Protect your Hanukeii this summer: Some tips!

We know that you really want to get out of your city and explore new horizons this summer. Surely you have all the plans, outfits and spots for your Instagram planned to get the most out of your vacation, right? What you probably haven't thought about is that you need at least two pairs of sunglasses so that your eyesight isn't damaged at a pool party or at a barbecue with friends. They are never enough and they also give a very personal touch to your summer looks.

The sun, the beach, the sea, the unstable tables at beach bars on the coast, sun cream... all these factors are really harmful to your sunglasses, but as you already know, it is essential that you use them to protect your view of the damage caused by the sun. Choose quality glasses that reflect your style and you will be the coolest on the entire beach. Therefore, at Hanukeii we bring you several tips so that your glasses do not deteriorate during your vacation.

Are you also tired of losing or/and ruining your sunglasses on the busiest days of summer? Beach parties, meals that last until dinner and endless excursions through the countryside are some of the activities where you will definitely need a good pair of sunglasses. We bring you the solution so as not to lose them in the midst of so much movement.

Full day at the beach, what do I do with my sunglasses?

Pacific Tortoise Hanukeii - Cuerda cuelga gafas

First of all, keep in mind that sun exposure is much more direct on the beach than in the city. There are no residential buildings where you can protect yourself from the sun's brightness, and therefore, more than ever, you need to wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen every two hours. Don't forget that you only have one skin and you must take care of it!

If you are going to sunbathe or walk along the shore, you probably won't take your lenses off for a single second. We already know how annoying the sun is in the middle of July... However, if you are one of those who spends the day moving from one place to another, we recommend that you wear your sunglasses hanging around your neck if you are going to make several trips to the beach bar and keep them in their protective case every time you take a bath. You don't want salt, rocks and waves to damage your glasses, right? It is also important that you do not place them in wet, dirty or slippery places and always hold them by the frame and not by the lenses. It is the most fragile part of the glasses and also the one to which we must dedicate the most attention. Sea water, humidity and sand could deteriorate their protection, scratching their surface to the point of rendering them unusable.

You've probably heard of glasses hangers, right? It is the star accessory of the summer since they went on sale a few years ago, and also, an accessory that allows you to wear your glasses around your neck using two hooks that adjust to each of its temples. It is comfortable, stylish and very practical. You can find them in multiple stores and there are beads, leather, silver, gold, nylon or cord, among others. Even luxury brands have adapted this trend to the catwalks of fashion weeks. The Lebanese designer, Elie Saab, has incorporated this accessory in his latest collections including chains and pearls.

It will be your life-saving accessory for all those moments when you want to have your sunglasses at hand, but without running the risk of losing them. If at any time you don't know where you put them, look at your neck... you probably have them hanging!

A morning picnic in the countryside, how do I clean my sunglasses if they are stained?


Sunglasses, like any other accessory, suffer damage and stains. Holding them by the lenses instead of the frame is one of the most common reasons why they could get dirty. Additionally, sweat is another factor that causes our glasses to fill with unnecessary gunk. Now, what is the right way to remove all the dirt from your sunglasses and leave them impeccable? It is as simple as washing them under the tap with water and neutral soap so that the chemicals do not damage the surface of the crystals. Make sure the water you clean them with is crystal clear and sweet. If you are in the countryside and do not have any sources nearby, it is better to keep them in their case and wait until you get home to wash them. You don't want to ruin your trusty glasses by being impatient, do you?

When drying them, use a smooth cloth with which you can remove moisture from your glasses without scratching their surface. If you're out in the country and the only thing you have on hand is the towel you're lying on, don't even think about using it! Its fabric is usually very rough and far from cleaning your glasses, it will dirty them even more.

Sunset on the river, what should the case be like in which I keep my sunglasses?


When the sun begins to go away and its rays are not so intense, sunglasses are no longer an essential part of your look. They can enhance its aesthetics but are not necessary. If you are a bit of a mess and tend to forget them in every restaurant or bar you visit, make sure you have an appropriate glasses case with you. Plus, there's always room for something else in your beach bag.

The most appropriate cases for storing your sunglasses are usually rigid, made of hard materials such as leather or imitation leather, and they must also be wide enough so that your glasses do not become compressed. But be careful, do not use a case that could fit two pairs of glasses because they will deteriorate with movement.

My sunglasses have been scratched while playing sports on a hot summer morning, what can I do?


As we already know, sunglasses, like other types of facial accessories, constantly suffer damage due to the high exposure to which they are subjected. But the truth is, anyone can be careless, and when playing sports it is very easy for glasses to fall to the ground or rub against any article of clothing.

If you went out for a run this morning and your glasses had a mishap with the zipper on your jacket, don't worry! We bring you the solution. Although there are dents that cannot be solved, small scratches on the lenses of your sunglasses will be much easier to remove. To begin, a foolproof trick is to soak the glass with Vaseline and let it sit for a few minutes until it has covered the mini cracks in the glass. Then remove the product with a soft cloth, and it's like new!

If you don't have Vaseline on hand, there is a product that you surely do have at home: toothpaste. The procedure is the same. Apply a very small amount of the toothpaste to the scratch on your sunglasses and rub gently until you see that it has disappeared.

There are other products such as baking soda, glass cleaner or furniture polish that can also be useful to remove scratches from the lenses of your sunglasses. However, these products are much more aggressive than Vaseline, for example. At Hanukeii we recommend that you use them very carefully and only when you have no other option.

Sunglasses accompany us in many moments of our lives, and therefore, it is very necessary to take care of them just as we take care of our eyes when wearing them. Protect your glasses using the tips above and you will make them more durable. In any case, sunglasses must be renewed from time to time so that their lenses and frame are in perfect condition and do their job correctly. Nothing will stop you if you carry a glasses case, a glasses holder and a little Vaseline in your bag on the most intense days of summer!


  1. How long do sunglasses last?

Sunglasses have an expiration period. Even though you take care of them and treat them in the best possible way, their natural use will mean that their crystals will no longer protect in the same way. To know when you should renew them, go to your nearest optician and they will know how to advise you!

  1. Is it okay to clean sunglasses with alcohol?

As we have already seen, the correct cleaning of sunglasses is using water and neutral soap. Using products as aggressive as alcohol will only damage the lenses of your glasses.

  1. What is the most appropriate fabric to clean sunglasses?

Soft microfiber cloths are best suited to carry in your glasses case when you are not at home to wash them with soap and water.