El día que Queen cambio la historia: Live Aid 1985

The day Queen changed history: Live Aid 1985

There are many elements that once contributed to Freddy Mercury becoming the icon that so many of us remember today. His anthem to freedom, the fight for the most disadvantaged people, as well as his unmatched charisma were some of the ingredients that helped form the superstar who 36 years ago would participate in Live Aid, a concert that is undoubtedly one of the most remembered from rock history, if not the most. If you are a Queen fan, keep reading because here we tell you everything about this famous event that set a precedent in the history of music.

Born in 1946 in Zanzibar, Africa and under the name of Farrokh Bulsara, this artist would feel a special taste for music from a very young age, and who, years later, would have to thank for becoming the new addition to 'Smile', a band that would soon mutate into the famous 'Queen'.


That before 1985 Mercury was already at the peak of stardom is undoubted, but that year elevated him to legend as well. Behind him, Freddy Mercury carried the heavy success that 'Bohemian Rhapsody' brought him, which had already been playing for more than 10 years and which, despite its long duration, turned out to be one of the most popular songs after upon release, remaining on the British charts for 9 consecutive weeks.

In addition, his song 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' made him and his band start to be on the most listened to lists not only in Europe, but also in Japan and the United States, and their Musical talent accompanied by the stage presence that he always demonstrated based on very agile and theatrical movements made him a very difficult figure to forget.

That stage presence was precisely what made them protagonists in Live Aid in 1985, which would mark a before and after in the professional careers of all the members of 'Queen', but more specifically in the of Mercury.

A concert not to forget

Live Aid 1985

It was July 13, 1985 and London was hosting the Live Aid celebration, a concert to raise charity funds for Ethiopia and Somalia, victims of a terrible drought that had left a large part of the population of these countries without food and water. .

The event brought together around 1.500 million spectators at both Wembley Stadium in London and JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. More than a million hearts were going to have the honor of having the presence of 69 artists, including world-class figures, such as Duran Duran, Bob Dylan, U2, Paul McCartney, Madonna, David Bowie, Elton John and of course , the Queen of England. but not Queen Elizabeth, who by the way was represented by her son and at that time the missing Princess Diana, we are talking about Queen, who was preparing to give one of the best presentations in the history of music.

Night had not yet fallen on that hot summer afternoon, 74.000 people monopolized the stadium, before their masterful entrance and behind the scenes, Freddie Mercury and Brian May watched U2 ending their performance with a version of their hit 'Bad' that had lasted 12 minutes. They were aware that they had only 15 minutes to revive Queen who was not going through her best moment, but those 15 minutes would become 21 minutes of pure and simple talent, and a performance that generation after generation would long to see again.

Freddy Mercury Live Aid

Ladies and gentlemen, with you, your majesty: Queen. Freddie Mercury and Brian May were the first to be seen and with gestures of joy, encouragement and desire to play they began to lift the stadium. But what really made the performance of this peculiar band special? The fact that Queen's performance began with its soloist at the piano playing some chords that welcomed the legendary 'Bohemian Rapshody' did not leave anyone indifferent, but in reality it was something else that made it This performance became the most remembered in rock.

The combination of the aforementioned song along with shorter versions of his other hits 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love', 'Radio Ga Ga', 'Hammer to Fall', which had been released not long ago, the end of " We Will Rock You" and the finale with "We Are the Champions' earned the band to be remembered as the best of that glorious day.

Live Aid Queen

No attendee could have imagined that they would see a performance that would last almost 20 minutes, and that would begin with Mercury at the piano singing “Mama, just killed a man…” and would end in the same way, but this time with the mythical words “I 've paid my dues, time after time [...] We are the champions, my friends and we'll keep on fighting to the end...', which without a doubt, more than a song is a universal anthem.

Furthermore, it is impossible not to mention the choruses that the public tirelessly gave to Mercury or the incredible guitar solos that Brian May starred in and that the singer accompanied with his unique and unrepeatable movements.

All this display of talent and presence is impossible to forget, as is the look that the singer wore on the same day and that in our imagination has been sealed as the uniform of success. Adidas sneakers with the three black stripes, worn, high-waisted jeans and a white tank top accompanied by a black studded bracelet that matched his belt that gave him the eccentric style that always characterized him. It was the choice that the singer chose for the afternoon that would change his life and that of his group.

Freddy Mercury

For all these reasons and more, it is not surprising that in 2018 a film 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was made under the name of the band's legendary single in which the spectacular performance is portrayed. of this and whose protagonist is Rami Malek, who beyond demonstrating his good acting skills, embodied the role of the singer as if it were the same person, giving life to him and the entire environment with which he surrounded himself at some point .

bohemian Rhapsody

Living and dead legend, Freddy Mercury together with Queen managed to remain in universal thought and in the history of music, in which they put the singer and his performance at Live Aid in 1985 as mandatory material.

Frequently asked questions about Freddy Mercury and Live Aid 1985

What was Freddy Mercury's real name?

Freddy Mercury was actually called Farrokh Mulsara, but when he started playing with the group 'Smile', he proposed changing the band's name to 'Queen' and decided to change his own name to 'Freddy Mercury', just as He would begin to be known from that moment on.

Why did 'Queen' stand out at Live Aid in 1985?

The 1985 Live Aid was held with the aim of raising charitable funds, for which they invited different bands and musical artists of great renown. However, the performance of 'Queen' stood out among the others for its performance of almost 20 minutes in which he mixed short versions of his most emblematic hits such as 'Bohemian Rhapsody' or 'We are the champions' , accompanied by an incredible staging.

What was the cause of Freddy Mercury's death?

Freddy Mercury died due to bronchopneumonia that was complicated by the AIDS condition that he had experienced since 1987, but which he publicly confessed in 1991 due to his increasingly evident poor state of health and about which the rumors did not stop. to circulate.

What other groups played at Live Aid in 1985?

At Live Aid in 1985, in addition to 'Queen', other very important artists on the music scene performed such as 'U2', 'The Who', which was also their first performance in three years, 'Phil Collins', ' Paul McCartney', 'David Bowie' and 'Sting' among others.

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