Los 10 cafés más lindos del mundo

The 10 most beautiful cafes in the world.

There is always a reason that moves us and drives us to visit a cafe every time we travel or find ourselves in a new area of ​​our city. They turn out to be meeting places for people looking to work from there, have a snack, meet with friends they haven't seen in a while, a work meeting or even go alone, rediscover themselves and let themselves get lost in the aromas of the place that range from a delicious smell freshly baked bread to the spectacular aroma of coffee, giving us the feeling of being at home.

Now, it is also true that as time goes by these places have also become quite visited either by influencers, and behind them, their followers who want to take the same photo as them and in the end go viral on social media. . So it wouldn't be strange to come across influencers of the stature of Dulceida, Maria Pombo or Alexandra Pereira, having a brunch with them while the architecture of the place takes us back. to the Bellé Époque where these places were nerve centers for literary and artistic societies.

That is why in our article today we have brought you a small list of those cafes that are considered the most beautiful, either because of their history or also because of their architectural composition. They are places that in the end become treasures of cities where time seems to have stopped. Do you dare to discover them?

1. New York Café, Budapest.

New York Café. Budapest

Located in the Boscolo Hotel in the city of Budapest, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful cafes in the world, and its popularity began to gain since the period between the wars when Budapest was becoming one of the most important cultural centers of the entire world.Its style dates back to the 19th century, with high ceilings, hanging lamps, and gold decorations on the columns. It also used to be a collection center for artists, politicians and writers of the time who traveled to communist Europe to get inspired and now ironically it is one of the most expensive cafes you can find in the city. Their specialty, Hungarian cakes and chocolate with cream.

2. Café Florián, Venice

Cafe Florian , Venecia - Lovely Pepa - Alexandra Pereira

A café that preserves in each of its corners around 300 years of stories, legends and the occasional anecdote from personalities who have passed through it. It is located in nothing more and nothing less than in Saint Mark's Square, its founder Floriano Francescomni never imagined that his café would acquire so much relevance over the years and personalities such as: Charles Chaplin, Andy Warhol or Audrey Hepburn. Furthermore, during several invasion attempts by France and Austria, coffee always knew how to preserve its essence. This cafe is divided into several rooms:  The Chinese Room, the Oriental Room, the Illustrious Men Room, the Seasons Room, among others. They are all decorated with oil portraits, hand-painted mirrors, and other works of contemporary art. Fashion prescriber Alexandra Pereira could not leave her followers curious to know if she had had a coffee in this mythical spot in the city.

3.Café de la Paix, Paris.

Cafe de la Paix, Paris, Maria Pombo

The meeting place of intellectual figures of the 19th century, next to the Place de l'Opera, beyond being a cafe and a tourist spot, there is a great history that is partly what makes it great. Oscar Wilde, Marlene Dietrich, Guy de Maupassant among others used to frequent this place. In addition to this, the cafe even witnessed the march of French troops during the two world wars, it has always maintained its same image with specific renovations to maintain this space so loved by Parisians and those who visit the city of lights. Café de la Paix always maintains that atmosphere adorned with green awnings and its chairs located on the outskirts, if not Maria Pombo tells us, because it is this in one of his favorite places.

4.Caffe Gambrinus, Naples

Located in the 'Piazza Trieste e Trento', it was created in 1860 and also frequented by Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, and Sartre. He always brought together artists and intellectuals in his environment for a long time. Decorated inside with frescoes and statues in the modernist style of the time. Despite having been a meeting place for noble people for a few years, today it is practiced to leave coffee pending. That is, leaving a paid coffee for those who do not have the means to pay for a coffee.

5.Imperial Cafe, Prague.

Café Imperial, Praga

An art deco-type building that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, its ceilings decorated with mosaics and large walls and windows that overlook the city of Prague. This place was one of Kafka's favorite places and was also frequented by German troops during the Second World War and later occupied by trade union movements. Its ceilings and its date cake are the main attraction.

6. Café Central, Vienna

With Neo-Renaissance decoration built by the architect Heinrich Von Ferstel, it is one of the most elegant places in the Austrian capital. It was built at the end of the 19th century, attended by Freud and other intellectuals, and became a hub for coffee in the Austrian capital. Characters from history passed through its corridors, including Hitler, Tito, Trosky and Stalin. Its columns remind us of the imperial era, a style which has not changed since then. Those who visit recommend trying sachertorte with cream and Viennese coffee.

7. Cafe Majestic, Porto.

From its façade to its interior it is inspired by the Parisian Bellé Époque, a factor which led it to change its name from 'Elite' to Majestic. It has a winter garden where people can have a coffee and read a book, and as a curious fact since 1921, it was the first cafe to allow women to enter.

8. Les Deux Magots, Paris.

Café deux Magots, París, Dulceida

The place where art and literature are concentrated in Paris. One of the cafes with the most legends and stories in Paris, located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, it was the meeting place of personalities such as Sartre, Hemingway, Picasso and Beauvoir. It used to be an antique shop that over time became a literary cafe, so much so that in 1922 the Prix des Deux Magots were created. Since then it has maintained its initial decoration, and two of the figures that gave rise to its name have been preserved, two Chinese figures. The waiters dressed in black with white aprons, walking between the tables with hot chocolate and macaroons, imperial-type decoration make this place quite an experience, if not what Dulceida tells us, who every time she visits the French capital has its brunch in this place.

9. Confeitaria Colombo. Rio de Janeiro

Considered cultural and artistic heritage of Brazil, this cafe is one of the commercial houses with the greatest renown and urban history of one of the most metropolitan cities in the world: Rio de Janeiro. This cafeteria was founded in 1894 by Portuguese immigrants who obeyed their influence from the Belle Époque and its decoration obeys the Art Nouveau style, adorned with large crystals and mirrors that adorn the corridors on the second floor it has a tea room and offers in its The menu has a large amount of Rio desserts and good coffee.

10. Coffee at Brasileira, Lisbon

Cafe a Brasileira, Lisboa

Located on Rua Garret in the Portuguese capital, founded in 1905, it was the place of inspiration of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, today it is part of the cultural heritage of Portugal, where the famous cake is served. Bélem along with a strong coffee called pica, whose grain comes from Brazil. The decoration is a trip back in time, with wood from Italy and lamps with Belgian crystals, this place is a must-see if you visit the Portuguese capital.If not, let the influencer Laura Escanes tell us that on one of her trips to Lisbon she was amazed by this magical place.

Andrea Vélez