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How to combine your Pacific glasses by Hanukeii like Hailey Baldwin

Hanukeii sunglasses are designed for stylish women who are passionate about following the cutting-edge trends of each season. If you also like to be on trend, today we show you 3 ways to combine our Pacific collection following the style of the most top American model and presenter of the moment: Hailey Baldwin. You don't want to miss it, right?

The Pacific sunglasses model by Hanukeii shows us how the most representative aesthetic of the 90s has returned to our dressing rooms in 2021. Its slightly torn frame is reminiscent of the cat eye style that celebrities like Britney Spears and Jennifer Aniston wore non-stop this decade. Hailey Baldwin is a fan of 90s style, and also a woman capable of adapting the most groundbreaking trends of each season and making them her own in an instant. Therefore, if like Hailey you love crop tops, coordinated outfits, bucket hats and platforms, you will fall in love with the three models in the Pacific collection. You won't know which one to choose!

Success has not magically come to Hailey Baldwin's life... Get to know her background !

Hailey Baldwin is a true mass revolution at only 24 years old, and if one thing is clear to us, it is that her style sets trends wherever she goes. She was born in Tucson, Arizona and is the daughter of famous actor Stephen Baldwin and graphic designer Kennya Deodato. In addition, he has an older sister with whom he shares a great physical resemblance. Since she was little she has been surrounded by great artists who have turned her into the woman she is today. Her professional career began at the age of 18, when Hailey decided to join the Ford modeling agency and became the face of major advertising campaigns for brands such as Topshop, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. In addition, she was one of the great teen stars of Vogue magazine in 2014 and walked with inspiring women like Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio for Moschino.

When she was already known for her work in the fashion and advertising industry, Hailey launched herself into the world of television as a host of successful programs, going so far as to present the MTV European Music Awards gala in 2015. And as if that were not enough, last year 2017 she also launched her own shoe collection for the British brand Public Desire. Currently, in addition to combining her career as a model with her work on social networks collaborating for different fashion and cosmetic brands, her looks are the main protagonists of the streetstyle of the moment.

What is Hailey Baldwin's style like?

Cómo es el estilo de Hailey Baldwin - Gafas Pacific Hanukeii

The style of the American model and presenter is a reflection of the most street fashion of the Manhattan neighborhood. For a few years now, American celebrities have had a predilection for combining the most sporty garments with more formal and sophisticated ones. This is what is known as sporty-chic fashion. Hailey Baldwin opts for comfort in all her daytime looks and at night she combines dreamy stilettos with the sexiest dresses that have nothing to do with her casual style of the day. It is clear that to be a reference in fashion it is necessary to exploit the creativity and imagination that is in your mind, and even when looking for it, there are people who are not able to achieve it. This is not the case with Hailey, who since she became famous has starred in some of the most trendy looks at events, galas and on the streets of Canada, where she currently resides with her partner Justin Bieber. Both create an urban atmosphere that will leave you speechless!

Although Hailey's favorite style is sporty-chic, sometimes she opts for other types of clothing that have nothing to do with this style, because suddenly we can see her with a flowy blazer, pleated pants and high-heeled boots. What does appear in all its combinations are sunglasses, gold accessories and the most desired classic bags from great designers such as Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga or Gucci. Below we will see 3 outfits with which Hailey Baldwin triumphs in streetstyle and that are very easy to imitate. To do this, remember that you are going to need your Pacific sunglasses from Hanukeii. They will make you stomp and show off your looks with the confidence you need. Don't miss them and keep reading!

A relaxed look to explore the city without stopping… but not without your Pacific Black!

Cómo combinar tus gafas de sol Pacific de Hanukeii al estilo de Hailey Baldwin

In the first look that we bring you Hailey opts for low-waisted oversized pants for her busiest days in the city, a trend that she rescued last year 2020 inspired by the fashion from the 90s, and which combines perfectly with bomber style jackets, crop tops and the chunky sneakers by Balenciaga that They remind us of the famous style that Britney Spears wore in her most successful years. It is an aesthetic that she shares with her close friends Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who wear the most top outfits on the streets of New York that will also serve as inspiration to combine your Pacific glasses.

And as it could not be otherwise, the model joins the trend of sunglasses style cat eye with this type of outfits, and therefore, if you want to imitate the most popular style of the American model, our Pacific Black glasses will provide the personality and the chic touch that your look needs more sport. If some of your favorite fashion references are the Spice Girls, Britney Spears or Sarah Jessica Parker, with these glasses you will feel more yourself than ever!

Colección Pacific Black Hanukeii

If blazers are the star item in your wardrobe... the Pacific Marble/Burgundy will be your allies in the most sophisticated office looks!

There are those who think that cat eye style glasses are glasses that can only be worn with looks cool, fun and urban...but far from reality, Pacific glasses are designed for women with a sport style, but they are also perfect for a more formal occasion in which you need an extra touch of glamour.

As we can see below, the American model and presenter usually combines XL unstructured blazers with printed t-shirts, mom fit pants and the most famous Bottega Venetta sandals, a must-have this season. Additionally, add more casual accessories such as the baseball cap and the fisherman's bucket hat to give a relaxed touch to the outfit. We love it!

Cómo combinar tus gafas de sol Pacific de Hanukeii según Hailey Baldwin

It's the perfect outfit to go to the office to work on a Friday... And if when you go out you always have plans with friends, don't complicate things and put on a blazer first thing in the morning, it always spruces up any look! !

If, like Hailey Baldwin, you are also an unconditional fan of the blazer in all its versions, get the Pacific Marble/Burgundy glasses and their animal print and purple lenses will make that basic outfit composed of a blazer and jeans be the star of your Friday afternoon with friends. With Hanukeii glasses you bet on protection without giving up style. What are you waiting for to get them?

Colección Pacific Marble Hanukeii

Not without my long coat! This garment combines perfectly with the most elegant glasses in the collection: the Pacific Tortoise/Black.

As we already know, the leopard print is one of the most famous prints in the world of fashion. It was born from the hand of icons such as Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly in the 60s, an era characterized by the elegance, sophistication and careful styling of its great celebrities. Over time, it has been a print that has been established in our closets to give the trendy touch to our most basic outfits. Currently, women like Olivia Palermo or Alexa Chung combine the leopard print like true experts. For this reason, at Hanukeii we believe that the Pacific Tortoise/Black glasses will give an elegant touch to your simplest outfits with their animal print. In addition to combining perfectly with jeans, white shirts and blazers, Hanukeii's Tortoise/Black glasses are also ideal to wear with this season's star garment: coats and long trench coats. The length of this garment makes sophistication the main characteristic of the look, and the same thing happens with the animal print.

Hailey Baldwin wears this garment in all seasons of the year. Below we will see how she combines it with leather pants, crop tops with straps, the most comfortable crossbody bags and sneakers with platform. However, in the coldest winter months, she uses long coats in materials such as knit, wool or leather and combines them with suede maxi boots, oversized high-necked sweaters and the star shoulder bag from Givenchy.

Cómo combinar tus gafas de sol Pacific de Hanukeii según Hailey Baldwin

In short, the Tortoise/Black model from the Pacific collection is the favorite of the most sophisticated and elegant women who want to give a trendy touch to their outfits. Since its animal print reminds us of the classiest celebrities of the 60s, they will make your favorite outfits look with distinction. If you don't know how to combine them, you've already seen that they work perfectly with the longest clothes in your closet, which are also Hailey Bieber's favorites.

Pacific Tortoise Black Hanukeii


What features do Hanukeii's Pacific sunglasses have?

In addition to their chic, urban and elegant style, they also offer you the quality you need to protect your eyes from the most invasive damage from the sun. They have category 3 lenses, which means that they filter light radiation by 90% and in addition, they are polarized glasses, so they provide clarity and do not reflect the most annoying rays of the sun.

Are Hanukeii's Pacific collection sunglasses waterproof?

Despite being made of polycarbonate and high quality lenses, at Hanukeii we recommend that you do not expose your sunglasses to the most extreme water activities. If you are simply going to be having a mojito in the pool but you are not going to dive in, use them carefully and there will be no risk. But, under no circumstances should you use them to swim in the sea; Despite their high quality, they will not resist salt spray and waves, and you may lose sight of them at any time.

What is the hobby of the American model Hailey Baldwin?

Her passion for ballet came when Hailey was very little. She practiced it from the age of 5 and her dream was to become a professional dancer, but she suffered a serious foot injury that prevented her from continuing with her training.