El metaverso y el futuro de las compras online

The Metaverse and the future of online shopping

These are different times we are living in, as if taken from a Hollywood movie, where separating fiction from reality is becoming a little more difficult. And it is no wonder, now social networks and our mobile devices have become one of the spaces where there is the greatest concentration of people as if we were talking about a physical place, and even more impressive we are talking about the Metaverse.

Again? Yes, in fact the first time this term began to be used was by the writer Neil Stephenson in his novel Snow Cash where in a future world a pizza delivery man discovers a virus: 'Snow Cash', but this virus exists is in the Metaverse  a parallel world where he is a samurai master. all this is also something similar to Matrix.

Personas en hologramas haciendo spinning metaverso facebook hanukeii

You may also remember when they used to talk about role-playing games, like Second Life and the Sims, where you created an avatar and you lived in a world In parallel with friends, you bought a house, a car, you worked and even fell in love. Just when we thought that it had simply been a video game for a certain sector of society like gamers, a global lockdown had to occur so that digital and the internet, as we knew it until now, took a 360º turn. and it will evolve at a speed that sometimes is difficult for us to process and - we must admit - is a little scary.

But the Metaverse is not just a term used by gamers and science fiction lovers.Apparently the idea of ​​creating an alternative universe has always been around in the creative world and now we are on the verge of experiencing it in person. or at least that's what it seems so far.

Technically speaking, the Metaverse is a virtual world to which we all connect through devices such as augmented reality glasses, or perhaps in the future through smart watches, smartphones or screens. Up to now this is already a reality, there are a million companies that created video games with augmented reality aimed only at leisure and mental dispersion, but now, the idea of ​​​​creating a parallel reality where the real life of each person would have another dimension.

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Those who are taking the lead in creating this virtual universe is none other than Mark Zuckemberg, creator and founder of Facebook. In fact, all this commotion began when he announced that he had decided to create 'Meta', an umbrella company that encompasses the social networks with the most weight in the digital industry: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. But beyond having made this small adjustment, the origin of the name 'Meta' comes, as we mentioned, from Metauniverse, which is no coincidence.

Zuckemberg stated that humanity's very need for increasingly severe social distancing and the inconveniences that the world faced when faced with carrying out most routine activities online, marked a breaking point and the need to find a solution that adapts to these types of changes. That is why he created Meta, a company which, beyond encompassing apps, proposes us to live in them, but physically creating a series of facilities without having to move in the slightest. We explain it better.

Imagine opening Instagram and seeing your friends live at Coachella and thinking how much you would have liked to be there, it has happened to more than one of us. Well, with Meta you can be at the concert once you open the app, put on the augmented reality glasses like the Oculus from Facebook and that's it, an avatar created to perfection like you, you will be at Coachella so you can find miles away. Is it hard to believe?

Where is Ariana Grande? Probably at her house in Los Angeles CA, but what if we told you that she is also in Costa Creyente in the northwest of Battle Island. This is an underworld that is part of the Fornite video game platform, and Ariana Grande, or rather, her Avatar, lives in that place. Those who play this video game will be able to overcome a series of obstacles and attend a concert given by Ariana Grande herself. . This event at the time it was launched collapsed the web, as its fans hallucinated being connected at the same time, fighting in a virtual battle with Ariana Grande in real life. And it is, after all, as we mentioned, we spend so much time on the Internet that it is now part of what we know as tangible.

Other companies that have opted to begin eliminating that border between the physical and virtual have been clothing brands and the world of e-commerce, and we are going to tell you about that a little better , because Meta thought about all sectors and especially the retail industry, with the justification that there will no longer be an excuse not to make online purchases. For example, Balenciaga and Gucci did not let themselves be drowned by the access restrictions due to the pandemic and since the measures increased and their collections did not stop, they decided to hold a fashion show through Fortnite. The ideal is to create experiences that are as close to life as possible.

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The proposal is that you will be able to access the e-commerce store, with your avatar, try on and be able to see how the garment will look, be it sunglasses or shoes. The avatars will be designed in your image and likeness, with your measurements, your voice, your gestures, etc. In itself, what several brands are doing is creating filters with which you can analyze how what you are going to buy will look on you.

This Metaverse that is still a concept, however not far from becoming true, because both Facebook and Twitch are competing to see who of them will be the first to start developing the platform and devices of which These will come accompanied, it is estimated that on average only around 10 will be hired in Europe.000 people to contribute to the creation of this universe.

It is likely that in the future, if you read us from Auckland, New Zealand and you like our glasses, you can try them on and live a barefootlife experience without leaving home. Why not?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Meta the same as Metaverse?

It's not the same. Meta is the name of the Facebook company that encompasses Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. However, it is related to the term Metaverse, which is a virtual universe of advanced reality where people can develop their lives.

2. What is the name of the Facebook Metaverse?

It's called Meta Platforms Inc. and consists of a series of applications with virtual reality experiences that work by connecting to a device that transports the user to the digital scenario they want.

3. What is the Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 are comfortable virtual reality glasses created by Facebook that differ from the others by being something more comfortable and cheaper compared to the rest of the market.

4. What games can you play with the Oculus Quest?

This model of VR glasses has functionality for several video games, such as Resident Evil 4, Robo Recall, Medal of Honor.

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