4 gafas de sol icónicas en la historia de la moda

4 iconic sunglasses in fashion history

Are you a fashion fan and do you like to be aware of everything that happens in this addictive world? If so, this post interests you! All the garments and accessories we wear today have a story behind them, a reason that justifies their success. The same thing happens with our protagonists today: sunglasses. In addition to being a useful accessory with which to protect our eyes from the sun's radiation, it is also an element that adds personality and distinction to our appearance.

As with decoration, travel and gastronomy, the world of fashion is full of trends that we quickly adapt to our personal tastes to feel integrated into society. Exactly the same thing happens with sunglasses. Every year trends are born and re-emerge that reach streetstyle rescuing the most classic styles that are present, season after season in our closet. This is the main reason for the success of sunglasses: their maintenance over time thanks to new designs that preserve their essence.

From Hanukeii we discover 4 models of sunglasses that have been and are an icon for the world of fashion thanks to great celebrities who have marked a before and after in the use of this accessory. Some of them have starred in successful film productions and music videos and others have been present on red carpets and popular Hollywood events, but all of them have revolutionized the world of fashion.

1. Glasses cat eye; synonymous with sweetness and elegance

    cat eye sunglasses are synonymous with elegance. They emerged in the 50s and 60s from the hand of successful women like Marilyn Monroe, who left a great legacy to the world of fashion by combining the sweetness of her pompous dresses with the sophistication of these glasses, or Audrey Hepburn, actress who wore this model. impeccably in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), combined with pearl jewelry that elevated her aesthetic to the highest level.

    Audrey Hepburn

    They are an icon of the pin-up style so characteristic of the 50s that wears red lips and eyeliner as their flag. In addition to being sunglasses that add elegance to your most basic outfits consisting of a t-shirt and jeans, they also flatter all types of faces thanks to their frame with pointed corners. They will lift your gaze even on the most tired days.

    From Hanukeii we know that cat eye glasses return year after year to the catwalks, being the main protagonists of the most emblematic looks of celebrities such as Taylor Swift or Oliva Palermo. Therefore, our Laguna glasses are just what you are looking for if the 50s pin-up aesthetic is one of your favorites.

    Laguna Tortoise Black

    Hanukeii offers you three models of cat eye glasses that will make you unable to decide on just one. The glasses in the collection have a pointed polycarbonate frame, an ultra-resistant and durable material, and category 3 polarized lenses, so their quality is fully assured since they protect 90% of solar radiation.

    As for the design, they preserve the traditional cat-eye shape that was worn in the 50s, making your appearance have the elegance and sensitivity you are looking for. You can find them in three different shades and you will fall in love with all of them. First of all, the Laguna Black, classic and perfectly combinable with all types of looks and garments. Secondly, the Laguna Tortoise/Black, classic but with a wild touch thanks to its animal print that conveys power and elegance. And finally, the Laguna Bi-Magenta/Black, in pink tones that will add sweetness and softness to your aesthetic.

    cat eye sunglasses have been reinvented in multiple ways with the aim of providing the touch of style and personality that characterized the most elegant actresses and celebrities of the 50s and 60s. And you, what are you waiting for to get yours?

    2. Maxi rounded glasses: the chic and classic Hollywood style

    Jackie Kennedy

      Maxi glasses are the perfect example that fashions are cyclical and always return to our closets. Since the 1960s, celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy, first lady of the United States, have worn sunglasses of considerable size to cover their eyes from the sun, and also be able to observe people without being seen. Later, in the 2000s, big Hollywood stars such as Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian resumed the use of this accessory in order to hide from the paparazzi and photographers in the city.

      Maxi glasses, and specifically the rounded ones, have an exclusive characteristic that differentiates them from the rest of the models, and in addition, they protect very well from the sun because their lenses cover a large part of the ocular area. But, be careful! Their simplicity and elegance can be easily interrupted if they are not combined properly. Given their large dimensions and notoriety, it is better to err on the side of simplicity by combining them with simple garments such as jeans or chinos, poplin shirts in a basic color and sneakers or sandals kitten to downplay the importance of the rest of the look. In this way, success is assured!

      Lombard Tortoise Black

      At Hanukeii we offer you the Lombard collection, made up of three models of maxi glasses in super top colors that you will love. Their frame is made of polycarbonate, a very resistant compound that will make your glasses accompany you for many years. Their crystals are category 3 and meet all the quality standards of the European standard, so they protect 90% of the most invasive rays of the sun, and in addition, they are polarized, so that they do not reflect in absolute and allow you to observe a clear and comfortable reality without discomfort.

      In addition to being a model that provides elegance and exclusivity, it is also the ideal option for the sunniest days of summer where you need your eyes to be well protected from the sun's most harmful rays. You won't take them off!

      You can find them in black, a basic for your most daring looks. The Tortoise Black to highlight your most sophisticated outfits, and finally, theLombard pastel/blue that will break all the molds. And you, which ones do you choose?

      3. Square sunglasses; a nod to the fashion of the 70s

        Square sunglasses arrived in the 70s thanks to transgressive designers like Versace or Armani who popularized fashion without rules or limits. The mix of colors, bold prints and geometric shapes are just some of the most famous characteristics of the era. Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin were two of the great fashion influencers of the 70s, having marked a before and after in the industry through boho-chic garments and accessories that turned them into great models. to follow, and also, one of the first to wear square glasses at events and catwalks.

        Briggitte Bardot

        In addition to being comfortable sunglasses that balance the most uneven features of the face thanks to their square frame, they will also add fun and identity to your appearance thanks to their large dimensions. You won't leave anyone indifferent when you wear them! They work perfectly with simple looks made up of timeless garments, but they will also be the perfect complement for those days when you have worn all the prints and colors you had in your closet. Playing with fashion is fun, so why not do it with our sunglasses too?

        Hyde Green

        Hanukeii offers you a very cool alternative to fill with charisma and style those days when inspiration is conspicuous by its absence. The Hyde collection will be your favorite if you are looking for a retro feel in your looks. Its three models of glasses have a square frame made of polycarbonate, a firm and resistant material that is also very light, and its lenses are polarized and have a category 3 filter, so that they protect 90% of the sun's light rays. .

        You can find them in black, like the Hyde Black:  the most elegant option. Also, the Hyde Green, in bottle green: an original and flattering color in equal parts. And finally the Hyde Tortoise: in tortoiseshell with animal print, an option that never goes out of style.

        4. 90s retro sunglasses; modern and daring

          Retro sunglasses are the greatest exponent of 90s fashion whose references such as Julia Roberts, Kate Moss, and even inspired by a certain style from the 50s. For this reason, and as it could not be otherwise, we wanted to pay tribute to a model of glasses, which despite being somewhat controversial, is an icon in the world of fashion.

          Marilyn Monroe

          These are glasses with a peculiar design characterized by small frames, called square cat eye, which cover only the central part of the eyes, giving a daring and modern touch to the simplest outfits of your day to day. But the most trendy thing about these glasses is wearing them slightly droopy to give a carefree and casual appearance to your style.

          If you are still hesitating and don't know very well which retro glasses to get, at Hanukeii we present the Pacific collection, an option with three models that will make all your doubts about this trend disappear. They are small glasses with slightly pointed ends that will give the personality you are looking for to your simplest outfits.

          The collection consists of three very top models in three colors that will combine perfectly with all the clothes in your closet. Firstly, the Pacific Black, a model with black frames and lenses that, in addition to personality and style, will provide the elegance you are looking for for your most organized looks . Secondly, the Pacific Tortoise/Black, glasses with leopard print frames and darkened lenses that add fun and sophistication to your look, however you wear them. And last but not least, the most daring glasses in the collection: the Pacific Marble/Burgundy, glasses with animal print frames and purple lenses that will not leave anyone indifferent. from around you. And you, what are you waiting for to get them?

          Pacific Tortoise Black

          For some time now, sunglasses have become the star accessory of all our outfits. They are the queens of our daily lives, but not only during the hottest months of the year, but also in the coldest ones. For this reason, and if fashion is one of your great passions, you would surely like to know the story behind each of the glasses models in your dressing room. Retro glasses, maxi glasses, round glasses and cat eye glasses, all of them will add distinction and personality to your appearance depending on how you combine them. So now you know, fashion is there to play with, do it with your sunglasses too!