Calle Lombard y otros 10 lugares que no te debes perder si visitas San Francisco, CA.

Lombard Street and 10 other places you shouldn't miss if you visit San Francisco, CA.

At Hanukeii we are lovers of combining urban style with a casual pace of life and keeping up with the latest trends, which is why our glasses models, specifically the 'Soma', 'Hyde' and 'Lombard' can perfectly identify with this type of person: the one who lives in a city, but still leads a relaxed lifestyle and is willing to fall in love with every corner of their city.

In honor of our 'Lombard' model we wanted to talk about the 10 best places in San Francisco, among which of course are the mythical Lombard Street. Keep reading because in this article we propose the obligatory stops that you should make on your next visit to this spectacular city, protagonist of the bay that bears its name.

We know that choosing a city in the United States can be complicated, since this country is home to some of the most famous in the world; New York, Miami or Los Angeles may surely be the first ones that come to mind due to their worldwide fame and the numerous activities you can find in them. However, as we have already said, the United States has numerous destinations to choose from to visit and enjoy spectacular scenery, and without a doubt, at Hanukeii we believe that San Francisco is one of them.

Its extensive leisure offer, nightlife, and multiculturalism are some of the factors that make San Francisco the perfect city to visit and even to live. Ranked as the second city with the best quality of life in the United States, only behind Honolulu, this coastal city is home to some of the most emblematic monuments and corners of the entire California coast.

Although the main protagonist of this article is Lombard Street, we could not help but recommend other essential places on your visit to the bay:

1. Golden Gate

Golden Gate San Francisco

It is impossible to talk about San Francisco without mentioning the Golden Gate Bridge. Inaugurated in 1937, this bridge is one of the longest and highest in the world, as it spans almost 3 kilometers and is suspended over 227 meters high. Built after World War I with the aim of alleviating the obstruction of maritime traffic, this bridge, which can be perfectly observed from various points such as Mirador H. Dana Bowers is without a doubt the symbol of the city of San Francisco.

2. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks San Francisco

Literally 'Twin Peaks' in Spanish, Twin Peaks are two equal hills located 280 meters high where you can observe the entire city and enjoy the spectacular sunsets of the city, but if you don't arrive on time, you won't be Don't worry, the entrance is open until midnight! Although the easiest way to get there is by using a car, it is also possible with public transport (metro and bus).

3. Lombard Street

Lombard Steet

Lombard Street is for us, without a doubt, the most important element on this list, especially for its authenticity.Lombard is a fairly long street - around 7 kilometers - that extends from Presidio Park to Coit Tower, and whose most emblematic point and that attracts thousands of tourists is its curious stretch composed of eight curves located between the Russian area Hill and Hyde Street off Columbus Avenue.

Although this part of Lombard Street could not be more original and perfect for taking the most original and instagrammable photos, the truth is that its reason for being It goes beyond the purely aesthetic.

As is popular knowledge, San Francisco is a city famous for the number of steep climbs there are and which are made easier to ascend thanks to the incredible tram system there. However, in the section of the eight curves there was a problem, and that was that it had a 27% gradient, so in 1922 Carl Henry, a resident of the area proposed and later carried out this series of curves with the purpose that the street could be traveled by car and would also be more attractive.

This street has become famous not only in the United States, but throughout the world, as it has become the setting for series, movies and even advertisements.

That is why in this street we see from Hanukeii the inspiration for our glasses model 'Lombard', since in addition to being aesthetically authentic , attractive and with an interesting design (three different designs), we also find in them great functionality that is reflected in their usefulness and adaptability both to use them as a complement while protecting you, as well as to wear them while carrying out an activity that requires a greater effort. Their lightness and exceptional quality materials make the 'Lombard' the perfect glasses to wear, just like the curves of Lombard Street: aesthetically curious as well as functional.

4. Alcatraz


    For the most curious, Alcatraz prison is the perfect place to visit. Although it has been closed since 1963, this prison located on an island in San Francisco Bay has housed some of the most dangerous prisoners in history, such as Al Capone and Robert Straud, since its opening. To make this visit, you will have to go to the port of San Francisco (Fisherman's Wharf) to board the boat that will take you to the island and whose journey will take around 15 minutes. On your visit you will be able to see the cells, the punishment area, as well as the dining areas and the playground. In addition, you can enjoy the narration of different stories from Alcatraz such as the escape of three prisoners in 1963 who are believed to have died in the waters of the Pacific, even though their bodies were never found.

    5. Fisherman's Wharf

    Fishermans San Francisco

      It is one of the most touristic areas of San Francisco, since the Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood is home to some of the most interesting attractions in the city.

      Places like Madame Tussauds, the Maritime Museum, the USS Pampanito submarine or the SS Jeremiah O'Brien warship are just some of what you can find in this extensive area. Also, if you are a crab lover, you are in the right place to eat it.

      If you are in this neighborhood, don't forget to visit Pier 39, which is the pier where, in addition to finding a large part of the best shops and restaurants, you can also see the population of sea lions that are settled in this area. dock.

      6. Chinatown

        Although it is common to find a Chinatown in different cities in the United States, the truth is that San Francisco is probably one of the most authentic and interesting there is.

        Located in the center of the city, Chinatown began to be founded almost in the mid-19th century with the arrival of Chinese citizens who wanted to work in the gold mines.

        With a totally Asian atmosphere, palpable not only in the people but in the Chinese-style houses and streetlights, it is likely that after passing the famous Dragon Gate, on your visit you will come across groups of people practicing Tai-chi in the different recreation areas.

        Among the numerous activities that you can do in this neighborhood, a visit to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is essential, and there you can find the famous Chinese fortune cookies, those that so often we have seen in movies.

        7. Painted Ladies

        Painted Ladies

          The Painted Ladies or Damas Pintadas is another of the settings that without a doubt you have to visit on your trip. Victorian in style, they were built between 1850 and 1915 and in addition to being perfect for taking postcard-style photos with the skyline of the city behind, this series of houses is famous for appearing in different series such as 'Furious Parents ' and in well-known films such as the 90s classic, '10 Reasons to Hate You'.

          8. Sausalito

          Although it is not exactly located within the city of San Francisco, Sausalito is one of the most common visits if you travel to this city. This coastal town can be reached by crossing the Golden Gate and is the perfect place to enjoy a meal and a walk by the sea. What really makes this place special is the number of houseboats there are, which are famous for hosting numerous artists since the end of World War II.

          9. Palace of Fine Arts

            The Palace of Fine Arts or Palacio de Bellas Artes is another mandatory stop on your San Francisco itinerary. With a lagoon full of fish and birds as the protagonist, the Palace of Fine Arts is an ideal space to enjoy a quiet environment surrounded by nature, in addition to serving as a setting for wedding photo sessions, this park also hosts numerous concerts and annual events .

            10. Haight-Ashbury

            Haight Asbury San Francisco

              Despite being well known for the Painted Ladies, Haight-Ashbury is a neighborhood famous for being the birthplace of the hippie movement in the 60s and 70s. It was in 1967 when this neighborhood had its greatest heyday with the well-known 'Summer of Love' in which many artists, hippies and bohemians were protagonists. Although this area has changed over time, you can still see the palpable alternative style in its people and in the hippie and vintage style shops that there are, in addition to its restaurants, many of which opt for an ecological style. and plant based. This area is also home to the Jimmy Hendrix Museum, a real treat for rock lovers!

              Gafas de sol para mujer Lombard Tortoise Hanukeii

              For all this, at Hanukeii we believe that San Francisco is the perfect city to be inspired, not only for all the offerings it has, but also for its history, as well as for its people, and the number of people who They live in this city and maintain a different style and personality is without a doubt one of the most attractive elements that a city can have. And it is these same characteristics that we like and seek to capture in our glasses, so that making authentic glasses for authentic people is our ultimate goal. And you, do you like the authentic?

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