Colección SOMA: Gafas de sol inspiradas en el estilo urbano de este artístico barrio de San Francisco

SOMA Collection: Sunglasses inspired by the urban style of this artistic San Francisco neighborhood

Do you know the SOMA neighborhood? If you are passionate about the frenetic pace of industrial and urban cities, you should! This neighborhood is located in the city of San Francisco, California, and its original name is South Of Market, although everyone knows it as SOMA. This neighborhood located between Mission Bay and South Beach represents an intense, urban lifestyle that is difficult to resist. For this reason, the collection appropriates the name of the neighborhood with a nod to the constant activity to which it is subjected, just like our Hanukeii Girls. If you want to know more about the collection and the peculiarities of SOMA, keep reading!

Are you thinking about visiting San Francisco soon? Learn a little about the history of SOMA before visiting!

South of Market, San Francisco

The SOMA neighborhood became known in the 19th century as the commercial neighborhood of San Francisco par excellence. Its locals and visitors made large investments of money in its workshops, galleries and warehouses and took advantage of this moment to socialize and interact with the neighborhood.

Thanks to its central location and its wonderful views of the sea, the neighborhood gained more and more popularity, becoming the quintessential nightclub of the city in the 70s. Furthermore, the neighborhood has been one of the pioneers in showing support in the 80s to disadvantaged social groups such as the LGTBIQ group.

Little by little, large museums, restaurants and clubs began to establish their premises in the neighborhood, thus attracting a large crowd of tourists who increased its fame in a very short time. In the SOMA neighborhood there are renowned cultural spaces such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where you can appreciate the art of Picasso, Warhol and Frida Khalo, the Martin Luther King memorial fountain in Yerba Buena Gardens or Oracle Park , baseball stadium where the Giants, the city's local team, play. These types of spaces attract all types of visitors to the neighborhood and grow its cultural diversity.

The offer of plans seems to never end at SOMA! If you are looking for a destination full of creativity and culture, you definitely have to visit this neighborhood!

Why is Hanukeii's SOMA collection inspired by a neighborhood like this?

South Of Market, San Francisco- Colección SOMA Hanukeii

The SOMA is a neighborhood of contrasts; a place with vitality and energy that also offers you quieter areas, where suddenly, you will find yourself alone in the middle of its squares and parks. Its citizens and visitors walk its streets from one side to the other without hardly noticing what is happening there. It is the frenetic pace of the neighborhood and its continuous activity that precisely makes its corners even more special. And this is exactly what the SOMA collection wants to convey.

The glasses in the collection wink at the large buildings and constructions in the neighborhood, and in the same way, they represent the attitude with which people live there. Their designs are impregnated with the unstoppable rhythm of SOMA, but without forgetting those details that allow us to go unnoticed in its streets full of people.

How many times have you walked through a foreign city where no one knew you and felt liberation? That feeling is what we want to evoke with the SOMA glasses collection. Sounds appetizing, doesn't it?

Who wears the glasses from the SOMA collection?

Colección SOMA Black/Camo

The designs of the sunglasses in the collection have been created thinking about the bravery and strength with which the most stylish women walk the streets of the SOMA neighborhood. The collection transfers that Californian essence to the most urban cities in Spain. The women who wear the models in the collection carry with them the desire to achieve their goals, the desire to have fun and the need to grow personally and professionally. If you identify with these values, keep reading and don't miss a single detail of the SOMA collection, you will love it!

Creativity, imagination, the desire to live unique experiences and initiative are some of the most repeated qualities of SOMA passers-by, and also of our Hanukeii Girls, so why not unite the personality of the neighborhood American with the style of urban women who walk through the cities of our country?

Modernity, avant-garde, style and freedom are the most representative aspects of the neighborhood and those that make the difference with respect to other neighborhoods in San Francisco. All the sunglasses models in the collection will make you feel the power and strength with which you walk through SOMA. If you also have any of these characteristics as standard, this collection of sunglasses is made for you!

The time has come, discover Hanukeii's SOMA collection!

Colección SOMA Hanukeii

The SOMA collection by Hanukeii is made up of 3 models of XL-sized sunglasses with which you can fill your outfits with life thanks to its geometric design, large dimensions and colors warm ones that will make you remember the good vibes of the neighborhoods of California.

As for their design, all the sunglasses in the SOMA collection have a very stylish XL frame made of polycarbonate that provides lightness and comfort when wearing them. We don't want our glasses to weigh more than our head, right? Its lenses are hexagonal and dark brown, and as you can see in the post on sunglasses categories, they are suitable for almost any time of day and activity since they improve the contrasts of sunlight and reduce eye fatigue. With them you can play sports, have a mojito on the beach or enjoy a morning of shopping in the city.

As for the dimensions of the SOMA glasses, their XL frame measures 145mm wide and 56mm high. Its lenses measure 51mm high and the temples are 135mm. They adapt to all types of facial shapes and are flattering on both smaller and larger faces. Since they are large glasses and cover the entire eye area, they are perfect for a long day of vacation at the beach, you will not take them off all summer and you will also be protected from the most invasive damage of the sun!

As we already know, the quality of Hanukeii sunglasses is undoubted. All of them have category 3 UV400 protection and meet the standards of the European standard. The lenses used in the manufacture of SOMA glasses have a filter that absorbs light radiation by 90%, and are also perfect for sun exposure without any risk of eye damage. In addition, all the glasses in the collection have high definition TAC FULL HD lenses and are polarized, which means that they block the sun's rays more effectively and offer a much sharper and more detailed view of reality. They are ideal for days when you re-engage one plan with another without knowing when you will return home. With SOMA glasses you will ensure style, avant-garde and protection. Always carry them with you and they will save you from any trouble!

As we have already mentioned, the SOMA collection has 3 different models of sunglasses with the same pattern. Its colors are inspired by the sunsets reflected in the SOMA buildings, the style that you will see on its busiest shopping streets and the elegance with which its passers-by walk aimlessly through the neighborhood.

The Soma Black/Black glasses are the perfect option for a morning without stopping around the city. With them you will be the center of attention while you enjoy an early coffee in the busiest bar in the city. Through its sober and chic design you will feel the strength, elegance and independence with which the successful women of the SOMA neighborhood walk through the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. They are suitable to wear with any type of garment and will become the star accessory of your look.

Colección SOMA BLACK/Hanukeii

The Soma Camel/Brown glasses will be your favorite for a more relaxed afternoon of drinks with friends where gossip and news will be the protagonists of your day. Its camel color is the most trendy on the fashion scene and will make you forget about black for a moment. You can combine them with clothes in neutral tones where the glasses will, without a doubt, be the main accessory of your look.

Colección SOMA CAMEL/BROWN Hanukeii

Last but not least, the Soma Charcoal/Black glasses will be chosen for a day of cocktails with friends on the coolest rooftop in the city. If your style is daring, sophisticated and you love leopard print, don't miss this model! They are a safe bet for summer days when you will surely end up closing all the stores in the neighborhood after a few margaritas. Its black base and its animal print in pink tones will be the cherry on top of your outfit beachy and will attract everyone's attention while you enjoy the best company.

Colección SOMA CHARCOAL Hanukeii


What material is the frame of the SOMA glasses in the collection made of?

The frame of all the models in the collection is made of polycarbonate, a plastic material that is hard, water resistant and lightweight. They are quality glasses that are made to provide maximum comfort to our Hanukeii Girls.

What category are the lenses of SOMA glasses incorporated into?

The glasses from the SOMA collection, like all Hanukeii glasses, seek to protect as much as possible from the invasive and harmful damage of the sun, and therefore, the lenses of our glasses have a category light radiation filter 3, which means that they absorb 90% of the sun's radiation and allow a clear and optimal vision of reality