Cómo volverte viral en TikTok y no fallar en el intento .

How to go viral on TikTok and not fail in the attempt.

The digital consumption of our days fills us with amazement, as well as sometimes, with uncertainty. All of us dedicate part of our time to massive consumption of social networks, even one of the latest Deloitte surveys states that 1 in 3 people look at their mobile screen once every 7 minutes, that is, about 150 times a day. It's amazing.

And they are sufficient reasons for new applications and other digital products to appear in the game every day, replacing or complementing the existing ones. The curious thing about this whole story is that in a certain way, no matter how much we resist, we all want to be there, be viral, be seen and recognized.

Social Media

Now, we like to ask ourselves about what is it about social networks that is so addictive? I wish we had the exact answer, however, it goes beyond modern design and portability.In fact, we would dare to think that it has to do with the universal language that they use and the speed with which the content is taught.

When we talk about universal language we mean that it is simple and clear. They are made so that all types of people understand it, and when we say everyone, it means EVERYONE. Regardless of your language, country, age or profession. And as for speed, it is directly linked to the average attention rate of a person on the Internet, that is, how long you pay attention to what you see when you browse the web. It usually ranges between 5 and 10 min. but over the years and with the amount of visual information that surrounds us, we have reduced it to 8 seconds, on the internet. Crazy!

One of the social networks that knew how to combine both keys to online success very well was TikTok. And at first it sounded like just another platform for audiovisual content used by influencers... but now, it is the one who rules the roost in the domain of the vast majority of digital platforms that exist in the world.

The creator of TikTok: Zhang Yiming, had everything very clear since 2016. Who at that time, observing the behavior of people on YouTube and the stories of Instagram, discovered that people were speeding up or skipping the videos, and in the end if, for example, your purpose was to sell online, this content was simply wasted. So what was the most sensible solution? Videos of less than a minute, songs with recurring and contagious rhythms, accelerated movements. And to this day, it has been a success.

The truth is, that today it is not only used by influencers or celebrities, in fact, clothing brands, films, emerging musicians, even social causes see TikTok as their best ally to make themselves known. know.

And you, if you know that you have something to teach others and that people can learn from you, or even want to generate extra income through networks, TikTok can be a solution, which in the medium and long term you will be able to enjoy its benefits. It is for this reason that at Hanukeii we have prepared this article with some tricks so that you can demolish the dreaded 'algorithm'... just kidding, but so that you more or less understand it and learn to live with it. In addition, they will be tips so that you appear in the feed of the millions of users that this platform has. Ready? Let's go for it.


Anyone can open an account on TikTok.

Ser viral en TikTok - Hanukeii

Yes… if you have a smartphone, opening a TikTok account is the order of the day. However, it's not as simple as posting and hoping that followers will rain from the sky. There are actions that make the content you are sharing go viral.

Make it part of your routine.

Ser viral en TikTok - Hanukeii

Something that the TikTok algorithm punishes is the lack of consistency of the user, as well as as an observer or as a player, if you don't move in the water the algorithm is simply going to sink you. It is recommended that you upload content daily and that it also have the same narrative line, so the algorithm will work magic and help you position as quickly as possible.

At the end it's all about trends.

Ser viral en TikTok- Hanukeii

Which word has had no more trend than the trend itself. Just like on Twitter or Instagram, every day or week, there will be a keyword that will define the user's behavior for at least an average of 72 hours.

TikTok knows this very well, and its success stories have been songs linked to a specific dance with repetitive movements, or movie audios applied to real life. In the end, the content that users create becomes funny or is aesthetically well formulated, which makes more people want to replicate it and the domino effect is undeniable.

If you are on TikTok, the “For you” section will show you a list of trends, you use the same format that others use, for example: the same music, movements and words and maybe tomorrow you will appear in the feed of “For you”.

Value content.

Ser viral en TikTok- Hanukeii

To start, you should imitate a little what others do, but once you have achieved a certain audience, use the trends, but set your personal style, that will help you level up within the platform.

Follow the leader.

Ser viral en TikTok - Hanukeii

When following big accounts, the trends will be on your table first thing in the day, look at what song they use, how they interact with users, and maybe if you create interaction with one of them, you can make a collaboration in the future, this It would be a boost for your account.

Quality above all.

Ser viral en TikTok - Hanukeii

We live in a time where technology and aesthetics give us the feeling of consuming “quality.” We have become so demanding in this aspect that we can no longer stand watching a video where the image quality is pixelated, or the audio is superimposed, or simply cannot be heard. You can publish whatever, you already know the colors to your liking, but if there is no quality in them, users will simply ignore you. So we always recommend videos in HD and vertically, with these two bases you will be on your way.

If you're going to use music, be local.

Ser viral en TikTok- Hanukeii

Perhaps Spotify's “Daily Mix” list is not the best alternative if your goal is to go viral. It is advisable to use the music that the App itself is offering you, trust that because it is what people are asking for and also want to listen to. Maybe it has happened to you that you have a certain song in your head humming it all day, if you go to TikTok in the “For You” section there will be a number of videos with that song and you will be able to know who it is from and be able to remove that doubt. Incredible isn't it?

Hashtags will never go out of style

Ser viral en TikTok - Hanukeii

    Just as we have been using hashtags on other social networks for a few years now, TikTok has four hashtags that are essential:

    #Foryou #Foryourpage #fyp #foryou.

    With these, along with your own personalized ones that are related to the content, you can achieve success, but don't worry about the number of hashtags as that is also punished by the algorithm. EYE.

    The schedules, punctuality or not.

    Ser viral en TikTok-Hanukeii

      The issue of schedules is not a certain science, but what is true is that you should publish as much as possible within the same time slot, for example: between 11am.00 and 17.00h is the best time, but do not publish at specific times such as: 12.00 pm, maybe spend a few minutes, here punctuality works against you, since, like you, there are millions doing the same thing, and if you publish at the same time as another user with a little more presence, your content will be forgotten.

      Interact, share and never forget that you are human.

      Ser viral en TikTok - Hanukeii

        Something that many content creators forget on their networks are their followers. In fact, they forget that it was they who positioned them, not the brands, those came later. For this reason, even if you have a not very large number of followers, interact with them and be empathetic, this is appreciated and builds loyalty among your users.

        Answer their questions about the products you use, the place where you are, and even return the greeting and you will see that over time those who were with you at the beginning will continue to be when you dominate the millions of followers of the App.

        Maybe it is not the magic formula to go viral on TikTok, but it is a point from which you can begin to explore and exploit your creativity so that other users know you. You can create that fashion content that you always wanted in a very original way, as if you were telling your friends, that is the best key. Or even a makeup tutorial, because even if you can't fully explain the process in 15 seconds, you can show the final result and people who are interested can see your profile on your personal website or YouTube channel.

        In short, they are resources that we have at hand and it would be good to know how to use them. We hope you liked this post as much as we did and that it is useful to you.

        Andrea Vélez Ardila