¿Sabías que las gafas de sol cuentan con diferentes categorías?

Did you know that sunglasses have different categories?

sunglasses are the star accessory of summer, and also an accessory capable of protecting us from the luminosity and the most harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, in addition to taking into account its design and originality when choosing yours, it is also very necessary to know what glasses we need to protect our eyes depending on the occasion and time of day. Remember that even if the sky is full of clouds, the sun is always present. At Hanukeii we want to convey to you the importance of choosing sunglasses that take care of your eyesight at all times of the day.

Keep reading to find out what categories sunglasses have and when it is necessary to wear each of them!

This accessory has a light absorption filter that is responsible for keeping our vision intact depending on the degree of sun exposure to which we are subjected. But be careful! The filter is not the same as the lens. The color of the lens does not determine the effectiveness of the sunglasses, the filter does. Sunglasses with very dark or mirror lenses do not always protect against light and UV radiation. It is the built-in filter that truly makes the difference between mediocre glasses and quality ones.

We use different pieces of clothing to sleep, ski, go to the beach or dance. The same thing happens with sunglasses. Driving under the scorching August sun is not the same as walking through the countryside on a cloudy day, and it is for this reason that we must protect ourselves from solar radiation with greater or lesser intensity depending on the moment and the action we are going to take, but always under minimum quality standards.

sunglasses have 5 different categories depending on the type of filter they have built-in. They range from 0 to 4 and refer to the light absorption of the sun and the shade of the lens. Here we leave you the classification:

Category 0

Sunglasses of this type have a light absorption capacity of 0-20%. Their lenses are usually light in color and are not opaque at all. In short, they are suitable for situations in which sun exposure is not too high, such as sunsets, sunrises and very cloudy days in which you use sunglasses to avoid wrinkling your forehead in the clarity of the day. They are perfect for driving at any time of the day. They are also known as A-tone glasses. Use them on gray days to explore the city from top to bottom without any risk.

Category 1

Lenses in this classification are known as B-tone lenses and absorb between 20 and 58% of the sun's brightness. The color of its crystals is usually a little darker than those of the previous category but they are still quite translucent. They are the perfect glasses for cloudy days in the city where clouds predominate and not the sun. They are recommended for short-term use and are suitable for daytime driving. Do not use them if you go on a picnic in the countryside or on an intense day at the amusement park. And besides, you might lose them!

Category 2

Sunglasses of this type are also called C-tone glasses and their filter has a greater light absorption than the previous ones. They retain between 58 and 82% of the sun's luminosity and their lenses are slightly darker than the previous ones. They can be used on cloudy days where the sun is not the protagonist and are also ideal for practicing everyday sports that do not last too long, such as tennis or paddle tennis.

Category 3

Most good quality sunglasses fall into this category. Their lenses absorb between 82 and 90% of sunlight. Its use provides comfort and safety when exposed to the most intense hours of sun and prevents its light radiation from being an impediment to enjoying the good weather. They are usually used on sunny days and are ideal for sports or conventional outdoor activities. If you plan to lie in the sun throughout the month of July, don't forget your category 3 or tone D sunglasses to take care of your eyesight.

All our Hanukeii sunglasses correspond to this category and meet all the quality standards of the European standard. Remember that in addition to the design and aesthetics of your lenses, you must ensure that they protect you adequately. Why give up style while taking care of our health? At Hanukeii we offer you both!

Category 4

Finally, lenses in this classification are those that protect between 90 and 98% of the sun's light radiation. They are normally intended for extreme sports and exercises where the sun directly impacts the eyesight of its participants. Their lenses are usually very opaque or mirrored and are used for skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, climbing or sailing. They are not suitable for driving and are not necessary for everyday use. They are perfect for an “après ski” meal in Baqueira.

Caracteristicas Gafas de Sol


There are some glasses that, in addition to meeting the quality standards mentioned above, are also polarized. This means that they filter sunlight, making your eyes perceive it in a much more natural and clear way. In addition, they eliminate annoying reflections from the sun and allow you to see in more detail. They are indicated for activities in which the sea intervenes and greater precision is needed, such as fishing. They are also perfect for driving for the above reasons.

Hanukeii has a collection of polarized glasses with very diverse designs that will captivate you with their aesthetics as well as protecting you. The Hyde Camo glasses are the perfect option to show off the most square frame lenses chic and also be fully protected from solar radiation and its effects. We have them in various colors and they are a must in the spring-summer season.


Brown lenses usually protect us from the sun to a high degree and can be used for almost any activity, even sports, as they improve the contrasts provided by sunlight and reduce eye fatigue. The Soma Camel/brown  glasses from Hanukeii are perfect to carry in your bag for practically any time of the day.

Soma Camel Brown

Lenses with gray lenses

They are recommended for cloudy days due to their low sun filtration. Ideal for driving and for everyday moments but not for situations of extreme sun exposure. They are comfortable since they do not distort colors. The Laguna Bi-Magenta Black glasses from Hanukeii are the perfect example of jogging glasses that will save you from a pinch. Its frame is cat eye and in addition to protecting your eyesight from the sun, you will be the most trendy on your Instagram when you take pictures with them on.

Laguna Bi-Magenta Black

Gradient lenses

They are useful for winter days when you want to protect yourself from the first rays of the sun. They are comfortable for sunsets and sunrises when exposure to solar radiation is minimal. With Lombard Pastel/Blue glasses you won't need any more accessories to elevate your look. These rounded maxi glasses are ideal to wear in the coldest months of the year and will also add a touch of color and joy to the cloudiest days.

Lombard Pastel Blue

Red lenses.

They are one of the most recommended glasses for practicing snow sports such as skiing and they also work very well for cycling, hiking and running. They reduce eye fatigue and provide sharp, focused images. They do not distort colors. Hanukeii has several glasses with red lenses but our favorites are the Nunkui Black, slightly square glasses with a black plastic frame that will be the explosion of color that you need for your sports outfit during the sunniest days of spring.

Now that you have found out which sunglasses you need for the occasion depending on their category, remember that sight is one of the most important organs in our body, and therefore, we must take great care of it. and pampering. Use this guide to select the glasses that best suit your circumstances and your eyes will thank you.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the category of sunglasses?

The category of sunglasses refers to a light absorption filter that is responsible for keeping our vision intact depending on the degree of sun exposure to which we are subjected.

What does category 3 glasses mean?

They are sunglasses with lenses that filter between 82 and 90% of the sun's light radiation. All quality glasses have a minimum category 3. They are also known as C-tone lenses.

What qualities should sunglasses have to be quality?

In addition to the category 3 filter that absorbs light radiation from the sun, the lenses must have 99% UV protection to block them with a wavelength of at least 400 nanometers.