Gafas de sol Lombard y Village, a lo Audrey Hepburn

Lombard and Village sunglasses, a la Audrey Hepburn

At Hanukeii we want to tell you why Audrey Hepburn   seems like an iconic figure to us. And what relationship do they have with our collection of Village and Lombard sunglasses.

Precursor, natural, innocent, daring and intuitive, as well as disciplined and demanding, Audrey Hepburn has made famous many sunglasses looks that have no comparison and serve to illustrate us as true masterpieces of style.

Among several curiosities, this movie star and fashion icon. For Audrey Hepburn, her favorite glasses were those with geometric and circular frames that covered a large part of her face, as well as our Village and Lombard sunglasses.

A classic style, which is not perishable, simple because its character is extremely important and does not need more decorations. That confidence gave us the necessary audacity to, after having been touched by the inspiration of the golden coast of California, get to work with the design and production of our Village sunglasses,  which can be found in different colors, Pink-black, Tortoise-black and the infallible Black-Black.

Also the Lombard collection, with its variants in Pastel-blue, Tortoise-black and Black, with its oversize structure and an aesthetic inspired by the Hollywood of the 60s.

Thus providing different ways to give poise and meaning to your daily outfits.

To do this, we want to make some style proposals that do not go out of style, with our Village and Lombard collections for this fall 2021.

Three ideas of looks for autumn with your Village sunglasses

Gafas de sol circulares, con lentes polarizados marca Hanukeii, colección Village , junto a imagen de Audrey  utilizando unas gafas de sol de gran formato , con montura circular

  1.  The Village 'Black', being a simple line, can be accompanied with a trench coat with a wide collar and a buckle belt, a plain and straight knit boat neck dress at the knee, with low ankle boots.
  1. The Village 'Pink' lends itself to being worn with a large collared shirt with frills (small ruffles) and pleats on the chest in pink or green, with matching skinny pants, to create a total pink or green look. Contrast it with its complementary color.
  1. The Village 'Tortoise' invites you to wear them with a look of nude and sand colored garments, combined with each other, for example, with straight trousers and above the ankle culotte type in light brown and classic nude silk shirt.

Three ideas of looks for autumn with your Lombard sunglasses

Gafas de sol circulares, con lentes polarizados marca Hanukeii, colección Lombard, junto a imagen de Audrey  utilizando unas gafas de sol de gran formato , con montura circular

  1. With the Lombard 'Black', we can use its retro influence to combine it with a plain headscarf in pastel colors, a trapeze-line dress and some flat shoes.
  2. The Lombard 'Pastel-blue', ask to be combined with a Jacquard set, which is when the stitch makes patterns, preferably striped or square, and low shoes.
  3. And the Lombard 'Tortoise' would stand out with a shirt dress or with a thin plain coat, always with a shirt collar.

Some tips finals

Glasses with prominence are always a good idea, wearing them with soft makeup and slightly marked eyebrows.


1. Where was Audrey Hepburn from?

The actress is originally from Ixelles, a municipality in Brussels, Belgium. However, as a result of his work he settled in the United Kingdom.

2.How did Audrey Hepburn make up her eyes?

Marking her eyes with a thin ascending line of eyeliner parallel to marked eyebrows.

3. What was Audrey Hepburn's style?

Dress in simple, timeless clothing, mostly in solid colors, flat shoes, do some daily exercise, take care of your posture and wear sunglasses as our best accessory and ally.

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