price of admission is around $9. But it's worth it. The opening hours of this Market are from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

      • Farmer's Market Hollywood

        Like the Rastro, every Sunday morning, Ivar Avenue, the Los Angeles Farmer's Market opens. In this market you can find typical products from Los Angeles and the city of California. From fresh food to artisanal and ethnic products... A treat for all those who love homemade things with personality.

        • Grand Central Market

          This market is located at 317 South Broadway, and is listed as one of the oldest in Los Angeles. This Market has not closed its doors since the 2000s and you can find a wide variety of products, but the most characteristic thing about this place is the great gastronomic offer that you can find. Day after day, this market opens its doors from 9 in the morning until 10 at night.

          We hope that you liked this article, that it has inspired you and, above all, that we have motivated you to travel and see new places!